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hello. Invite friends is not working…The windows opens, i choose friends but its not sending the invitations. Is it a facebook problem?

can you send me your page link where you have installed it, there must be some configuration issues

Hi Pre sales question:

Can we prevent “Cheating” in your application? I mean, users can write custom code in Console to match all in like 3 sec ..

you mean once a user has played the game then tiles should be disabled for that specific user? or you are talking about something else?

Hi What i ment is that once i find match, last two items on bottom dissapear for example:

I found match at green rectangle, but they were removed at bottom. this can cause confusion

it increase the app complexity


I just purchased your script – but in config.php i do not see section for Admin user and pass … can you please help?

yes, you can edit it, but for this you need to go inside the database

Hi Sheensol – could you please point me to right direction to edit tiles? I wish them not to disappear and move tiles …

sorry for late reply, I am working on the new version, and this thing will be resolved

Hi, I followed your instructions – but i have big problem. I do not see ranking at all … once i complete game my data is not stored in DB at all

Its because of fb version issue, i will update it in the coming version thanks


I buy application and want to use it, but I notice results are not saved…

Can you please help me to resolve issues. Without that application is usseless.


Best regards,


Hi Dejan,

kindly email me your ftp details at and send me url where you have installed it


Hi, I send you data, please check mail.

in the demo results will not be saved

Please help me in which file I can change seconds in our language? I mean seconds when you play and time is running? Thanks.

Yes you can change it, or send me your cpanel details at i will fix it

Hi, after purchased this item, i am unable to install it correctly. After connect the db via config.php, i can(t acess to admin panel. It returns an xcrud error on xcrud.php, line 12, 13, 14 and 15 (de credentials). If i put my db credential directly in the crud.php file, i can connect to the admin panel, but after followinh all the other steps, i can’t use the app in facebook page (blank screen). Thanks

Hi, kindly send me your cpanel details, i will resolve it, it looks like configuration issues email me at

Hi i just got this now does it work on mobiles IOS and Android

its a facebook app and it doesnt work on the mobiles

hi i`m having trouble installing the game please help

Thank you I have sent the detail to your e-mail

Hi did you get my last email. What`s your Skype ID?

my email is , kindly send me again please,

The game is working on my page and is incredible please help me edit, emailed you a screen shot.

please send me cpanel details

Hi i have sent you the login details

yes, i am looking into it

was able to edit using admin panel, thanks. How do i customize the list of cards? Its not allowing me via admin panel…

there is no option to edit in admin only to add more cards

will send you a screen shot of the my admin page via email

you can email me at

How do i customize the list of cards?


Bulou Purchased

hello i sent you cp details


Bulou Purchased

and its working now, how do i make my own leadership board for my friends

you need to design graphics for this

errormessage when i click already liked..

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘userID’ of undefined at at v.__wrapper ( at ma ( at Object.w ( at Object.<anonymous> ( at

looks like facebook sdk issue, can you email your app link with ftp details at

also this when iam on facebook

(index):264 Uncaught ReferenceError: saveFan is not defined at HTMLAnchorElement.onclick ((index):264)

what about support???


send me your app link please


Do you have documentation for this product ?


yeah sure, you can see it on the demo link

Hi, You’re still working on this or support? I bought it and can not find any alive documentation. I stuck at CANVAS_PAGE and CANVAS URL.

you can send me your installation details, i will update and fix it


Pedgaid Purchased

facebook does not accept the app “The mobile page URL is no longer supported as of July 10, 2017. To continue using all features, you need to update your desktop iFrame app to recognize mobile browsers that load the page and create a button for people from Facebook to your mobile web page. Learn more. “

I will fix it in our coming updates

Greetings, seems like Facebook is not accepting this app. Can you advise since the last update was made on February 10?


I’m getting the current error

Unhandled Exception. SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table ‘ds-guessing.settings’ doesn’t exist You can find the error back in the log.

Can I contact you privately with this info?

Sure email me at Or Skype at sheensoltechnologies