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wolf23 Purchased

Hello Novartis Team

Can you help me to fix my cron in new host because he’s not working now….

Befor he worked now not !


You may send us your script URL and cpanel access details via PM, and we’ll check/fix the CRON.


colinand Purchased

i have updated to 3.36 and now it wont show groups when i upload, how do i downgrade


colinand Purchased

hi, can i do multiple intsallation on one domain in different folders, so that when facebook disables one app my accounts wont get deleted

Yes you can.

I have not been using the script for long. I just installed it today and find out that it can’t post to the groups that are not mine. Please help

You can only post to such CLOSED/PRIVATE groups, if you administer them.

Alternatively, you may use a third party access token for posting to such groups. Access token can be changed via User CP. More details in the video below;

a presale question.. can I post to closed groups using api 2.8?

thanks.. before when ur script is in 2.2 I had no problem posting with my app but now when its updated I have now problem

thanks I got it.. it just needs override.. so even my app is 2.8 ill just select overried to 2.0 and it will post on closed/secret groups?

According to FB restrictions, the App can only use API version equal to, or above, the released FB API version at the time of its creation.

So if your APP was created with FB API 2.8, it cannot use 2.0, even if you set FB API Override to 2.0. This setting is only meant for third party tokens, or for APPs that were created with lower FB API versions.

Cron not working :(( Enable CRON Scheduling: (Last CRON Run: 18-Feb-2017 22:02)

I am sending Cpanel Access information

We have rectified the CRON job. It is now working.

I just purchased the script.. but when I tried my app which is 2.2 it says user does not allow.. but in other script it works well. please help

If your app is v.2.2, then you need to change FB API Override from script User CP to 2.2 as well.

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You do not respond to e-mails. I will give you 1 star!!!

We are extremely sorry, but the reason behind delay was that active support is unavailable on weekends, as the person who handles matters related to server settings etc is unavailable. Answering normal comments is another thing and is available on weekends as well usually.

CRON job has now been rectified.


colinand Purchased

can third part access tockens do auto delay & auto pause

Tokens do not matter to User CP settings of Auto-pause and delay etc, so yes, you can use auto-pause and delays with third party tokens.


xfqemre Purchased

Group list does not come? I have many clubs but no list of them. I made the video settings. v.3.36

The script automatically displays groups you manage.

To display/post to the groups you are only member of, you need to import groups via file by clicking on the text shown besides the Groups list.

telemann Purchased

Hi can you build an time based sheduler? i cant planed posts …


orjiakor Purchased

I don’t know why Facebook always restrict me from posting to groups


orjiakor Purchased

please, reset my License code


orjiakor Purchased

please, reset my License code

When ever i try to post to facebook groups and even on my own wall i recieve the following error:

“(#200) The user hasn’t authorized the application to perform this action.

Unsupported post request. Object with ID ‘456201791223740’ does not exist, cannot be loaded due to missing permissions, or does not support this operation. Please read the Graph API documentation at i am receiving this error as well

Hi , Using FBMPGP v3.03 Invalid Purchase Code , I Don’t upgrade to 3.36