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hello, I encounter installation problems. I have sent you an email Purchase Date: 2016-11-08 06:29:34 UTC Thanks

We have replied you via email. You can check it.

very effective support! thanks

hello where I can translate the dates in my language (in List mode)

Hello. You can do it by tranlating text in file assets/languages/en.js

hello, how can you in the event list, reverse the order dates, displaying top the nearest date?

This function is already available on current version. Could you check it again?

Is it possible to limit the number of events displayed in the List View? For example we would want to have the list view of ‘upcoming events’ in a sidebar on our homepage and display the next 3 events. But then we would have a separate page to display the full monthly calendar. Is this possible?

Hi c2it. Unfortunately, it is not possible for current version.

Ok, thank you. We really need that feature because it will make the homepage much too long if every upcoming event is displayed in the list.

“when i include the app in list mode as an iframe, clicking an event scrolls the iframe back up to the top. but when i include it without using an iframe, it doesn’t scroll back to the top of the widget when i click an events in list mode. how can i make it scroll up until the back button is visible when i click an event in list view?”

Hi producerguy101. We don’t understand your idea. Coud you give us your website to see example directly?

This is the page – http://www.singinharmony.org/northern-california/events/

When using the frame scroll bar and click on event it takes you nice and lovely to top of the event page.

If you scroll using the browser scroll bar and click on event further down the list it takes you to the bottom of an event page. Often you can’t see the photo or in some cases nothing at all and have to scroll up to see event info.

Hope this makes sense.

Yes, it is apparent. When you use browser scroll, the position of cursor on browser will be kept. Before click, the height of frame (event list) is long. After click, the height of frame (event detail) is short. So you need scroll up to see event. To overcome this problem, you need modify code. In file assets/js/calendar.js, search function n_showEventDetail(), on the end of this function, add javascript code to scroll up to top of page.

My mistake, sorry, please remove this post.

Ok, never mind.

My mistake, sorry, please remove this post.

Ok, never mind.

Could you give us the FTP to email tivatheme@gmail.com ? We will check it.

Hi, i have just sent you a mail with some questions. Kind regards, Ralph (purchase date 7-1-2017)

Hi Ralph. We have answered it. You can check your email.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Could you give us the FTP to email tivatheme@gmail.com ? We will check it.


lassard Purchased

Hello guys! Could You please tell me about calendar settings. I see some possibilities in code of switching the first day of week? Sunday or Monday How can I properly set the value I need? e.g. ‘Monday’ as 1st day of week


lassard Purchased

I found a solution. You should add this to docs page. To change first day of week you need to add data-attribute: data-start=”monday” to calendar container div.

Thank for your suggestion. We will update it.

I purchased your Facebook Events Calendar for PHP. Awesome Script!

I do need some assistance. When I am in “List” view, the calendar dates are shown in descending order (March 30, March 29, March 28, etc.). Is it possible to change to view in ascending order (March 28, March 29, March 30, etc.)?

Please advise, Thanks, Tim

Hi. To change this operation, you need implement custom work: modify function n_sortEventsByDate() on file assets/js/calendar.js.

Am I seeing double, is this a standalone as well as a Facebook events manager? or are the two one and the same?

So this uses the Events calander on a Facebook Page, Group or Profile?

errr – the output is what then? You cannot put the content into a fixed DIV and then add a scroll bar for fixed sized pages?

Yes you can… CSS }

.n-tiva-event-list {
   padding: 15px;
   background: #eeeeee;
   display: none;
   height: 400px;
   overflow: hidden;
   overflow-y: auto;

it works with your demo perfectly.

I will be buying, just want to know which one is going to be best, or is there a dual option to have either or versions.


valteke Purchased

Hello I installed the script but what i am noticing in the list view is it shows old and out dated events is there a way to stop them from showing events from yesterday back etc? I just purchased so it could be a setting i missed.

Hello. To do it, you need implement custom work: modify function n_showEventList() on file assets/js/calendar.js.

Hi,Great job!!!!

Is it possible to post events from multiple pages at once?

Hi. Unfortunately, it is impossible.

ok, no problem, thanks

Hi I have tried uploading the Zip plug in file (the one inside the main zip) to my WP site. It says

“The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.”

Please advise or send me a new file.


Hi. It is PHP version, so you can’t use for your WP site. You need use the WP version: https://codecanyon.net/item/facebook-events-calendar-for-wordpress/15597239

Can I exchange it for the WP version? I have no use for a PHP one :’(

To do it, you need follow these steps:
- Purchase the Wordpress version (https://codecanyon.net/item/facebook-events-calendar-for-wordpress/15597239).
- Rating 5 star for Wordpress version (to let us know you have bought).
- Create refund request for this PHP version. We will refund for you.

I installed the script, and it runs without issue, only i can’t seem to get it to display in list view

yet it states in cal mode, when i hit the button for list view it switchs. Just won’t open as default.

pls advise…

Hi. To make the default view is list view, you only need use param data-view=”list” on html shortcode:
<div class="tiva-events-calendar full" data-view="list" data-switch="show">