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Am i right in assuming this can only be used for posts that belong to facebook pages?

You are wrong, you can use this short code from any post on Facebook that you set as public, or other people/pages have set as public. Right now you could create a post on your personal profile, then embed it on your website.

It also supports multiple on one page.

Hope this helps Tim

Hello, i have always to copy past with shortcodes, or i can make it relation with specific page on FB so when i create a post on facebook i come auto post in my website blogs ??

Currently right now Facebook does not have an API for embedding posts but this is something that possibly could be done in a future update when Facebook gives more access.

Currently right now you paste the post url into the short code and it embeds the post quite nicely :)

No problem

does the app require SSL?

There is no backend it is a simple shortcode. Type in a shortcode, pass in a url and you have you Facebook embedded post.

It is not just for personal profiles. It is for ANY public post.

so what’s the difference in pasting the shortcode and pasting the embed code that facebook gives you? (except the shortcode being shorter)

Some of the benefits are – The plugin includes the fb script once. Not every time you want to embed a post. This is far cleaner in the long run. Another – since this is such an early release of a product from Facebook, it is bound to change. If it does, it only needs to be updated in one place rather than how many times you you embedded it through the love of your blog or website. When Facebook allows configuration/design tweaks it will all be handled through the plugin.

So in the end it has some immediate benefits and some also in the future.

Coming from a coding perspective – you have to think to yourself, am I going to use this same piece of code once? Or more than once. If its more than once, this plugin is the way to go. If you are only going to embed one time ever, this plugin might not be for you.

Hope this helps, Tim

Hello, the .zip file wasn’t included in my download. Can you help?

Hi PMyers21, the zip file downloaded from codecanyon is the plugin.

If you have any questions just let me know.


Ya, ive downloaded it 3 times and dont see the .zip file anywhere

Private message me so I can send it to your email. That is really weird.


Will this work for wordpress self-hosted blogs?

Indeed it will :)

Assuming this is as simple as copying the url of the post? Definitely sounds like an easier way of embedding especially on mobile.

It is that simple :) thanks for the comment

Does this import a Facebook message as a Wordpress post?

Hi urbanwed,

No it does not. This plugin provides you a shortcode in which you paste the Facebook post URL to embed on the page and it does the magic for you.

Awesome one !! I like it :D Again !! Good Luck With Sales

Thank you very much!

If I activate this plugin in my self hosted WP then will it add Facebook comment box for all old and new future posts automatically or I have to go to add some shortcode and it will show this facebook comments box?

This shortcode will not embed a facebook comments widget. It embeds the facebook embed widget.

Facebook comments box is another widget.

Ok. Why embed a embeded widget? Anyway.. you help me with right link?

The plugin allows you to quickly and easily embed facebook posts, without including all the facebook junk every time.

I have to insert a code for each facebook post? Or can I automatically show all my recent post in wordpres??

This is to show one specific post. If you have any other questions, please let me know.

Awesome plugin!, is there a way to make it responsive? because I noticed it does not flex on smaller screens at all. Thank you!

Hello! Sorry for the late reply I was out of the country. Unfortunately, no those styles and layout come right from Facebook.


Is it possible with this plugin that you can show all posts of a public site and after for example the 10 latest posts you have a link at the bottom which says “show more” ?

is it also possible to only show posts withing 2 given dates? Thank you in advance! Regards, Nina

I need this plugin. Is it up to date with FB?

Hello jeffreysummers, it is indeed up to date with Facebook.


I have those questions about your plugin…

- Can feeds be trasformed in posts? – Can I have images likes the originals files on my sites and not likes a thumbnails on the left? – Can the plugin works with a FB page?

Thanks. :)

Before I buy. Is this current with all of Facebooks new changes? This allows me to post one specific post into my blog?

Does this plugin have a slideshow option before i buy?