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AMAZING app and INCREDIBLE support. Thanks for the help with setup and customizing this to my needs. If you need a FB connect app, LOOK. NO. FURTHER. This is the real deal in every sense.

Thanks for the nice words !


My idea is use that to access to a web app.

It that possible: Switch off login and left only fb login, autopost on profile manually add users.?

The idea is that every rime the users login to use the app on my website, them promote it on fb.

If not do u have another app that mach the requests?


This app would match it better: (since it has the autopost you are after)

But could it integrated with the site db, becouse I need the user then is logged to use the web app?

If you want to integrate it into an existing website database etc, need to be done as a customization. Please contact me through my profile page with a link to your site, and phpmyadmin access to check it out, and can send you an estimate, thanks

Quick question.

Does this script have the ability to create pages on the fly and have designate which user has access to their custom page?

Thank you!

For the pages you can just duplicate the default secure pages that’s coming with this app. And all authenticated users access the same pages (they don’t have individual custom pages)

hi, is it easy to change the code in order to use email instead of the username for users login?

if i buy this

is it possible to integrate it with the facebook login secure php area?


1. Could be done as a small fee. Please contact me through my profile page for an estimate. 2. Please contact me through my profile page with the request for a price estimate, thanks !

thanks, but i only would like to know if it was possible to do. i don’t wan’t to pay

Oh ok, yes technically almost anything is possible. If you are comfortable with PHP/Javascript etc, you can try do it yourself then. If you change your mind in the future you can always contact me back.


I Just bought the code, and i’m getting lots of “Notice” messages regarding “Undefined index : Session”...

Do you have a small “step-by-step” tutorial for that script? or something like “first-time-setup” ?

Thanks, Gtamir.


That’s probably related to your server configured to display the PHP Notices. Would need to be set to off. I can also do it for it in the code using a different way, for that please contact me through my profile page with a link and temporary FTP access and will help you out, thanks !


Is is a large customization to allow authenticated users both common access AND individual common pages (like the account page, except non-account customized content)?

Is there a logoff?

How does it work? Is there an include for every page, or how do you implement this?



Our buyers are very satisfied with this app, and the number of purchases and ratings speak for themselves. The app is not great because I say it’s great, it’s great because a lot of our buyers have find it very useful and are using it for their projects

A lot of people have requested and continue to request customization on our apps or plugins. And they are very happy to pay the necessary price for it. We are also proud to provide a free support to get our apps installed and running just like in the demos !

If you don’t want the guy who pays for the things you want, it’s your freedom. But don’t expect people to work for free for you, when you are not even ready to pay 12$ to get an app and most of the answers you have asked for ;)

I don’t know why you have to be so disagreeable. Was it really so hard to say something like:

“Yes, the code is very customizable, and is likely, though not guaranteed, to accommodate your pages. You will nestle your custom pages inside of a header and footer provided by the script. The header does contain the menu you see, but you can easily remove that as well as the black area at the top of the page that you see in the demo. Of course, if you do that, you’ll also have to provide your own code to replace any functionality you remove.

If you use php sessions in your pages, then you will have to disable that too, and transfer that functionality to the script. The script uses many php variables and function names. If you use php, it is unlikely that our object names are the same, but if they are, you will see some conflict there too. Last, the scripts uses a few common javascript libraries. like Twitter bootstrap and Jquery. If your code uses these same libraries, different versions might cause you some trouble.

If you wish to customize my script in any way, then you’ll either have to do it yourself, or you can send me a request for assistance and a quote. The support I provide for free is to make sure you get up and running, so I help with installation issues and other non-technical aspects. Anything that involves coding or modifications will be quoted on a case-by-case basis.”

That’s really all I was asking about. You don’t have to give away your state secrets, just provide a reasonable explanation of how to incorporate my pages with yours, instead of making it so mysterious.

I just might buy this script after all. I hope you have a better day today.

Good for you :)

Hi is there a way to save the login cookie, that the user dont have to re-login for 1 month? Can u give a little instruction how to allow some pieces of website if the user is logged in? For example i want to allow registered/logged users upload a pic :-) If Session{code if logged in}else{code for all other}

Thank you!

My users often do re-registration with same email. I think its better to check email is already in database befor complete registration


For customization requests please contact me through my profile page for an estimate. We don’t usually provide technical instructions on customization, since that may be longer than the time required to do it for you ;)

Hello I have a question.

This is script is based in some php framework?.


Hello I bought the script. Nice work. But I need to integrate it in my actual php website where we already have a php login script. Then the only functionality I need is to add the posibility to login the user throug facebook too. I see that you has a class named Fb_ypbox . Could you give me more info about how to use it?. I only need the script log the user with facebook and capture its data in a .json file, then I will read that file. If is possible I want the info of his/her friends. And that’s all.

Could you helpme please?.



For customization requests please contact me through my profile page with a link to your site and temporary FTP access, and can get to you with an estimate, thanks

Done!!. Thanks!

Can admin give each user access to certain pages?

Is it possible to use the same database of the Facebook Viral and Marketing Social App so I can also post on users wall?


What permissions have you granted for this app with Facebook devs? Are there read_stream or user_actions?


The “email” permission is the only one required by this app

Why am I getting this error? haven’t done any modifications.

For support please contact us through our profile page with a link to your app, thanks

can i integrate it to my site? can u help me about that if i can?

u should promise me first but if i buy it and pay your support money that it will work without having any problem i mean zero problem then i buy it 2moro

What I can promise is that like all the customization we do for our buyers / clients, we do a great job depending on each client needs ;)

okey see u 2moro then

Are there currently any plans to update this script to support newer versions of jquery other than 1.7.2? I have some other scripts that require 1.11, however when I use 1.11 instead of 1.7.2, I am unable to login or create users.

Nevermind, I fixed the issue by using 1.9.1 instead of 1.7.2 or 1.11.0 I am however, getting a bug with the username/password login (it doesn’t work).


For support please contact me through my profile page with a link and temporary FTP access and will check it out for you, thanks

Pre-Sale Question:

1. Can I integrate this with an existing database of users? The passwords are hashed md5 as well, but users also have subscription expiry dates in the DB.

2. Is it possible for existing users to log in with FB and access other table info?

3. Is it possible to have a “remember me” function on the traditional login form?


1. I don’t think so since they may not have the same fields or format. But what you could do is to import them into this app DB 2. and 3. Need some customization

Hello, I bought your script and I would be able to retrieve the list of friends, and have the rental of people connecting? Is it possible that you can help me please?

You could hire us for customization yes, please contact us through our profile page. Thanks

I just wondered if the latest version still works with PHP version 5.3

Yes sure !

Hi, I would like to buy the script but I noticed that there is not a maintenance login. Do you think you integrate it in future updates?

What is a maintenance login?

I’m sorry for my english. However, I mean that it is always connected with your account even if I close the browser, turn off the computer, etc.

Oh I see. Sorry that’s not currently supported ! That would need a system to persist the login with cookies for ex

Any ideas, fresh install, no db errors.

An error happened Try again

Please reach us through our profile page with a link and temporary FTP access and we’ll help you

All working, it was Facebook needing my server IP whitelisting. Thank you


This login system really works! I have only one question, sometimes does not return the email field from Facebook. This is common?

That should always work, except if for a reason Facebook blocks it for a reason, but should rarely happen !