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actually application is not yet submitted, once submitted then there is no problem, also its not facebook policy violation

can you explain me about your this message ?

yes , my opinion – it is not a necessary thing

The idea is good but the coordinates are visible from the source code :)

yeah very hard to judge the place even then

So, is it violating policies or no? Also, why there is no squeeze final page to enter an email or something?

There are no facebook policy violation, we are grabbing email as well, you can take a look in admin user:admin pass:admin786

you can click on detail icon you can see the email address, only hiding on list view

I am Facebook & Social Media Marketing Coach and I coach freelancer and developer how to use Facebook and other social network for marketing for their clients. I would love to you share your work with our learners and clients. Please like us

Let me know your website and we can promote in our page.

Please sign-up at our developer community :



Hi Suvsah,

I have signed up on your developer community site.

Thanks Imran

ok Thanks

Hi m8 nice app :)

I’d like to know if we can work and make a custom version of your app for a client (more items and some other stuff) if you are interested pm me


Hi yeah sure you can tell me what customization you needed, you can email me customization details, I will work on it for sure.

Thanks Imran

Is it possible to embed this on a website ( wordpress ) ?

no, however we can make it possible if we make some customizations

Your app clearly violates the Facebook policy. there is no option to decline.

Facebook says…. “It’s against our policy for an app or game to ask to access your info or post on your behalf without giving you the option to decline.”

Facebook says…. “If the app or game continues to ask for your info and doesn’t let you cancel the request, please report it.”

HI, Thanks for informing, I will fix this in next update, thanks

Click an object, get an advertisement? I don’t get it. What exactly is the point of this thing?

This is a user engagement contest, where you need to get rewarded if someone reveal the hidden product.

I cant see demo Do you sell this app ???

Hello, I am interested in this, however, can you create more than one item hidden in the scene (map code)? I need to show a different piece of information with each item they find.

Thanks, kae


I have sent you email as well about it


Hi, I liked your app, but I need it bit customized. Please let me know if you can customize it and install on my page, anticipating quick response, thanks

Hi, Sure you can send me details of your customization. you can email me details at

Thanks Imran

Hi, did you get my email, please respond to it at the early with next course of action. thanks

I have just replied

Hi, I purchased your app yesterday, my purchase code is – 1322e404-2fce-45c4-b65a-cc0ccd373a9d. Please let me know the procedure to install it in local wamp server. Thanks and anticipating early response.

Hi, Its Facebook Application, it work on a live sever, I have added the installation guide inside the documentation, you can follow it and install,



i already pruchase your product

and i have 1 question for you can i use this facebook-find-reveal-game-application on multi site and multi facebook pages??

please tell me how to use this facebook-find-reveal-game-application on multi site and facebook pages thank you

well the license you have purchase is for one site installation, if you want to use it for multiple places then you will go the extended version

I have Bought Your Reveal Game and I have Installed on my server but the game not working Please Help

when will this be fixed you said a day and two now already past 5 days ???


Hi, I was not healthy is last few days, I will try to fix it ASAP Thanks