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Great scraper. Pre-sale question: Can I export email address to CSV file?

yes you can


manneh Purchased

I bought and I can’t get it to work, can you help me out?

pm via support tab


manneh Purchased

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just try the demo. and you will see for yourself how it work. before you buy please check the demo plus description.

how I can upload data (name of participiants, phone, email and etc) from the facebook’s group? For example group A – 30000 members. We need to get all data this members (name, city, position, phone & etc). How we can make it?

Pm Via support for Support

Pre-sale question. How is the Scraper installed? on the toolbar? What about names?

Just install it on your server . The script comes with a simple documentation

Returns no results but does generate a TON of errors—Yeah!!!!!

which errors please. Pm Via support tab

Are you able to scrape public email addresses from members of a private group that I have already joined?

Pm via support tab. For help

Sent you a message … thank you

Is it possible scrape emails posted as a comments on group or page posts?... private and public groups that i have already joined!

Yes. PM via suport tab. for support

1. Is the script multi-user?

2. Can a registration and registration start page be established?

The script is public. i.e it does not have the login and registration .

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The demo seems not to be working

its working. Pm via support. for more support

I don’t think this is working properly or I am not using it right. I tried with 2 different unrelated groups and it returned the same emails.

I tried 2 different unrelated groups and the emails that were extracted were identical

It should work. maybe no public emails in the one of the group. plus the demo does show only the first 10 emails saved. but the count should update it self

They are both large groups. Over 5000 members. Someone has to have a public email. Maybe I did something wrong with the access token.

Does this application only scrape emails from groups that I admin/manage or can I scrape emails from groups that I am simply a member of (but do not admin)?

It does scrape from all groups not only those you are admin

Can you direct me to finding the ‘FB Access Token’? Will it be different for each group that I’m a member of?

The access token is universal. Used to for all the groups

Does this still work? Can you check on these demo groups? https://www.facebook.com/SaBloggers/ and let me know if it’s working https://www.facebook.com/groups/1584172785161839/?

yes it does work.

Please send me a demo based on that group?

Pm via support

I join the group with 100K+ members. Can the script scrape the members with just one scrape or need to be taken multiple times to get all the 100K+ members ?

Yes. it Can if the emails are public