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hi, do you intend to add the json creation needed to promote on fb the new fb messenger ads –

Hi, this already added :) We do suppport structured messages in the very first version.

hi, everything is perfect and it works as it should, but while testing I responded from the page by mistake, and after that bot stopped working at all, so I don’t know how to reset a chat to activate the bot or something :) I even tried to log in as another user, but I think facebook expect page’s administrator to respond instead of the bot.

I tried to remove the “message_echo” webhook but to no effect.

Dear imlegen,

Thanks for purchasing our package, that’s auto stop feature. To unmute the bot, send :), you can also change that setting in config.php. You can also turn off auto stop feature in config.php.

If you open your DB, you can also see auto_stop field, delete that field value also unmute the bot.


Hi. This bot can receive image sended by user?

Dear Edinsof,

Yes, we do support parsing attachment which sent by user. Here is the guide:

Hi, I bought this script, I installed and I dont see how to go to this screen.. I don’t find the admin panel, how can I enter?

Sorry, I do not have permission to give a refund. Please create a refund ticket and I will approve.

Where I can do the refund ticket?

Please check it here:

Please include a detailed info so I can approve.

hi, i want to buy but i work on joomla, have you a joomla version? or have a cam panel on php? version?

If you’re using Joomla, try our free framework kernel (our WordPress edition uses it also)

PHP edition doesn’t include panel and it’s first intended to not have panel. Perhaps we’ll add a basic panel on the next quarter.


MGK Purchased


how to send “ACTION_MARK_SEEN” or “ACTION_TYPING_ON” (cf. thank you !


MGK Purchased

great for the updates ! can’t wait :) for auto_stop, in config.php, it’s an array (‘stop_when’ => ’*’,’restart_when’ => ’:)’ ) so maybe issue comes from that, you’ll tell me when you have access. for $bot->say(), it would grab if the person is in a chat session, but I think what I am looking for is the notification. I’ll have a look at these.

enjoy your business trip, we’ll talk when you are back ! thanks again Bruno


MGK Purchased

adding a question here so to not forget : is it already possible, or is it planned, or how would it be best easy to implement the following : forward the replies/messages send from bot to a custom link, listen to replies that will be sent in a certain format. That would allow the integration with external platform and leverage the power of this script (I can provide more details by email if you want, I really think it would extend the power).

Dear MGK,

Can you please create a thread in our support forum so we can digging more detail about it?


Hi, is it possible to get the user’s location and give the results with nearest restaurants?

Dear Zeagwat,

Yes, we do support get user location, but you’ll have to build DB your self to get the results with nearest restaurants. It’s handy.


ivanmtz Purchased

Hello, I’m seeing the difference between the php version and the wordpress version, I’m interested in php though, I think this one does not have crm, right? Does not include other things included in the wordpress version?

Yes, it’s only PHP, no backend, no CRM, no builder.

demo doesnt work

Dear SGTScripts, we’re trying to create another bot so we stop that demo :)


vyu0122 Purchased

Is list template workable? If yes, would you provide an example code. I cannot find it in doc.

Yes, it works. Sorry for not updated the standalone doc yet. Here is the gist:

Hello, I have a problem with push notifications. I can push notifications that their ‘content’ includes text,url,image url but i can not push notification that their type is array. For example i can’t push notifications with buttons or Generic Templates, bubbles. I get the message that ‘Notification is sent!’ but nothing is sent when an array type element is included in my push notification ‘content’. Do you have any recommendations? Thank you! :)

The message is inserted in my database in bot_messages table but not sent. This problem occurs only if buttons, a bubble etc is included in message content.

Dear Nick,

Can you please create a thread in support channel with your push notification code so I can check it.

It’d better if you can provide FTP access and webhook URL of your bot.


Hy next update is Auto reply comments Facebook?

I’ll rewrite the framework and make it work with latest release of Facebook Messenger API. Sorry, auto response comment won’t come on April.