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Hello, i have installed but seems to be an issue with the webhook..The URL couldn’t be validated. Callback verification failed with the following errors: curl_errno = 28; curl_error = Operation timed out after 0 milliseconds with 0 out of 0 bytes received; HTTP Message = Unknown Response Code

Hi Binaty, i have emailed to you my credentials. Appreciate the assistance

Hello, Any luck?

Answered via email, let’s continue :)


reggie Purchased

Hello Binaty, I’m having a similar issue to bigboss7 above. While trying to verify and save the webhook, I get this message “The URL couldn’t be validated. Callback verification failed with the following errors: curl_errno = 47; curl_error = Maximum (2) redirects followed; HTTP Status Code = 301; HTTP Message = Moved Permanently”...any idea what’s going wrong?

Dear reggie,

Can you please browse your /messenger/ link and make sure the page should not redirect to another page?

If so, your theme or plugin is blocks the /messenger/ link. I’ll need your website credentials and FTP info to check it for you. Can you please send me via contact form?

Best regards,


Hi Binaty,

Can this bot be setup to function like an autoresponder? For example, after sending welcome message… You could set another message to send 1 day after the welcome message… and another message 3 days after that message, etc.

Dear gregory,

To be clear, FB Policy don’t allows us to send response message after 24 hours. Here is the policy link:

Our bot will response people immediately, however, we also have Subscription feature which let you send notification message to any subscriber at any time you want. This feature are available in the framework and will implements to WordPress version next week.


Hello Binaty, I would like to know if it is possible with your plugin to reproduce CNN’s bot and how much it can be customized. For example is it possible to ask news about local weather?

Dear closeupengineering,

Thanks for your question, to be clear, this plugin uses Giga AI framework, and all your asked features is available on our framework V2. Currently, WordPress version uses V1 and it will takes us about 8 days to upgrade to V2 since it’s a really big update. So current version doesn’t support but we can make sure that you can do it on V2.

About how much it can be customized, we have a Builder GUI which you can point and click to create basic answers, we also have a powerful API to response with dynamic data and intended actions so I can promise that you’ll have all power to work with Facebook Messenger Bot.

See our API documentation for more detail:

Hello Binaty,

May I know ETA for V2 to be release? Thanks in advance.

Already downloaded V2 but got error when activating plugin. Admin page will return error 500. Also tried with fresh wordpress installation.

I’ve sent you a patch via email. Please check :)

The patch fixed the problem. Thanks. :)

Dear Our Valued Customers,

If you have trouble/error when installing V2. Please remove the plugin, login and download the new patch at the permanent link below before Envato approved the update:

Sorry for inconvenience.


stear1 Purchased

Hello, all is functioning beautifully. I was wondering if there is a dynamic shortcode to insert a carousel of WooCommerce products only. The Dynamic Shortcode (generic) is great but I don’t understand how to make this product only. Can you advise please?.

Yes, I’m updating documentation about Dynamic Shortcode. It will available tomorrow :)


stear1 Purchased

Thank you, I look forward to the information

Dear Stear,

I have updated the documentation. There’re many features which I can’t list ‘em all. I’ll update it weekly.

For WooCommerce, just set the `post_type` parameter to “product”. For example:

[post-generic post_type="product"]

Hi there!

Before I consider to buy it I have some questions: 1. Is it possible to customize your messages (For example if I (Glenn) send a message and the bot answers with: “Hey Glenn”)

2. Is it possible to randomize? For example If I ask the bot: Tell me a joke, he will say different jokes?

Thanks in advance!

Dear Glenn,

All of your asked features are basic feature and we support that from the very first version :)

1. Yes, of course and it’s a default node of our bot. We have Shortcode for you to do that:


2. Yes. See our Dynamic Data feature:

Best regards,


Do you have the same product for magento ?

Sorry but we don’t have support Magento yet, but you can use our PHP package to integrate :)

are you planning to add an auto reply when the FB user comment on your FBpage post?

I’m checking that feature and add it in the first quarter of 2017 :)

What do you think, should I get php or wordpress version? does PHP have login panel and etc…? please tell me more about this…

If you have no idea, WP version is always better since it contains PHP version inside and has more features :)

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Hi again I installed the plugin and when I press subscribe or send text the bot never answer…. :(

and why can’t I send broadcast to all subscribers ? I mean thats why I buy this plugin !

if you don’t have broadcast option, so please let me know, I will cancel this purchase

Dear Kill4Life,

Thanks for purchasing our plugin, we’ve introduced our Subscription API in V2, currently, no GUI for that, we’re trying to work with GUI to release this month.

You can try broadcast and manage subscription by using our API here:

If you’re not familiar with code. That’s fine to give a refund for you. Everything is clear and we never take your money if you don’t happy with our product ;)

Please don’t hesitate to tell us if you have any trouble.


I do update to version 2.1. The connection with webhook and facebook app is ok.

The problem now is that the bot only works with my personal phone, where I have my facebook account connected.

Other users do not receive bot responses. But the Persistent Menu is shown.

I have tested with and other devices and users on different smartphones and the errors are the same.

Dear Paulo,

You’ve created a ticket and I’ve answered via support forum. But I’ll post the answer here for someone have similar question:

By default, your bot is private, you’ll need to submit page_messaging permission to public your bot.

Hi, i want to ask

1. do you provide visual tool to train the bot.

2. do you support integrated payment in woocomerce.


Dear Ahmad,

1. Yes. Of course ;) 2. Currently no, it will available on the on the Mid February.

Best regards,

can i see a demo for backend ?


When i try to input Callback URL in “New Page Subscription”, i got error “The URL couldn’t be validated. Callback verification failed with the following errors: curl_errno = 28; curl_error = Operation timed out after 6001 milliseconds with 0 bytes received; HTTP Status Code = 200; HTTP Message = Connection established”

Should i check all the option ?

messages messaging_postbacks messaging_optins message_deliveries message_reads messaging_payments messaging_checkout_updates messaging_account_linking messaging_referrals message_echoes


Dear Ahmad,

Thanks for purchasing our plugin, can you please check your /wp-json/giga-ai/webhook working properly? For your privacy, can you please create a ticket on our support forum and post your site URL so I can check it?

Best regards,


hi I got pROBLEM WHEn adding webhook: The URL couldn’t be validated. Response does not match challenge, expected value=”1185753514”, received=”“

my webhook seem to be fine with activated:

That’s cool :D

Hi, the button function seem not working properly, everything else is fine

Can you please create a ticket on support forum, send me your website credentials and FTP info so I can login to check?


Harlock_ Purchased

Hi, my website get broken once I activated plugin.

Dear Harlock,

Can you please create a ticket on support forum then give me the detailed error?

hello. can i send message to my Subscribers ????

Yes, the latest version allows you send directly via Dashboard. Please wait Envato review process. I also answered via support forum.

Hi i need shorcode for displaying specific woocomerce category

[post-generic post_type=”product”] is only displaying all the product. i need to display based on category. and how if the product has many item. Is the short code can display more button automatically? since it’s limit to 10

Dear Ahmad,

I’ve answered via email. Let’s continue then :)