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How to put two questions or payloads per one node.


one code for two payloads:

payload:GET_WEATHER payload:RESTART

$bot->answer(‘payload:GET_WEATHER’, function ($bot, $lead_id) { // Free to do your jobs here. These lines below are pseudo code $user_location = $bot->storage->get($lead_id, ‘location’); $weather = \Weather::ofLocation($user_location)->get(); });

// Response user via return
return "Your weather today is {$weather}";

Dear Mojeer,

I’ve answered via support forum,

Have fun, Cheers!

Btw, you don’t need two payloads which point to the same function, just create one payload per function.



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can you answer my questions here:

Dear Mojeer,

I’ve answered, have fun


Dear Our Valued Customers

In order to help people have better experience when purchase, download and support, we’ve moved the product to our website. We’re no longer sell products on CodeCanyon. Please purchase on instead.

We keep this product here to let existing users signup on our website and verify by their license key. We’ll close this item within next 30 days, please register an account and verify as soon as you can, after that time, we won’t responsible for any trouble.


How do I buy the php version on your website?

Dear LordZumbi,

Because we’ll change PHP standalone to Laravel. PHP version will available to buy when we release it next week.


Hi, php version is released already ? Can i use with magento ? Thanks

Yes Laravel version is released. Unfortunately, it doesn’t works with Magento.

Hy next update?

Dear Andrea,

Please login to support forum to get our support.


Hy When will the next update be available?

Please register an account on our website. You can download from Dashboard.

hello, I bought your script yesterday, the Storm optimized for Laravel, and till today I don’t have any account from your end or from anyone from your website, telling me anything. Is this a sham or??

Hello, so finally figured it out downloaded and uploaded to server, now can’t find the so called config.php. ended up editing a database.php file by giving the database user and password and database name, then pointed it to public folder, but when I access I get oops something went wrong. Please help. Else I think I would prefer the wordpress plugin as I am more used to wordpress.

Dear Frank,

Storm built on top of Laravel, so to edit configuration settings, you can edit .env, and you’ll need run migration and seeder, set the some directory permission to make it work. We have documentation also:

Btw, if you’re more prefer WordPress, I’ll update your license to use WP instead of Laravel.


Thanks, but the documentation you sent me was more detailed than the other documentation. But thanks anyway.

i can’t install, plesae help me

this code action on wordpress?

no, singler on my server

How to access public function to get json api?

Dear royalonline,

You can use our callback function to do anything you want:

DXPRO Purchased

Hello, I bought your script a short time ago, and only now when I read the comments I saw that you will no longer support it here, what will happen to this file that I downloaded? Are you going to have any updates for it? Does he have any administrative panels?


You can go to our Dashboard to get update. Cheers!

Is there any admin panel? Can I market it?

Dear Tacio,

Messenger Storm has admin panel. If you purchase Business edition, you can install it for unlimited clients.

Here is the feature list:

I want to buy your script at a price of $ 19


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Hello i was bought script here. I try to install it not function. Please.