Facebook Live Chat for WordPress

Facebook Live Chat for WordPress

Facebook Chat is a WordPress plugin allow put your Facebook chat box on your website, visitors can chat with you via Facebook Messenger. This is easy way to support, keep contact with your customers and turn visitors into your customers, chat with them anytime to increase sales.

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20/06/2017: (version 2.7)
- Fixed: Responsive display
- Fixed: Some bugs

19/03/2016: (version 2.6)
- Fixed: Warning: in_array()

23/02/2016: (version 2.5)
- Fixed: Start Minimized
- Fixed: Display/Hide Hello text when set Minimized
- Fixed: JS Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'style' of null
- Fixed: Select pages to display chat box
- Added: Option disable chat for mobile
- Added: Display for homepage for who not use a page for Home
- Added: Except pages display chat box

06/01/2016: (version 2.0)
- Added: Compatible with Multisite
- Added: Compatible with Dokan Multivendor
- Fixed: Cookie
- Fixed: Some bugs

23/11/2015: (version 1.6)
- Added: HTTPS Support
- Fixed: Media upload not working
- Fixed: Removed double/character
- Fixed: jQuery conflict

19/11/2015: (version 1.5)
- Added: Option select where to display Facebook Live Chat
- Added: Option Minimized for Mobile and Desktop
- Fixed: Some small bugs

18/11/2015: (version 1.4)
- Fixed: CSS logo

17/11/2015: (version 1.3)
- Fixed: Long title

16/11/2015: (version 1.2)
- Fixed: Close button
- Added: Language option for chat box

14/11/2015: (version 1.1)
- Fix some small bugs

11/11/2015: (version 1.0)
- Version 1.0 Initial Release