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why my website information do not appear beside in the message to friends in fb

Thanks for 5 stars rating :-) If you need any help which is not related to this add on,don’t worry,contact me,I will still help you!

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Thanks for this addon , How i remove link from footer , I want to remove facebook invite link form footer

Thanks for support.Actually,I tried to keep it simple for everyone.So that person without any coding knowlege can easily use this addon.Invite facebook friend option is available in footer as well as in drop down menu.Main advantage of keeping this option in footer is that, when user will not login on your website,still he/she will able to drive more facebook traffic to your website.This is a win win situation :-)

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I just bough fbinvite.

I thinsk there is a problem is code :


There is no problem in code.This is screenshot from your own website :-)

dear sir when i aded a new static page with edited HTML code.Than there showen an error with this massage(Please enter a valid URL to your page)

Give url a name for eg: fbinvite.Please read documentation.screenshots included in documentaion.

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after sent invite tested to my Facebook friend nothing was show on their page

Hello, Please read documentation carefully!Invite message will send in friend’s message box.Did you setup your facebook app properly?Please send me your website url!

Now, your plugin works for me. And I can review you 5 stars as well. What bothers most is the banner of Sngine when the Facebook Invite pops up. How to remove that?

Hello friend,Thanks for support!details steps to remove sngine’s banner is included in documentation :-) Still I give here>>open \content\themes\default or material\images\og-image.jpg then change (default image show sngine banner)and upload og-image.jpg with your own website banner. After that open this link and refresh facebook meta tags for your website

I changed the image as you suggested, visited the link you provided. I found a form to put website name. I did and clicked on Fetch new… that changed the OG.IMAGE but the Signe banner is still under there. It looks like this: and the banner doesn’t go away from Facebook Invite.

My dear friend,This screenshot is taken from your own website :-)

Inviting Facebook friends is not supported from smartphones such as iPhone. The error message is as follows:

“This dialog is not available on this device. API Error Code: 4202. API Error Description: This dialog cannot be display on this device. Error Message: This method isn’t supported for this display type.

How to resolve this? Thanks.

Yes,It’s not working on iPhone or android.API Error Code: 4202 is related to facebook api.Main reason behind is facebook API not support this feature for mobile devices.They only offer support for desktop and their team is still working to add support for mobile.Unfortunately no alternate method is available to achieve this untill facebook add support for mobile.This official reply from facebook team. :-)

Only for sending invitation from mobile is not possible,but your user still receive invitations send by desktop version of fb,on their fb messenger and on their fb app instantly.

Hello friends,

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I just purchase this add on and how can I install it?

I install it but not working, please assist

It is ok now. But please make it workable on phone also?

Hello,facebook api never offer support for mobile,they are still working on this,that’s why social share option also included.

hi this scritp some user connot delet y

Hello friend,I never understand,what you want to say.Can you please explain in details?or please send email through contact from

i have installed this plugin when i click on invite fb friends not appear anything but when i click on Share This Website On Social Networks that work please can u fix ?? thxx

here is my web link [removed]

Done!Now,for security purpose,please change your admin password! :) And,if you like my work,please don’t forget to add 5 stars ratings! Thanks!have a nice day!

thanksss u Nice i have already 5 Stars For u thxx

Thanks for support! :-)

New update will available within 2-3 days with extra feature.stay tuned!☺

i can u me modfie the sngine package und affiliate feature ..

i will that if users invite new user they become coins for package booking

Facebook will not allow to use any afflicate links.If they will find that your website will involve in afflicate program which use their API,they will ban your website.So avoid such use of their feature in afflicate system!

Is this compatible with v 2.4.2?

yes! :)

I have to buy this but how i will install it in my site?

It’s very easy to install!In documentation,all necessary steps with help of screenshots are explained in details! :)

hy please can u help me again here is missing # check this pic

Hello friend,sorry for late reply!I was on vacation!You are using https:// on your website!As mention in documentation,please change all http:// including facebook url to https://.It will resolve your issue!If you still facing difficulty,plz send me your website’s ftp detailsHave a nice day!