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when you will open post detail page ( ) , script will auto load insights for that post published on different pages. Thanks

so you are saying that the insights in the posts list are not working?

no, Insights are need to be fetched from Facebook, when you open a post in post list, insights starts loading and sum of insights is shown on post list page. Thanks

buenas tardes ALRAZAMC el sistema facebook campaigner ya esta funcionando nuevamente con los grupos. lo podrías reactivar? tengo una licencia contigo y no pude descargar la ultima actualización

Please PM me to get download link. Thanks

plsea i have a license too send me the link


Please refer this

We have purchased “Facebook-campaigner” ,why you have stop developing the script? what about the customer support for whom you sold the script?


:( I quote the Name of the script : “Facebook Autoposter | Social Networking”

your statement says that ;

1. Group auto post is not reliable anymore ,and it has no auto posting anymore.

2. Further says that “if the support period is not expired ,customer will be getting supports” There is a contradictions.and i have a few questions.

a). If it is not working ,support is for what?

b). We relied upon the script , its features,future updates ,developments etc… and then decided to purchase the script. then what about the customers who trusted upon your script? it is a complete loss or absence of hope.

c.) It is advisable to give some alternative program to all customers who lost their faith and to recover back the complete trust .



Group auto post wasn’t working previously, later we found that that was bug in Facebook API, Facebook took very long to fix that bug and its working again, so the Facebook campaigner is still working like it was previously and support is offered to customers with valid support period. You can still get the download link in PM if you have license. Facebook is limiting the auto-posters day by day, recently it got new system to stop use of third party tokens so we can’t sell the product that has no future, just to make $$. Thanks

:( it is a complete loss or absence of hope about u. There is an another reputed program is still providing support /doing development and we can find healthy in , we could have purchased his script instead of your script.

We relied upon the script , its features,future updates ,developments etc… and then decided to purchase the script. then what about the customers who trusted upon your script?

plsea i have a license too send me the link

Please PM to get download link

Hello you! I have ever bought your script that is Facebook Campaigner – Facebook Autoposter | Social Networking. So now I can get list of group of facebook by link; So how can I get list of groups to post to all groups for my campaign? Thanks!

This demo is the bomb. Wow,mtalk about metrics! I have fb campaigner and that is high quality too but I wonder if it still works as hasn’t been updated in 6 months I’ve had it, or called for update from Envato. Be nice to use these in tandem and also this app, get metrics for groups your a member of

Hey Tony, FB search is your friend.

Fb is not going after the Hootsuite type apps, as they crate so much content for facebook, only apps that use tokens (a shortcut to creating a real app) and autoposters that spam groups and pages. Responsible use is required so please don’t stop updates, just advertise like hootsuite.

Can you imagine how much cash fb would lose by nipping these commercial apps? And who wants cash more than fb?

Hi, I just bought 2h ago, I have 25 pages … after I send first post they blocked my account (suspended / inactive)

I am sorry, but seems is something wrong with the script, I need refund, Thanks !

This is a tool just like other social media tools and it uses the methods provided by official Facebook API, Blocking may be due to the contents of post, If you are still unsatisfied, You can apply for refund by opening a support ticket with Envato support team as transactions are managed by Envato . Thanks

Hello I bought your script Facebook Campaigner – Facebook Autoposter | Social Networking but my support test period has expired, I wanted to know if possible to get me a question, I am activating the option to repeat the post but only when I activate this option it starts the repetition from the last node, I wanted to know if I could start Aa repetition from the first node


i have 2 question : the number of facebook was limited ? Have you got statistique of facebook ADS in the insight ?



Facebook accounts and pages are unlimited
Sorry Ads insights are not available


KGuMiHo Purchased

I have angular js issues too, insights not loading

Please send your script URL and login in PM. Thanks

Facebook signup don’t work, just says: Email address is not registered

You need to use “connect with facebook” blue Facebook button on “register new account” page, Thanks

What a dumb and lazy answer, I obliviously used “connect with facebook” blue button mate, it just says: Email address is not registered. Buggy script.

Please PM me your script URL and login, I will look into it, Thanks


isowebs Purchased

Hello i did bought your product and i need to ask u support something can u share me your email or skype info so i can ask . please?

Hi, Please send me a PM via contact form on my profile. You will reach my email inbox. Thanks
How can I add analytic js to website?

Do you mean google analytics tracking code?

Really sorry, I am not available for freelance work yet. Thanks

I buy Facebook Posts Scrapper and i want to buy and this but like i write u before 10 day i have problem with that script so can i buy this and send to u all info how u can install and configure me app and i can start to work ? Tnx

I think we should figure out the problem with other script first then I will help with installation of this script, Please try to make your domain public first. Thanks


bidewe Purchased

Hello, I just installed your script and have this problem.

error_code 1349048

error_message Impossible de charger cette URL: Le domaine de cette URL n’est pas inscrit dans ceux de l’application. Pour pouvoir importer cette URL, ajoutez tous les domaines et sous-domaines de votre application au champ Domaines des paramètres de l’application.

state 31610098d3865f7a56bdd37d50cf0e00

I guess everything is ok with my facebook app so i don’t know why it isn’t working. Can you help me please ?

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bro do you still develop and support the Facebook Campaigner? or does this script is able to add post from RSS and post it as the page?

Sorry Facebook campaigner is no longer supported and this script doesn’t have RSS feature. Thanks


blizman1 Purchased

Hi, after instalation I has this error:

A Database Error Occurred Unable to connect to your database server using the provided settings.

Filename: controllers/Admin.php

Line Number: 15

Hi, it looks like database settings are not correct in config.php file of script, Please put the correct host, db name, username and password in config.php
or PM me your hosting login for quick solution.