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If i have multiple users in my wp install where this plugin is installed, can they access and manage their own lists, bots, message flows ao? Do i need a specific membership plugin to achieve this?

Dear daniavorszky,

- Currently we only support manage 1 page, within next two weeks there will be a new update which lets you manage multiple pages.

- You’ll need a membership plugin to achieve this.


hi, nice work! :) i have some pre-sale questions.

-have a “chat with human” option? it’s possible to setup a keyword or button to pause the bot for that user and send notification to admin(by email for example) to start a chat with customer? for me it’s very important.

-There is a default response, if user ask something to bot that can’t “understand”?

- it’s possible to use custom attribute for users? i try to explain better, if bot give to user “jimmy” the “reply 1”, next time, for the same user, i want to give “reply 1/a” For example, first time user “jimmy” start a conversation with bot, bot reply “hi jimmy”, but next time bot have to reply “welcome back, jimmy”. Or, if user ask to bot for a kind of product (men’s clothing), bot give him the reply and save in user profile attribute “interest” with value “men’s clothing” Now i use “Chatfuel” but i’m looking for a self hosted solution… For this kind of feature, now, in some “responses” i set a custom attribute for the user (hope you understand what i mean, sorry for my bad english).

- it’s possible to retrive info from a CRM to give customized reply (using json or a webservice for example)? example Customer: “Bot tell me how many fidelity points i have” Bot: “tell me your vip card number” Customer: “123456” Bot: “your birth date?” Customenr: “01/01/1980” Bot: “you have 123 points” (and save vip card number end birth date in custom filds, so next time don’t have to ask again)

-it’s integrated with woocommerce or others ecommerce solutions also only showing product and redirect to website for?

Last question, for push notification i need a very good hosting or VPS? if i have to send broadcast message to 50.000 users, it engage server where it’s located the bot?


Dear Spioit,

I’ll answer each question one by one so other people can easy to follow:

- have a “chat with human” option? ...

Yes. We do have that. We support Dynamic Data, that means in custom callback, you can create a `default` node which lets you notify other users (include Administrator). Also, we have Auto stop and manual stop feature which let you stop the chat between bot and your lead and lets human join the conversation.

There is a default response, if user ask something to bot that can’t “understand”?

Yes. The previous answer has mentioned about that :)

it’s possible to use custom attribute for users?...

Yes. We do support custom field for each lead also. All your required features can be easily do with our custom callback feature. Think it like a function which you can put anything inside so it’s flexible and powerful.

It’s possible to retrive info from a CRM to give customized reply…

Yes. We have Storage API, check the documentation:

-it’s integrated with woocommerce or others ecommerce solutions also only showing product and redirect to website for?

Sorry but yes, Current version only showing product and redirect. We’ll adding more feature related to WebView on the next update.

Last question, for push notification i need a very good hosting or VPS?... It’s like sending mass email. We support sending Push notification via Cronjob, if you already know about that, there are two types of cron job, the default is WP cron job which need a visitor to trigger (default), this has time limit because it runs directly in browser, the second type is system cronjob which call PHP file directly and there is no time limit.

You can try our express version before buy:

Btw, for the big project, we’re preparing to release Laravel edition which more powerful than WP and support sending mass message (we have better cron job, message queue…) . Please contact us via email so we can talk about that.


i sent you an email using the envato form, please check and reply. Thank you

We’ve answered, cheers!

Ok so 1. rather than posts, why can’t we send pages 2. I want to run a domain checker so person types domain name and bot automatically checks if its’ available or not. If available present a button to register, etc. 3. Is there an idle text that can be sent if person is idle for 10 second etc, for example when someone hits my page and starts chatting, and they are idle, I want to be able to get their email or phone and update their CRM data so I can contact them later. 4. In your previous comment up there you spoke of a laravel edition, since I want to buy this, should I proceed buying, or wait for the laravel edition. 5. Kindly share upcoming updates etc so I make a final decision, also interested in multiple pages from the same wordpress or standalone system. Cheers.

hello, I bought your script yesterday, the Storm optimized for Laravel, and till today I don’t have any account from your end or from anyone from your website, telling me anything. Is this a sham or??

Ok I guess your instructions were not clear, because yesterday sending you contact and registering was having issues.

Dear Frank, do you get any error message? I’ve checked the monitor but cannot found any error. It would be helpful for us if you give us some additional info.


Hello, I still loocking for a solution to interact between bot and external service. Maybe I found a way but I need to be able to execute code when user click a button. Is that possible ?

Thanks for your support

I’ve answered on the previos comment. Cheers!

Can it reply to comments left on posts on my Facebookpage?

Dear Maevapn,

Currently we don’t have that feature, and we don’t have plan to implement that feature on Q2. Sorry, we can’t promise things when we didn’t have plan yet. Can you let me send you a notify when this feature is available? We have mailchimp subscription form on our home page:


Ah, too bad. It is not part of the V3 roadmap? I just saw your blog post from a few days ago and didn’t see it. You should really open up comments on your blog, especially if you’re shutting down on CC.

Thanks for your suggestion, yes, we’ll open Facebook comment on our blog :)

Dear Our Valued Customers

In order to help people have better experience when purchase, download and support, we’ve move the product to our website. We’re no longer sell products on CodeCanyon.

We keep this product here to let existing users signup on our website and verify by their license key. We’ll close this item within next 30 days, please register an account and verify as soon as you can, after that, we won’t responsible for any trouble.


can this plugin/bot send custom post types pages via messenger? or only woocommerce products and blog posts?

for example my wordpress site is about job listings, and jobs are implemented as a custom taxonomy post. can your bot support this?

Yes, we do support all post type, not only WC or blog posts. It works with job listing for sure :)

awesome! I’m going to purchase your plugin. However, can you explain what’s the difference between Express, Personal 365 and Business 365?

Also, what happens after 1 year if I will not pay? Will muy plugin stop working or I will just not receive any future updates? In other words is this early recurring fee = support + updates?

Dear gvabrands,

Express is free edition which you can try for free, it doesn’t have some advanced features like Notification, Multipage, Account Linking,... and slower update, with limited support.

Personal and Business share the same feature but the Personal license can install on 1 website only, Business can install on unlimited websites, access all future products (like Laravel edition), and priority support.

After plugin expired, you can still continue using it but cannot receive update and support. We have 30 days money back guarantee, you can also cancel subscription anytime you want :)


I would like to buy. I already sent several emails and I was not answered.

You have Skype?

Dear LordZumbi,

Sorry but I don’t receive any email, which email did you sent to? Did you tried to send via contact form?


Hi, can you please explain the difference between Personal, standalone and business? If buy the standalone mean from codecanyon ? then enter the code in giga dashboard, and will receive lifetime update?

Dear bonushitz,

The difference between them can be found at this page:

In short: - Express is free edition. - Personal is premium edition and it has more features, use on 1 sites. - Business edition can use on unlimited sites, priority support, included installation service on 1 website, and included Laravel edition which release next week. - Standalone is replaced by Laravel edition, can you please drop me a message via email so we can discuss more about it?


If buy from your website, should I pay monthly or one payment?

Dear vuekai,

We provide only yearly plan, so you’ll need to pay yearly.


So after license expired, could I still use plugin?

Yes, you still can use it but cannot receive any update and support until you renew.

Dear Binaty,

I purchased the plugin thru envato and the license just expired on April. The license just valid for 6 months and im not able to download the latest release that support multiple instant (the feature that im looking for from the 1st day im using this plugin). Is it possible for you to extend the license for 6 months more since the license price for a year also same as you offer on your site? Or at least give me the last release plugin that support that premium feature.

Thanks in advance.

Dear thecloset,

We’ll update the policy to let Envato buyers til April 30 have lifetime update without support for Personal license if you’ve purchased Regular license and Business license if you’ve purchased Extended license. We’ll start doing this on May 15th so please give us a week to provide that feature for you.

Best, Gary

Dear Binaty,

Thanks for the positive response. :) Really appreciate it.

Please download the latest version from our website.

Hi. Is this bot supporting: 1) schedule messages; 2) messages with delivery condition? 3) Unsubscribe and automatically cancellation? Let me know thanks

Yes, it supports all of those features

Sounds great. One question i tried your express version to check it, but it does not work. The url that creates the plugin “” does not exist. Thanks

The plugin uses WP API to generate that link so please check your host and make sure:

- Your permalink setting works (if you’ve set permalink but still doesn’t works, it’s due to server rewrite haven’t enabled yet). - Your WP-API works.

Hi ! Please take a look at this plugin to improve yours. I need your plugin. But missing functions and they are found in the other. It is the same as in the other.

Dear BeninServices,

Our bot can handle all of that plugin tasks. Can you please let me know which one to improve?


I’m very sad.
I made the purchase on your site and so far I have not received any support or tips on how to publish my app. version Business 365

I do not know how to install it and everything goes white.

Dear LordZumbi,

Sorry for a long silence, we have a trouble with payment service provider recently.

Can you please send me your FTP information + Website credentials via contact form so I can login to check?

Cheers! Gary

I sent it and until today I did not get an answer.

How can I manage 2 pages with different answers and commands?

Dear LordZumbi,

Sorry, I’ve checked our inbox but cannot see your email.

Currently, you cannot manage two pages with different answers and commands. We’ll add this feature to next two releases.



If i started something basic this the express version, will it save the what i have allready done?

Dear eavitan,

Yes, you can continue what you’ve done.

Hi May i know does it support woocommerce booking and payment? thanks

Dear awwaikit,

Currently, we don’t support booking, Stripe and Paypal support will available in Q4.

Hi Thanks for replying, May i know how much do you charge for customisation? I am looking for booking and payment feature..

Dear awwaikit,

We do support Webview, that means you can let people Booking and Purchasing normally via Webview.

Can I use this for multiple pages?

Yes, it can manage all pages in your app.


eavitan Purchased

Hey Im trying to get support in your website but no one is answering.

I’m having some issues setting up the bot and using the advance option the paid version offers.

Need Help With the following subjects: 1. For some reason i cant create multipages using this tutorial and SETTING/MULTIPAGE doesnt exist in menu. using the url in the tutorial i managed to add a new page but then im not getting any option for it like: builder options, notification, $bot->answer for that specific page, etc (its only connected).

2. after updating to the newest version the NOTIFICATION option disappeared. i found out i can create a notification using php in the functions.php but the tutorial is not good enough. the only reason i need it is to create one daily notification with shortcode. i can send notifications but cant schedule them using php. like the CHATFUEL digest option.

3. and the logger doesnt work IM STUCK IN MY PROJECT, PLEASE HELP.

Dear eavitan,

I’ve answered the question for 1. and 2. via support forum. For the 3. issue, perhaps it related to the files permission. Please make sure the `wp-content/uploads` directory has write permission, the log file `giga-logs.json` will live in that folder.

Best regards,



eavitan Purchased

Hey, thanks for your answer, i have managed to download the updated version of the plugin. and it works great, though still having some issues, will talk to you using your support website. thanks