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tothandi Purchased

UPDATE ?????

update of what ???


jdotn151 Purchased

Hi i purchased this and I can’t install its telling me i need to install Ioncube to be able to use the script

If you can’t install you can send me your purchase code & hosting login credentials and I will do it for you. support@re-posts.com

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I have approved this refund


lazcano99 Purchased

I sent you emails, no reply I thought it was an easy installation. Xplit broadcaster only works for windows. etc.

I will checking my email now

i need to buy this script before i buy it i need to ask you one question i don’t need to use with vote but i need to use quiz can i put there in picture and ask with people question ?

You can do it, Look : http://i.imgur.com/VkglkFd.png it’s an example

is it possible to change color of the Tab from Pink to any color?

I will add this feature in the new update


yocarim Purchased

Hello, I just bought it and installed it, but I can not make it work, I followed the video tutorial step by step, but there is an error with the XSplit broadcaster, once it creates the post and gives me the link to access, facebook tells me that Is broken the link, I have tried several times with my personal profile and the fanpage that I manage, facebook always tells me that the link is not available or broken, anyway I copy the id of the video and save it in the configuration and although Facebook show the error the video is published anyway.

The problem is that it does not change the counter, it does not matter the button that squeezes, it shows in facebook the vote but in the application nothing is shown. I think it has to do with the XSplit broadcaster error when creating the post. Either way the script would not be running at this time.

Hello yocarim,

Are you sure that public video? and please take a screenshot of your problem and sent it to : support@re-posts.com

Thank you


bidewe Purchased

Hello, i can’t get past the installation page. Can you help ?

Hello bidewe,

If you can’t install you can send me your purchase code & hosting login credentials and I will do it for you. support@re-posts.com

ok can i change the background and make picture of advertisement than create with question

Yes sir, You can experience it from the trial version - Login : http://demo.live.re-posts.com/ - UserName : Admin - Password : Admin

dear my Reposts i need to send you the design that i need can you tell me your email please

Hello, I am still waiting for the answer to the problem of expiration of the session with facebook and that does not update the votes because of them after a prolonged time of use. I have sent you the email support@re-posts.com the problem description and the log error file.

sorry sir, Try using another FB account

That is the solution for you …. ???? I already tried with another account of fb … First, your script should work with any account. Second, I have already tried it, already probe with other accounts, with other browsers and even with another computer.

Did you at least check the error file I sent you? When I send it to you a couple of days ago, it had a size of 500mb approximately, today it has a size of 1.28gb … so something does not work well obviously and the solution is not to try another facebook account …..

Calm down! I think that this error because of your account Why?! Because this error doesn’t appear on my account never So, you can send me the error file and I’ll be looking to you for a solution support@re-posts.com

Thank you.