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hello. Invite friends is not working…The windows opens, i choose friends but its not sending the invitations. Is it a facebook problem?

can you send me your page link where you have installed it, there must be some configuration issues

Hi Pre sales question:

Can we prevent “Cheating” in your application? I mean, users can write custom code in Console to match all in like 3 sec ..

you mean once a user has played the game then tiles should be disabled for that specific user? or you are talking about something else?

Hi What i ment is that once i find match, last two items on bottom dissapear for example:

I found match at green rectangle, but they were removed at bottom. this can cause confusion

it increase the app complexity


I just purchased your script – but in config.php i do not see section for Admin user and pass … can you please help?

yes, you can edit it, but for this you need to go inside the database

Hi Sheensol – could you please point me to right direction to edit tiles? I wish them not to disappear and move tiles …

sorry for late reply, I am working on the new version, and this thing will be resolved

Hi, I followed your instructions – but i have big problem. I do not see ranking at all … once i complete game my data is not stored in DB at all

Its because of fb version issue, i will update it in the coming version thanks