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servti Purchased

Hello, I have a problem with the dates view. In facebook the event is for Sunday and my my blog appears for Monday. How to correct?

Could you give us your Facebook page, URL of your website and the FTP to email tivatheme@gmail.com ? We will fix it.

Can we use only the list style on my home page? We dont want to show the calendar, is that possible? let me know before we purchase


Unfortunately, we have not enough resource, so we can’t implement custom work now. We will inform you when we are available.

We upload the plugin and change the ID but none of my events are not showing.. only the demo event… what should i do??

Could you give us your Facebook Page, website URL and FTP to email tivatheme@gmail.com ? We will check it.


darrsum Purchased

Hi, does this work in a shortcode ie can I add facebook page id in a shortcode to display calendar?


darrsum Purchased

Oh sorry, just saw my own answer in the description page, LOVELY!

hi, I’d like to Know why events are not visible on the calendar neither list. I already tested the plugin wirth same Fb page_id and it works but in this case it’s not. why? this is the web…: http://www.corefab.it , scroll in the middle of the page… thanks

any reply pls? thanks

Could you give us your FTP to email tivatheme@gmail.com ? We will investigate and fix it.


ocat Purchased

Hello, I have a problem with the plugin… it isn’t showing any events it just shows the loading gif. Can you help me? www.buspc.pt

Could you give us your FTP to email tivatheme@gmail.com ? We will fix it.


On this page, the schedule was displayed, and it simply does not carry anything.


What could have happened?

When have you bought the product? If over 6 months, the support is expired. We don’t see the support tag for you on this product.

I’m interested in buying this plugin but honestly I’m a bit concerned over that last message. Someone has a problem with the plugin not working and your first response is to make sure their support isn’t expired. I’m concerned about customer service.

As Envato policy, if you buy the product, you will have 6 months product support. In this period, we will support you if have problem with product. Over this time (the support is expired), you need buy more for support.

I just wish to understand if the Facebook events will automatically be added via the plugin. What is important for me is that my website has a clear list of ‘past events’ as well as future events. It would be a lot of work if this is not automatically synced.

Hi. The Facebook events not be added via the plugin. The plugin only display events from your Facebook page.

My plugin is not working correctly. The shortcode is installed and has the proper page ID but is not showing any events,either past or future.


Could you give us your FTP to email tivatheme@gmail.com ? We will fix it.

Unfortunately, I am not allowed to give outside access to websites we build for security reasons. If you can give us the instructions, we will be happy to fix the issue ourselves.

Ok. So could you contact us to email tivatheme@gmail.com ? We will give you the instruction to detect and fix the problem.

I have this plugin installed on http://www.gclmovement.com/event-calendar/ and it is for some reason not loading. Please help. Thanks. FYI… It did load when I first installed it.

Hi. Could you give us your FTP to email tivatheme@gmail.com ? We will fix it.

Can the kalender date start on MONDAY instead of SUNDAY? This is very crucial for us, let me know..

I try but it is not going good: [tiva-facebook-events-calendar page_id=”mypage” layout=”full” start_date=”monday” initial_view=”calender” switch_button=”hide” max_events=”100”]

Can yo please help me, is not going good.. we really need it!

Could you give us your website URL and FTP to email tivatheme@gmail.com ? We will check it.

Hello Where (what file) can i change language terms from standard english? (english) date -> (german) Datum (english) prev Month -> (german) vorheriger Monat

Thank you for your support – Mathias

Hi. To do it, you need translate text on file wp-content/plugins/tiva-facebook-events-calendar/assets/js/calendar.js (line 2 – 20).


Pre sale question

Does your plugin works with my own Facebook page or group?

Any other group? What if I have 2 groups?

Where I can read documentation about plugin?



- The plugin works with your Facebook page.

- Each calendar only feed events from 1 Facebook page.

- You can contact us to email tivatheme@gmail.com. We will send documentation to you.

Best regards,

Hi, is it possible for this plugin to show multiple facebook pages?

Hi. Unfortunately, it is impossible. Each calendar only display events from 1 Facebook page.

Would it be possible for me to get a refund? I am in search of a plugin that is capable of displaying events from multiple pages. I am happy to answer any questions you may have for me.

Unfortunately, it is impossible. You need investigate about feature of product carefully before purchase. We can’t refund for customer with reason that the product not suite with his demand.

Hello, I just purchased the plugin and I can’t get the full or list view calendar to work. It’s just sitting there loading. Can you help me please?

Hello. Could you give us your website URL and FTP to email tivatheme@gmail.com ? We will check it.

Dear sir, I used your app, it is very nice and interesting. But i have some problems. It doesnt look nice on the mobile devices like Iphone7. Is any solution?

Could you give us your website URL?

The problem because the width of your website is quite small on mobile, and the Rusian event name is long to break work (for example: Υποβρύχιες), so the calendar is over of your website. To fix the problem, need implement custom work: on mobile view, change the layout of calendar to compact. We can help you to do it if you give us the FTP to email tivatheme@gmail.com.

Don’t have any documentation with the download. Could I have it please?

Hi. The documentation is already on your purchased package. It is folder named documentation. Please open it then open file index.html by browser.

There is no documentation folder in the package downloaded from Codecanyon

Hi: We have a licensed copy of Facebook Event Calendar that has been working well for a couple of years. As of two days ago the access token keeps disappearing. This morning I noticed a plugin update. When I tried to install it through WP, it failed and I was directed to download it from the site, searching the site, I am unable to find the update download link anywhere. Please advise. Thanks in advance for your help.

We have checked. This license key is not our product. And 1 more thing, the latest version of this product is 1.5, not 4.9.9. So you may misunderstand about the product. Please check the name and author of product which you have bought. Sometimes, some products have same name. Our username is tiva_theme. Please check the author of the product you have bought.

This is a link to the plugin that I purchased on your site https://codecanyon.net/item/facebook-events-calendar-wordpress-plugin/9855120. If you scroll to the bottom you will see the version says 4.9.0. My error is asking for version 4.9.9.

It is not our product ! You can see the author of the product is wppress (We are tiva_theme). You must post comment here: https://codecanyon.net/item/facebook-events-calendar-wordpress-plugin/9855120/comments

Hi guys sorry to be a pain however just purchased this item however it doesnt provide the correct functionality required, and has not been updated to do so in a fair while. I have to get my clients site live today so please can you deactivate the licence code and refund?

Again sorry to be a pain

Thank you

Hi. Unfortunately, we can’t refund for you with this reason. You need investigate about feature of product carefully before purchase it.

I’m trying to setup my calendar but for some reason I just get the .gif spinning and does not load. What is the solution to this? I’m also not going to be able to give you the FTP access. That seems to be your first thing you ask for.

I think the page is age restricted at this time and that is what is causing the issue.

Could you give us your website URL to check?