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Hi there,

Real nice!

Is it possible to turn this plugin into a shortcode also?

Thanks, Any news on the shortcode development?

Will be available by this week :) will inform you as soon as its available :)

possible feed groups locked or private or i am part of it?

Hi there, the widget shows group post from any public groups only. Cheers!

any chance of getting facebook fanpage support as well?

Hi there, there’s have lots of free widgets available for facebook page like box. So you can show only facebook open group streams with our widget :). Cheers!

Hi Nice plugin! ¿Can I filter the stream from the facebook GROUP using a HASHTAG?

Thanks for contacting me. Sorry We don’t have this feature on our widget :(

Hi, great plugin! Is there a way to limit number of characters of posts showed? Sometimes post in groups are way too long and it makes widget too long. Thanks for your response.

yap possible and I have implemented and submitted to codecanyon. Hopefully they will notify you soon.

Let me know if I can help you in any other way :)


You are the best! Thanks!

Hello, Do you have the option to turn this plugin into a shortcode ? Thanks

How to fix it?

Warning: file_get_contents( [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request in /home/users/nameuser/public_html/wp-content/plugins/je_facebookGroupWidget/facebookGroupWidget.php on line 186


Thanks for buying the plugin. Can you email me a screenshot of your backend settings with group link.

Note: Facebook Group must have to be public.


hi themejunk,

what about users, which are logged in with their facebook-accounts (fia UserPro for example) and members of a closed group…. will it be possible for them to see posts of such a group???

thanks and sorry for my maybe stupid question.

Can you connect to multiple Facebook groups, or just one?

will this work in wix?

it’s a wordpress plugin widget :)

you can create php script with this… i know its a plugin for wordpress but im asking you if you can?

Sorry I don’t have the PHP version is ready -

but I believe it will be super easy to make the script run on php website.

If you want me to do it – Please contact me for a quote



This plugin is compatible with its current Facebook SDK?

Have photos or videos show shared in the group?

Hi! I have my private group I need to get the feed from. It’s a group related to the private membership website I have on WordPress. Do you reckon it will work fine when all conversations are private? As a close group I mean of course. Thanks!


Facebook API don’t provide private data. So it will not work.

Thank you!

Does this display facebook pages on websites?.

Not very good. Does not import pictures etc. generally look untidy in the sidebar.

does it work for hidden groups or just public groups?

Will this also display a feed from a Private and Hidden Facebook Group?