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What version of wowonder will this work on?

Latest version

Please put in version numbers. It is a little confusing which one is the latest one.

Hello friend,After each update,version number and other imp. info. is included in “Imp. Read Me first.txt” file

hello,I am using beloved theme, so would you be so kind to let me know what are the specific lines inside file loggedin-header phtml that I must to update? Thank you so much for your support

Hello support, how can I change the font type of the facebook invitation button? Thank you

use this code whenever you want to change fonts of any text <font face="”Digital," arial="" helvetica="" sans-serif="">your text or text code</font> :)

I see, now I wonder what are the name of the files to use your fonts code? Thank you

yes,I can.send me your website url and. cpanel username and password details through contact form

OKay,I will help you,

any luck?


When someone use your facebook invite plugin, will the invited person through your plugin be registered as referred by the person invited him ? Because what i want is the people to still earn money from the people invited by them when the invited or referred persons happen to buy pro version

I wait your reply.

Thank you


(1) If I buy this plugin, will it allow me to select which Facebook friend to select?

or will it just sent invitation request to all friends in my profile?

(2) Will this plugin work with buddypress?

Please let me know soon.


yes,this plugin will allow you to select one or more than one friends!2)In case of buddypress,no idea because it is specially created for wowonder :)


unisubba Purchased


As you know I purchased your invite facebook friends plugin for wowonder.

however it is not showing correctly in my wonderful theme, the column got small


unisubba Purchased


after installing your addon, my wonderful theme is showing not correctly. u don’t check your application before selling? i sent ticket and email, please respond quickly

Wonderful is 3rd party theme!Not official theme of wowonder!Still I will help you!Please send me your website URL and cpanel details!And,please remember that customisation help is not included in support policy!But,I will help you

hi, i sent you cpanel details, did you receive? would you help

Please check my reply!


unisubba Purchased

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Dear friend,please don’t post cpanel details in comment section,anybody will misuse it and destroy your website content.don’t worry! I request support staff to remove this comment.aAways use contact form to send such details ->send me your website url and. cpanel username and password details through contact form