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For change colors, such as background and text, how do it?


I haven’t thought about custom interface, but you can still do so by editing CSS file…

Hi trung_styles, Can You help me install and configuration in Facebook?I am script in Server upload and I create Fb App.I block access token.Thank You

Please contact to me via email, thanks!

Hey Man! Make a reply I am unable to setup it I provided everything in the config file but still the error appearing to generate token although I want to remove the access password function Do reply emails Thanks

OK, in the next update will simplicity, thank you!

Possible to just show the 3D Version ? What would I need to change/delete ?

Please contact to me via email, I’ll send to you the script to update accordance with your requirements, thanks!

Need your help – Cant get the token..

Please check your email!

Demo looks like stylesheets not loading?

Please refresh the page to try again!

Oh great – looks good now :) Thanks!

Can you make it for cities too.

Thank you!

Hi trung_styles, Can You help me install and configuration in Facebook?I am script in Server upload and I create Fb App now when i put username of page i cant see results kindly help me out


Hello trung_styles,

Can you please check your private message, i really need your assistance, willing to pay! Best Regards.

i can add lang for ur script

and i can help any one to install the script too

Please wait for new version!

$appid = “YOUR APP ID”; // app id from Facebook ? $secret = “YOUR SECRET STRING”; // secret key of app id where this is on Facebook?

any status, i am no able to setup

please some help

i was able to seytup but i don’t see any information, p[elase helppppp

any support from the admin?

I have submitted a new update version. So, please wait for the acceptance of the reviewer team Envato and published into Codecanyon site. Once there, you can download this update directly from Codecanyon.

This script is not at all good. It’s old version, doesn’t support new facebook api and app. The script page says v3.0 but the script on codecanyon is v2.1 .. Really Bad Experience.. Having “Page ID invalid error” again and again

useless Script :3 Money Waste and also time waste script you are Cheaters I Buyed Your Script and Not Found 2 files Which is Main and also not working this script

Pleas help I have the message “Fan page ID does not exist or is invalid!”

I wanna buy it, but it looks like it doesnt work?

Not working please help me to setup

Problem with the tokenFile : what should i add into this ?