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The Facebook chat appears on mobile, but the send button is no showing so, I can send the message,

any ideas?

many thanks

Please check your ticket for updates.


Is there a chance you follow the ticket?

I have sent you the code to fix it on the ticket.


The Facebook Chat box which users see on the website is blank and there’s just white space. The support provided through the ticket system wasn’t very helpful and didn’t solve the issue.

Any advice how to fix it?

what happen if you put the fan page URL is ?

It works fine. I use the plugin on other websites and its fine there. It was working on the website in question as well few weeks ago. But now it doesn’t and there are no error indicating where the problem might be.

Hi Healthandwinebg,

If you need any help, Please submit a ticket at and our support team will help you check it.


Hi Ninja team,

I would like to suggest you about the location of the display should be on choice of left and right


Hi vuekai,

Thanks for your suggestion, we will update in next version.



I use your plugin. But on W3 Validator i have this error: My question it’s, where i can ad the alt tag for picture?

An img element must have an alt attribute, except under certain conditions. For details, consult guidance on providing text alternatives for images. From line 805, column 9; to line 805, column 164 >↩

Hi d_alinus2004,

Please submit a ticket at and our support team will help you check it.


Hey, I just installed and it word great except for one issue. if i am using mobile it shows as if im not connected it doesnt let me send any messege even though i have messenger app and nd facebook app installed on my android.

Looking to hear from you,

thats my website:


I did a week a go and nothing. i just opened another ticket. would appreciate swift reply

I don’t see your ticket a week ago, I only see your ticket today and my coworker has replied on it.


Hi Tommy,

So the plugin no longer supports chat within the website and inside the widget?

On your site and the demo, the conversation has to be done inside Messenger once the visitor leaves a message, is that correct?


Hi albert_lee,

The visitor can send many messages from the Facebook box, but FB disabled live chat, so visitor need go to their FB to view the reply.

Please let me know if you have any questions,


I already submitted a ticket on your site, but found out that the Chat is only visible in one language. One year ago you said, that you might consicer supporting WPML.

Nowadays WordPress is not a simple blog software anymore, but a grown-up CMS. CMS are often multilingual, so it is a must that any plugin supports mulitilingual sites.

Otherwise it’s quite useless..

If a German visitor wants my support, he is not able to contact me directly over your plugin.

And uploading a custom Icon is not wirkong either.

Another fact amazes me as well. Why does it only work for pages and not for posts????

These onprofessional issues makes my site looks unprofessional.

Sorry that I have to say so.



By the way.. I’ve found a free plugin which works flawlessly with WPML. Maybe you could learn from the developer(s) how to do it right.

Hello, i see it works with Dokan, does it mean that each seller can have their Facebook chat and chat with their customer? or is it between Admin and sellers?

Hi refschool,

We have removed Dokan, we will work with Dokan team to add in future.


Hi that’s great news anyway, I hope you’ll make it possible for sellers to chat with their customers !

Hello, I have this problem on plugin: wp-content/plugins/facebook-live-chat/backend/index.php:17 – Undefined index: page.

Could you please help me?