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Should def make one for bitcoins

Thank you for your suggestion.

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Looks very good, tell me would I be able to use it with Kingdom theme and Woozone to sell products on Facebook?


Not on this version. We will have to update it first as the latest WP version that this plugin works with is 3.3.

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Does this accept payment in INR (Indian Currency)? If so, which payment gateway does it support in INR? PayUMoney.com?

You will have to use it with WordPress 3.3 since that is the latest version that with this plugin.

Will this work with Woo Zone affiliate products?

Hi, it will not work with WooZone.

Does it require WooCommerce or it works itself? thanks

wp 3.3 or higher, right?

Unfortunately not. WordPress 3.1, 3.2 or 3.3 max.

ahji ahi ahi :( :( And u not have in plan to update it? Not found around another solution like yours! bit can’t use this because all may install are updated

Is it multilingual? I need to run it in Greek. What is the difference between this plugin and Social Woocomece plugin, also by Envato? How does it compare with Storeya facebook store? Thanks

It works with the latest version of WordPress / WooCommerce? Do you have any examples that I can see?

It doesn’t work with the latest version of WP and WooCommerce.

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Thank you if they upgrade and go to work with the latest version of WooCommerce let me know, I buy. :-)

Can you get this to work with WooCommerce ?

IS this plugin for facebook store on facebook or a store on the website that connects to facebook- i looking at the dashboard etc and it doesn’t look like this is a store on facebook where people can check out on facebook or am i totally missing something. I was expecting to be able to build a store on facebook not on the site since we have woo commerce….

i bought this product and installed after installing activation code is required. but i cant find it.

what happend to this product??

you wanna buy this product???

thanks!! i found activation code. but there is another problem.

i input activation code and my mail address in activation screen.


and then i click button (activate now). and white screen appeared.

i cant activate.

maybe i think my environment is not good.

pls check it. access below http://be-cle.jp/seeria/wp/wp-admin/admin.php?page=aaShop

id and pass of wordpress id:wpmaster pass:shohei4230$

my activationcode 6b6a3fa9-4f71-4314-98e0-c6f0f7b01a3c my email address be-cle@gk2.so-net.ne.jp

why??? i wanna activate!!!

pls help meeeee!!

i solved this problem by myself. i changet string in this program.


i think this is bug.

if you have same trouble, replace home_url to site_url in all program under plugins/facebook-ecommerce-shop

we can see face shop in mobile phone

do you have a live demo?

Unfortunately no.

what happen when someone wants to buy your goods on FB, they get redirect to your domain fopr checkout or FB process transaction?

They get redirected. Keep in mind that this plugin was not updated in a long time and you will need an old version of WordPress to run this plugin.

pry-querry : if have a multi vendor woocommerce, does your add-on function fine to export each vendor’s products to his facebook page ? or not work with multi vendors, I hope any solution for that purpose there.

Do you have a plan to update this plugin with woocommerce 3.0.1?

You should take this down. I bought it and the files are empty. I would like my money back.