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Hello. The plug in looks very promising. Does it support Japanese? Thank you!

Thank you for the reply! I think I’m going to buy but can not decide yet which Facebook Messenger Bot.

If you have no idea. WordPress edition is better because it contains all Standalone edition feature plus the friendly GUI.

Thank you for the reply!

hello … what makes it possible to register the client? What can be used for unlimited fb fan page

Dear Arif,

Current version doesn’t support unlimited fan page. This feature will come after Payment.

Hello, I purchased the plugin and find it really fantastic! I wonder if you can give a user a different response depending on the GPS position. Thank you

Yes, you can.

Regarding to different response, it’s related to Dynamic Data feature. Our API help you do that: To get and set lead location, see this guide:

Then you can check user location, then response it based on that data.


Hello, a question, is there a free WordPress plugin version, What is the difference of this plugin with what is for sale?

The Express version doesn’t have broadcast Subscription & Notification, Account Linking. On future, there will more premium features will come :)


I’ve installed the plugin and have a successful connection status, but i cant see the live chat icon in the front end of my WordPress site. is there something else i must do in order to see the chat button in my homepage?


Dear 2080solutions,

Perhaps you’ve misunderstand here, our plugin helps you improve the Messenger experience and doesn’t serve any front end feature at current version. We’ll absolutely do this as it’s already in our roadmap but currently we don’t have as you can see in the item description and screenshots.

Cheers! Gary


whardson Purchased

Do u support the new Facebook buy buttons?

Dear whardson,

We’ve expected Facebook will official launch Payment feature on Jan but this feature is still in Beta phrase so we’re not ready to support it. We’ll absolutely support it when Facebook launch Payment.


Hi, what is the difference between the paid and free version of this plugin? Since I see you are allowing a free version to be downloaded from your website.

Thanks for trying our plugin, I’ll answer your question via support forum since this comment section is for presale questions only. Cheers!

Thanks for the reply. Yes as soon as the basic demo is working; I’ll purchase the product since we are looking for all the features available in the paid version of the plugin.

Yeah. I’ve answered via support forum. Let’s continue tho.

can i create diferent bots to multiple Facebook pages?

Dear Alex,

Currently, this version doesn’t support multiple instances.

Hi, do you have a “send to messenger” button? do you support hebrew?

Dear JBazos,

1. We currently doesn’t support checkbox plugin. This feature will available on late March.

2. Yes

3. Yes


OK, so you don’t have the button yet, right?


Can I connect to more than one FB page via my FB app. I was using a builder (not as well as what you are presenting) and the developer abandoned to do a SAAS version so no longer supporting. I have FB app and pages I would like to switch to your platform.

Dear Tpilant,

Thanks for stopping by. Currently we don’t have multiple instances support yet (it will available on the next quarter). We’re focusing to the stability and performance.


Will that be for both platforms php and wordpress

Yes. Absolutely :-)


renzoster Purchased


I’m trying your free version before buy this. I have a question, I’m trying to put some button like this (, but using available options I get this ( You have any option to make this?

Another question in the PRO version, do you have schedule messages or broadcasting? Really interesting to use some automation with your plugin.


Dear Ren,

Thanks for using our plugin. We do support these feature and of course, we’re improving it day by day to make it even better. Hope you’ll like it.




I love your plugin. Only I want make the button similar like Do you have any option like your video?


Yes, try response with Buttons or Generic template for that :)

We have written to you and you have not responded.. The tool is installed but it cannot work or update facebook and you do not reply why>

Dear Smartvo,

Sorry for the inconvenience, sometimes, answer may takes about 2 business days as we’ve showed on the item description.

We’ve answered via support channel, let’s continue though.