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Works perfect!


Work nice, how to make token life longer ?

hello JustBeGood
Time token provided by facebook, I cannot do anything

do u know any trick to make long life ? at least 12 hrs ?

Wow top seller this week! How does this work exactly? Is this something we install on a website? or do we install this somewhere else?

Hello johneaglez
We user API Faceboo, You can install on a website or Local + software “Open Broadcaster Software”

Does your program need Any Coding Skills to get work right?

Hello Madaur
You can read document, It is easy to work

I purchased the script but it doesn’t work for me. Followed the instructions and did the same as in the video and the live video plays fine on the timeline but it doesn’t show any numbers when people react to the video.

Tried it local and online, both html and php version. Can’t get it to work.

Hello dreamstar
You can add skype: skype_hongtam. I will help you install
Thanks you

Works perfect, HOWEVER, how do I stop the token from expiring?

Disregard, I just used the access token from an app I made on FB. It’s a long life token. Problem solved. :)

Thank you, I will update
Happy new year


1. Will it show recently like or emotion facebook username live too? 2. Can I use it and same time combine it with my own live video?

Hello risecakoplusplus
1: This script not show user emotion
2. Yes, You can use it
Thanks you

May I view Docs to understand better how to use prior to purchase, please? Thanks!

It use install, document include in script
Thanks You

Anyway we can show the total numbers from the post engagements and not just from the video? Reason I ask is 2/3rd of those who seem to engage and try to vote are voting on shared posts and not the video post. I’m showing 393 LESS votes on my video because people are voting on shared posts although all this information is displayed in the videos post engagement stats.

Hi , is it possible to have it in french language?

Hello thierry27123
Yes, It working all languages
Thanks You

Hi, Is there any possibility of video sharing, the tool can show global interactions?

The counter is not working?

Hello favradio
You can add skype: skype_hongtam
I will help you setup it.
Thanks you

Hi, I have 2 questions before I buy it.

1.- In the video is very slow when clicking on the emoji and after several seconds just appears, it works like this? Because you said it’s real time …

2.- I read in a comment that works from a hosting server or locally. I want it to work from my hosting, what requirements do I need for that?

Hello. How does this script work on YouTube & Twitch & Dailymotion ?

Hello laudinvil
Can you use “Open Broadcaster Software” to live on YouTube & Twitch & Dailymotion
Thanks you

Hi again, can you send me o explain how to do a app facebook with a token never expire o last longer? Because my app token last a couple hour only, thanks.

How many live reaction votes are supported simultaneously?

How many live reaction votes are supported simultaneously?

HI , i very like your script, but how to make a live video on facebook with computer? Thanks

Hello savoiraimer
You can use “Open Broadcaster Software” make a live video on facebook with computer
Thansk you