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very good work ! all the best for your sales ;)


Thanks so much Eric!

Hey, like your plugin. Got an pre-buy question? I would like to put in ads between pictures i gallery layout. Like this, picture – picture – ad – picture and so on. Do you get what i mean? Sort of an text window instead of an picture, so i can put a shortcode in there.

Hello AKNord,

Thanks, I appreciate that.

Include ads between gallery is not possible with plugin.

Only if you have a implementation, but is complex.

Thanks Raf

Ok, thx for the info and fast reply Raf. Could you do like this: First: select fb album 1 -> select pictures 1-10 -> get shortcode. Second: select fb album 1 -> select pictures 11-33 -> get shortcode. And when you do the post i could look like this: shortcode 1 (pictures 1-10), code for ad, shortcode 2 (pictures 11-33) and so on…

Hum, I got it.

Also it needs a individual implementation. get 11-33 pics, for example.

That’s a very individual situation.

Thanks Raf

Error installing my Facebook Plugin Gallery. How to solve this?

Error Message:

Fatal error: Class ‘RWMB_Core’ not found in /home/imhpicos/public_html/wp-content/plugins/facebook-gallery/meta-box/inc/loader.php on line 124

That’s weird.

Try to install by FTP.

If it does not work, please, can you email me with credentials to access the Wordpress control pane? rafasegat@gmail.com

Thanks Raf

Hi rafsegat,

To be honest, okay very strange even, because I found it strange this plugin has the size of only half of one (01) MB (594 kb), ie very small aquivo to the standard of these plugins, even thought tivessa given error while downloading and downloaded again!

What about trying to install the FTP, did it and the result was again error, now with the following message:

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class ‘RWMB_Core’ not found in /home/imhpicos/public_html/wp-content/plugins/facebook-gallery/meta-box/inc/loader.php:124 Stack trace: # 0 / home / imhpicos /public_html/wp-content/plugins/facebook-gallery/meta-box/inc/loader.php(22): RWMB_Loader-> init () # 1 / home / imhpicos / public_html / wp-content / plugins / facebook-gallery /meta-box/meta-box.php(6): RWMB_Loader -> __ construct () # 2 /home/imhpicos/public_html/wp-content/plugins/facebook-gallery/facebook-gallery.php(35): require_once ( ’/ home / imhpicos / ...’) # 3 /home/imhpicos/public_html/wp-admin/includes/plugin.php(1943): include ( ’/ home / imhpicos / ...’) # 4 / home /imhpicos/public_html/wp-admin/plugins.php(164): plugin_sandbox_scrape ( ‘facebook-galler …’) # 5 {main} thrown in / home / imhpicos / public_html / wp-content / plugins / facebook-gallery /meta-box/inc/loader.php on line 124

Note: Of course I’m not satisfied with what is happening, more like very much to count on their support in resolving this issue as quickly as possible. Because otherwise I will delay my client’s site delivery.

He did not like to do this, I will go through e-mail, access information Wordpress installation that customer, for you take a look at what’s acpntecendo.


Jean Leal

Hi Jean,

Just answer you on email.

Thanks Raf


csavu7 Purchased


1) Can I get the feed from a single album only? 2) Does it feed the page automatically as I add pictures to the FB album?

Thank you


Thanks for your message.

1) Yes, you can. You can place a Page Album or User Album. Here is a good example: http://facebook-gallery.rafsegat.com/single-album-page/

2) Yes, it does. The plugin get the photos automatically of Facebook.

Thanks Raf


csavu7 Purchased

Just to be clear, I install it once and it Auto Syncs with Facebook so I never have to click a button to add photos to my website?

All I need to do is add pictures in the FB album, right?



Yes! Its load the Facebook photos automatically.

Thanks Raf

Great plugin, but I’m missing something. Maybe there is an easy fix for it… The social share buttons inside the lightbox! On a smartphone you can’t share something through the standard share buttons on the front.. Can you help me with this?


The url is: www.gedichtenvanmij.nl It’s a dutch site.What I really would like is the same social share buttons inside the lightbox. And I will rate the plugin for you.


Thanks so much Comptimus.

That’s a special implementation. The plugin still does not support social share buttons on lightbox.

So I will add it to next release. Sounds good?

Thanks Raf

Sounds great!

Interested in buying but had a question. Can you put your albums on the site in categories and have the album title outside of the picture box? So you can view the title of the album without hovering over the picture?

i added the plugin short code [facebook-gallery id=”1437”] to the page I created http://www.liquified.com/photos/ and i’m getting an error that says “Facebook Gallery says: An unknown error has occurred.”


Did you configured correctly?

If you need, just send me your credentials and I configure it for you. Email me: rafasegat@gmail.com

Thanks Raf

sent you an email

, Will this work with the video library too? Thanks

Hi clonemonkey

Thanks for your interest on Facebook Gallery.

Yes! It will show the videos great!

Thanks Raf


janesm Purchased

I just purchased and installed the plugin. When clicking on an image to view in lightbox, the images are shifted far to the right of the screen and only shows part of the photos. The only browser in which this works correctly is IE. It is not working correctly in Chrome, Mozilla, or Edge. Here’s the URL: http://retreattcl.com/retreat-store-gallery/

Hi janessm,

Thanks so much for your purchase. I’m really glad to help you.

Oh, it’s very weird. Never happen before.

I need make some changes on code, so can you send me a temporary credentials to access the control panel? You can send to rafasegat@gmail.com

Thanks so much Raf


after the activation I get the following error:

Fatal error: Class ‘RWMB_Core’ not found in /var/www/clients/client27/web58/web/neu/wp-content/plugins/facebook-gallery/meta-box/inc/loader.php on line 124

Hi Huaba

Thanks so much for your purchase. I will do my best to support you.

Did you install by FTP or Wordpress console?

Thanks Raf

I tried both

Hi Huaba

Can you send me the credentials to access the control panel on email? I’ll fix it.


Thanks Raf


Can I exclude albums by its id from showing on the gallery?

Hello Thionix,

Thanks so much for your purchase.

Sorry but this feature still is not available.

Thanks Raf

Hello, I am running into caption issues. Why doesn’t the caption stay contained inside the box like automatically wrap around, so it doesn’t go outside the image? Check this page for example.


Thanks for an awesome product, left a 5 * review :)

Hello Jcapehart2

Thanks so much for your purchase and review. I’m really glad about that.

As I can see the caption is not displaying because the photo on FB there is no caption. Can you see it?

Thanks do much! Raf

Hi rafsegat,

I made two clients of me buy the two plugins that you developed the ‘FACEBOOK GALLERY” and “INSTAGRAM PORTFOLIO”.

I’m facing a little problem that i want to ask you if is possible to you assistme me.

Let’s go :

1 – First in the INSTAGRAM PORTFOLIO you have a Small Icon from Instagram in the middle from every photo but in facebook don’t have that. How can i put the facebook icon like you INSTAGRAMPORTFOLIO?

2 – I want the like icon on facebook, it is marked to show but is not showing.

Thanks i’m waiting you answer

1 – Here is the URL : http://www.agenciabravos.com.br/atmosphera/

obs – is in the foot

2 – The second the like icon “the hand doing a like” in the demo from you plugin have in mine don’t have!

Hi wavrik,

Do you have the purchase code? Your account shows that you didn’t purchase the plugin.


Yes i have rafset

I’m sending to you to the private message or give me you e-mail!

Oh sorry, don’t have here a private message give me you e-mail plz!

Hi Rafael,

Thanks for answer me in your youtube channel, i have a pre-sale questions: can i put more galleries (like 100) and each gallery could be of a different facebook page? – im making a store directory website and i need an independient facebook gallery for each store.

thanks :)

Hi elipr17

Yes, you can. You can place shortcodes with different parmeters each page.

Thanks Raf

I cannot get this to display my page timeline feed when selected. The other two options work. The timeline just spins the preloader.

Also, the likes aren’t showing?


Insert this CSS snippet indie your CSS file.

.seg-rfkt-description {
    -webkit-box-sizing: border-box;
    -moz-box-sizing: border-box;
    box-sizing: border-box;

Should work fine :)

That worked. Awesome. Although the likes aren’t showing.

Nice, good sales

Thanks st1s!


davidmoon Purchased

I still cannot get the likes to show.

Hello davidmoon,

Can you send the URL website where the plugin is placed?



davidmoon Purchased

Also, any suggestion on changing the size and line height of the text? Other than those few things, I’m ready to go.