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Hi, I have emailed you from alvin@magiquestions.com. Urgently need to get this installed. Getting a http error 500 at http://magiq.us/chickenwars/install.php

You have stopped helping. I still cannot get it to work. Please check your email.

Can you please process my refund and return me my money

Please let me know how to go about getting a refund.

wow….never known anything to be such a pain in the ass….ok, so set this up in a sub directory:


Gone through Facebook app key and secret etc, but after saving all i get is a blank white page with the tabs showing. Clicking tabs doesn’t do anything. Any other ideas?

Email sent, you gonna sort it out or refund? Oh…don’t tell me, i gotta wait till the weekend is over now….

Sorted that refund out yet mate??

Hello?? REFUND ON THIS?? Don’t ignore me… Anyone else who is thinking of getting this script, find something better…


i have purchase code: 36635d5b-a8c8-4fed-9d9d-82959dd796c9 i install your script on www.socialize.ro/live but not work

http://socialize.ro/live/login.php http://socialize.ro/live/live.php

can you help me?

Thanks, Laurentiu Barbu

hi you need help for setup or fix script send me msg my skype : sifocool

Could you help me remove my domain currently? Because I want to install on new domain.

Still waiting on refund….DO NOT but this script…NO LONGER SUPPORTED


iceZone Purchased

So if i wanna edit … ?


iceZone Purchased

at least source code ….

Hello, I have purchased the app a few days back. After the installation, it looks perfect but when I add my FB app details then it is going blank why?

Hi, I can’t see “Live Now” button, is there any wrong about my setup? I followed your steps from the video.


I like to buy this app, but the number of people saying its not working are more than those saying its working. Author, can I get this to work without problems, because I don’t like waiting for more than 48hrs for a response?

Thank you for letting me know, It works now you can try it : http://demo.live.re-posts.com/

I have purchased the package. Finally all runs on my server, but counter doesn’t update. X-split is working and the poll is vissible on my timeline. But as i say when selecting like or love wich i use, nothing is updated.


Anyone there, i have paid support and maild to you a couple of times during the last days. No respnse. This is very bad

Hello, still no answer on my questions and problems thrue email or support forum Very bad situation. I want a refund


I installed the script successfully but it does not work. It does not show the reactions on the live video!

Hi, how does this work with Twitch? I couldn’t see anything in the Admin panel.