Facebook Fans Bulk Inboxer

Facebook Fans Bulk Inboxer

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  This Software Is revolutionary, the world’s very first, Pimpliest, and most powerful Facebook Messenger marketing software.
The magic part of Facebook Page BulkSender is to send a promotional message to pages (old & new messenger leads), where all other services allow sending only non-promotional messages & new leads…

Full Options and Features:

* Easy and Secure log in using ( 4 Methods ):
- Login Using User and Password
- Login Using NOX Emulator
- Login Using Chrome
- Login Using Access Tokens

* Multi Messaging Options:
- Sending Text or Image
- Sending Links
- Customize the First Name or Full
- Add Dates and Time
- Text or Image Priority

* Scrape All mobile and Emails from Clients Chat inbox
* Start, Pause and Stop The campaign
* Delay Option For Each Message Sent.
* Multilingual Support
* 1 Click Installation
* Auto Software Update icon

Once Purchased Drop us a message, Auto reply email will reach you including

- Your Lifetime Registration Code
- Support Ticket
- After Registration, you can Use Software.
- Unlimited Usage