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This looks very interesting but it is hard to make a decision to purchase without more information and some sort of demonstration or at least screen shots of the plugin in action. Still it’s a very cool idea and I wish you good fortune.

Yes we’re working on that. A demo is available here: http://demos.orionorigin.com/fmw-demo/

We’re still configuring the demo. But you can take a look.

I am making a website which will have users. If these users are friends on Facebook, can they chat amongst each other using the website?

Not directly. The page will receive the message yes and can reply. But facebook does not refresh the messenger directly. The client will receive the new messages directly on his account (messenger or facebook itself).

All requerid files to run this script, will be on my server or use an external API?

If I have a high volume triggered messages per minute Example: 10000 / min. I will not have problems?

Not that we’re aware of.

I will not have such a big traffic, just wondering. I will buy soon. Thank you

Can you choose not to display the number of page likes?

Can you include the facebook logo within the Need to Chat Bar? Can you change the wording in that bar?

Brilliant, I’ll buy it when I get into work tomorrow.

I thought this update was going to be available three days ago?

We’re uploading it now.

One more question.. Coud you have the messenger logo bubble appear instead of the text bar?

Not currently. We’ll add that too.

Hi! Purchased the plugin and downloaded it from the provided link. Installed it on my website and it installs as version 1.1 and tells med that there is an update available… Updates to that (version 1.3.5) and it seems like I get a free wordpress plugin: https://www.brontobytes.com/blog/facebook-messenger-free-wordpress-plugin/ instead? What is this?

A name conflict caused by wordpress dashboard. We’ll release a fix for that shortly.

I just purchased the plugin and so far I LOVE IT!!! There are only a couple issues I can see and they are:

1) Positions Center-right and Center-left place the button at the top of the page instead of the center.

2) When I remove the button text (I want icon only) it repopulates the admin page with “Need to chat?” after I’ve saved my settings. As long as I remove it before I save again, it’s fine – but this can become an annoyance.

3) I need a transparent background for the icon – instead of blue or any other color. Can you add an option for transparent to the “background color” part of admin?


One last request! ... make this issue #4) can you make it so we can order the tabs on the flyout? For instance, I might prefer the “Messages” tab be last and the “Events” tab be seen first, etc.

Thanks again. TO ANYONE DECIDING between this and other similar plugins on the market – this one is AMAZING and is very easy to customize! (as long as you don’t need auto-reply bots, which this one does not have – and I currently do not need).


Ok. Please open a ticket at help.orionorigin.com so someone in the dev team can take over in few hours.

Thank you! I will do that today. In the meantime it was easy for me to manually adjust the CSS to get the desired look I needed. I’m rating this plugin 5 Stars!

pre sale question i dont see any version release notes fixes if you have dont in an update anywhere what is current version


We don’t have any known bug in this version. And we only made description updates since it has been released.

Congratulations! GoodLuck


Thanks. About what?

Every time I try to activate this plugin, my customers see the header title but nothing they can “click” or subscribe to in the check-out fields. I’ve double-checked with Facebook and I’m not sure what needs to be enabled on their end or why I can’t just tell them I’m using this plugin to get the proper authorizations.

I’ve been in business for nearly 17 years and this is the way of the future, yet something isn’t playing right on my system. I use FLATSOME theme because it’s honestly the best for WooCommerce, even though I have several licenses to X and Avada. Please advise!

Can you open a ticket at https://orionorigin.freshdesk.com so we can take a look at both issues?

I will, however, I’m afraid to activate the plugin during my busy hours because it confuses my customers. Can you possibly do your testing between Midnight and 5am Central US time and then I’ll commit to a ticket?

Just le us know when you’re ready for us to test. But just for info, we’re in GMT+1 timezone.

The demo not works


Thank you for letting us know. Please try again now.


IOWISH Purchased

Are there any planned updates to this plugin to address some of the issues we are having or to simply improve upon the plugin? It seems like it has not been updated in nearly a year and I’m afraid to use a plugin that isn’t actively being improved upon.

Thank you!


This is a simple plugin so we don’t need to improve it if there is no change to the facebook api or no features to add.


IOWISH Purchased

Mainly the positioning issues I mentioned in a prior post above as well as a more modern, circular Facebook messenger icon instead of the default message bar which takes up a lot of room. It also looks good to potential buyers to see that a plugin wasn’t last updated a year ago. This is to benefit you more than it is to give me peace of mind. Thanks

Got it.

Can I use this for multi user in my website, Every user can able to integrate their own Facebook page in their account

Not currently unless you customize it a bit