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Events not showing up in the calendar

A: Following one might be the cause and a solution
  1. You might not have an event in your facebook page/group or profile, try setting up a test event and set your plugin cache setting to few seconds to test the calendar.
  2. The event is not public as plugin uses Graph API to fetch the events which requires events to be available for public view and RSVP. Try setting up test event like in step 1 to test things out
  3. You don’t have valid access token. Try to get one as per instruction. (Default access token is fine, but its recommended that you set your own APP access token)
  4. The APP don’t have been approved for “user_events” permission. If you are the one who setup the access token and its your profile id that you are trying to show attending events of, try replacing your ID with me. String me is equivalent to user id of granted access token with no requirement of special permission. If you want to show events of different profile, you will require to get approved for “user_events” permission for the app.

Calendar shortcode doesn’t work?

The calendar is rendered using Javascript. And if your theme has javascript error of some kind, the calendar may not render. Check the browser console to see what the problem is or get technical help from someone who knows how things work.

Can I show events from other’s Facebook page?

Yes. The plugin can show events from other Facebook Page. But make sure the page owner has no problem letting you show them on your calendar. Also make sure the events are public.

How many Facebook Page should I include per calendar?

It would be normal to use 1-5 Facebook Page. But that would depend on your server capacity. Multiple page means multiple requests to be made via graph api to serve the calendar events. It’s best if you do hit and test the response speed that would not affect your visitor’s browsing experience.

The calendar was working yesterday but not today!

Your access token might have expired. Facebook has set of time for a access token to expire. The plugin attempts to renew the access token before it expires but that might not always happen so you may require to renew your access token on your own by going to FB Calendar setting page.

Do I need to setup my own Facebook APP to use this plugin?

Its completely optional to have you setup your own Facebook Application. But its recommended so you can manage your app on your own.

The plugin is bundled with default access token that would not expire and works good in 95% of installations.

Leave the APP ID, APP Secret and Access Token fields empty if you choose not to setup your own.

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