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ads are managed via admin and they show up on facebook?


hello Unfortunately, Live Preview is not !!!

Live preview is for my app which currenty have over 10k monthly active users. I will add later today a live preview for the admin panel.

Err, I need more details about what this does.

Ecards, memes.. My demo is Birthday Cards

Ecards, memes.. My demo is Birthday Cards

Ecards, memes.. My demo is Birthday Cards

Is it possible to add quiz like have… … Is in great demand now a days..

This is a gift app

Sorry this is not possible for the gift app.

i have a problem with the SEO URL .htaccess not show the cards

Dude I’ve just replied to 1 of your 7 emails. Please keep in mind that sending 7 emails within 5 hours won’t make me reply faster. Good morning!

when I click on a card, the link does not work, why?

I usually publish on my site or facebook fan page a congrats image… whith your script can i make something like i do but with person name like this?

Your published image will still appear big, and when clicked it will redirect to the app where all previous pics will appear. You will still need a photo editor to write on the pics. Have a look at my fb page and click on the minions post:

I can make it smaller but im asking….

If i make images without name the user who send it after add the name wishes can be show it on the name space

I’m not sure if I understood what you meant. Please have a look at the demo app to see it’s capabilities.

Can CPA offers be added to this? Or how is it monetized?

ADS banners are placed withing the app for both web and mobile versions. I’m not sure what CPA offers are, never tried them.

i demo admin panel added one image per upload , i need added multi photos

I will try to include this in coming update. Cheers!

do i need publish_Actions permissions for this app

No you don’t


i buy this script today and have two questions.

1. How can i change the password from the admin panel 2. How can i put a pagetab to my facebook site so the script shows in the frame tab of the facebook page

I hope you can help me.

Best regards Joachim

Go to fb developer dashboard, and set canvas fixed with to “NO”. I believe you accidentally set this to yes.

Ohhhhhh yes this is the problem. I dont know why i do this :) Thank you

You are welcome

when click on pics to send show blank page you can test it

i use your htaccess file what can i do ? and whats update contain ?

Check the documentation for the update. Check app settings inside admin panel for more info about htaccess file.

good , 5 star

Is the approval of the pictures “GIF”?

Sorry, please explain what do you mean

For example, if you publish a animated picture Example: Do you appear in the your Profile in the Post as “GIF”

This will work if you are sharing the absolute link for the gif image. With little modifications, you can have it working.

Is there any way to get this to work if I can’t reset permissions to 777? My host won’t allow me.

any way i can get this baby to work? we have an event next Thursday that I’d like to use it for.

Sorry for the late reply, had a very busy week. As I said, you need to have a folder where it accept image uploads. Can you email me your FTP details so I can have a look and try to find you a solution?

You got it!

I must own the application on FB? Can I run this app&script on my server and let the user connect to facebook?

You can remove the code where it asks the user to install the fb app and make it a standalone site, not connected to Facebook. The “send card” button will still open FB share popup but also without asking the user to install any app.

And am I able to retrieve user profile pictures, name, friends name and paste them on the birthday cards?

No sorry

I’m getting a blank page of FB after installing, any idea?

Please send me you app link so I can check.

Hello , i’m interested to buy your product , i’d like to know if it still working and if there is no actual block or restrictions from FB , i didn’t see any comments or updates since more than 7 Months Regards

Hello. The app is working. Check out the demo:


vasokun Purchased

i got some problems: 1. Blank page 2. Font erorrs 3. upload

4. how to show applications on Facebook from my website. This will increase traffic to my website?

please make very specific guide to fix these problems. i’m not good at that.


In which language is your app? You might have forgotten to set cmd 777 to upload folders for the images to work. Email me ftp details and I will look into it.


vasokun Purchased

- err 1: blank Page was solved. Expired SSL was caused that.

- err 2: my Language is Vietnamese

-err 3: when you don’t choose any image but you press uploading button. That error will be show.

- err 4: My category is no showing. link:

Need me sent FTP info ?

I think your app is a Great idea. but i have some question. I hope you are not annoyed by my sincere questions.

1. how to show applications on Facebook from my website. This will increase traffic to my website?

2. can you make the like box bigger? I think it’s quite small.

3. How to change SEO URL?

4. How to upload many images a times?

5. can you make more impressive header bar, please?

6. what size of images are optimized for showing?

so do i need a https instead of http ?