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i figured it out but i need to contact you about something else anyway i cant find your contact for contact support brings me here

Hello friend,contact form is on author’s profile.Please send any details here>>


Nice script thank you.

Just trying to get the og image sorted, some reason its not scraping the right image.

What am I missing or what can i try.

<meta property=”og:image” content=”” />


Hello friend,By default,wownder script select random og images (mostly random user profile’s pic).After checking source code of your website,I never found meta tag in page source code.Remove this extra>> /<< which you included in above codes <meta property=”og:image” content=”” />

Hi, I bought the script and installed it. I got a mistake. I can’t invite fb friends. It’s blocked from facebook. I need help

Thanks, very polite ❤

Hello we installed now. But we don’t find the plugin in the wowonder administration under Plugins. Can you please send me an Email adress wheer i can attached screenshot?

This add-on is never found under plugins section because plugin section is not official part of wowonder!This plugin section is created by ldrmx for his own 3rd party plugins.You will find my add-on user drop-down menu and in footer page!Please read documentation carefully,you will get all necessary answers!

When I switch my site to https the plugin stopped working I changed the Facebook urls in fbinvite from http to https and now it seems to work is the right way to do it

Yes,As mentioned in documentation,when you are using ssl i.e https protocol on your website,it’s important step to changed all http protocol to https: including facebook URL.

hello mate.kindly send me you email so i can send your my cpanel access for my website to help me install your addon, comments says you are great guy and help customers alots,thanks. i awaits your email address

Hello friend,contact form is on author’s profile.Please send any details here>>

Hello friend, please help me remove the fb invite addon on my website, its tampered with my plugin at drop-down menu, thanks. i do not need it for now, my website are seriously complaining they can not access their points at drop-down menu.

Kindly help me REMOVE the addon

Okay,no need to remove it!I will remove option from drop-down menu!It will solve your problem!

Done!This option is removed from drop-down menu!And, don’t forget to add language key from admin panel.Thanks!Have a nice day!

Thank you. I will definitely do that language key now.

Wow, so interesting, this guy is great. Thumbs up Man!


Pre buy, can it invite all facebook friends at once or someone needs to type it manual one-by-one.

You need to type and enter name of friends,one by one!Because mass invite action is not allow by facebook!Such act is consider as spamming!same as in case of sending invitation using bulk email ids using email sending services!