Facebook E-Commerce and Marketing Solution

Facebook E-Commerce and Marketing Solution

Facebook Sells and Marketing Solution with Facebook bot, mass messaging,Scraper and customer chat in website feature

Selling on Facebook has never been easier, faster, or more scalable. COX is the leading ecommerce platform chosen by today’s entrepreneurs.

COX is a facebook messenger bot that allow you to sell your product from your facebook page and website. COX is also the tool for marketing on facebook. Currently facebook messenger has 1.2 billion monthly active users. Most of the E-commerce companies have started selling their products via facebook messenger. To make the selling process easy and automated we have developed a software that will auto answer your customer’s query, allow them to browse product in messenger, see the details of products and they can pay via paypal. On the other hand you can see your earning analytics, manage order,products and customers from admin dashboard. The integrated facebook scraper helps you to find page, place, event, group and user on facebook according to your query.

Facebook Mass Messaging

0 cost marketing!

Why Messenger Marketing with Mass Messaging?

Ads with $0

Reach your customer without any cost

Inbox Rate 100%

Undoubtedly the message delivery rate is 100%

80 – 92% Open Rate

Email marketing has an open rate of
25 – 47% where messenger has an
open rate of 80 – 92%

Highest CTR

Get the highest Click Through Rate by using mass messaging

Be connected

Sent greetings, newsletters, promotions etc. to your customers

Customer Feedback

Very easy way for getting customer feedback

Unlimited Messages

There is no limit how many messages you can sent

Increase Blog Post Reach

Written a new blog post, sent to your customers through mass messaging

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Test on messenger : Click here

Test admin panel here
Demo : Click Here
User :
Password : 123456

Key Features

  • Sell your product via facebook page and website
  • Smart bot system
  • See earning history and analytics
  • Manage customer,order and product
  • Label exclusive products as featured products.
  • Auto send payment voucher to customer after receiving payment.
  • PayPal integration
  • Facebook scraper
  • Send mass message to your customers
  • Manage multiple facebook page


  • SSL
  • pages_messaging permission approval