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Did you receive my support request? Sent you an email last Sunday that the plugin does not work the way it should although I set it up as described in the documentation. When can I expect to receive an answer? Proper function is urgently needed as my client gradually becomes impatient.

I have also requested support and never heard anything. This will be my third time in over a month to try to get help with the same issue.

Cannot wait any longer for response. I’ve paid for proper function and support, so I requested a refund.

Check your refund request response

Hi, I would like to display events that are postet/linked to the fb wall of the groups (not published as event type in fb). Is it possible to grab these posts and display them on my website? And is it possible to use multiple instances on different wp pages, because I am managing multiple fb groups.

Hi Union Web,

This plugin doesn’t process wall feeds so having it link back to group feed post than the event is not possible as that would different Facebook API calls.

Hello, I enter the Token. After a few hours all the events are gone and I have to register the tolken again. What can i do? thx

Is this multisite compatible?

Yes.. but you would need to activate plugin and authorize with facebook account on all sub sites.

Hi, is possible to:

show all future events without having to move from month to month in the calendar?

show categories

resize images

I’ve already purchased the plug in. I would love to get it configured to what I need.

Where can I find the instructions to setup the Facebook app. I am linking to a private group.

Hey wppress! Great plugin. I just purchased this and I have a couple quick questions.

1) Fonts are a little small. I’m trying to adjust the font sizes of the text via the editor, but not having any luck. Any direction? 2) I have a main page, thebottleshoppe, so I’m thinking to use the calendar based on the separate locations. However, the calendar does not show the full name, but rather shows The Bottle Shoppe without include the remainder of the name (ie. Long Beach, Sylmar, etc). Any help there as that feature would be very important to distinguish the locations. 3) Trying to remove EVENTS THIS MONTH heading via the editor, but same problem as 1. Any direction there?

Thanks in advance.


Dape12 Purchased

Hi, i have translated the plugin with poedit. But still is not working. What iam doing wrong?


watou Purchased

Is there anything I can do to either 1) speed up the time between the display of “NO EVENTS THIS MONTH” and the population of the calendar, or, in the alternative, 2) replace the phrase “NO EVENTS THIS MONTH” with a message that events are being retrieved/searched/etc.? It can take a few seconds for the message to be replaced with events, so in the meantime users are confused. There ought to be two messages—one that says messages are being retrieved (or similar phrasing), and in the case there were no messages after the AJAX call, then the existing NO EVENTS message. Thank you for any advice or information.

Hello ,

I have directory site with different clubs. Is your plugin support option that I can put events in widget for each club? That I can put shortcode with link from that event in widget.


dantef Purchased

I cannot seem to find any spot where I can edit the CSS to adjust the text size for this plugin when using the List View on the Calendar. Has anyone had any luck with this?

Is there anyhow possible to make the module load events faster sometime it takes too long. if i have it on cache.

please contact via profile with your purchase code for support

Hi, I’ve bought the plugin and I am looking for a possibility to show all future events without having to move from month to month in the calendar? Very goog will be a paging or a limiter (show max events e.g.) Is this possible?

Hey There. I sent a support email request in several days ago and have not heard back? I cannot authorize the plugin though Facebook. I keep getting an error when attempting to authorize the plugin.

Please contact with wp-admind details via my profile so I can check.

I have not heard back from my support request. I have requested a refund, but I would rather have this work if possible. It has been over a week since I submitted my support request.

The plug in works if viewed in google chrome but if I try to view in internet explorer it does not work. I am also getting the following error when I view the event in google chrome-

The Google Maps API server rejected your request. Invalid request. Unexpected parameter ‘safe’.

Please correct your wp setup as your wp-admin is being redirected to and the plugin uses wp-admin/admin-ajax.php for requests.

The plugin is working fine in all browsers

Thanks you for the reply that has corrected my issued, I do appreciate the fast repsonse.

How can I adjust text size and change bg colours etc?