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Nice app. :) Does this app require SSL certificate ? $16 seems overpriced to me :( Good luck with sales.

I really like this app.

Thanks for the comment, SSL is required from facebook End, regarding price it is given by code canyon, and I think it is fine

I don’t know about the pricing thing much. Only purchased a few items here. Hoping to try your item in near future. :)

ok sure

Great layout! Question? Can it create multiple apps (FB Tabs) for different pages? i.e. lets say the user (client) want to run more than one offer, can we add multiple apps?

Hi, Yes its possible for this I need to customize the script, You can purchase it and then send me details through email, i will give you updated script

I send 3 emails to you a few days ago, please let me know if you will help me??

Hi, I have missed your last email, I am working on it

Please, let me know when you have a solution. Thanks

sent you email.

looks like settings issue, its quick fix

Please check your email.. Thanks!

I have replied you, looks like some config issues in app settings


Quick question—Would I be able to make more than one map coordinate ID if I buy this?

Thanks, kae

Hi, Yes you can make it more than one map on single image thanks

Uygulaman?z? ald?k Sayfada sürekli rehresh yap?yor.

We were unable to view the page : (( constantly renews itself

Hi, Looks like configuration issues, please review the installation steps again and let me know if it still not work, thanks

Can you kindly update this app as long facebook hv remove like gate replace with page tab

Hi, Ok I will update the code, and message you

Hi , Do you provide assistance in getting approval from Facebook for permission it require ?


yeah I can guide you

Thanks Imran

Is it Work with android and iOS facebook app ?

well it is responsive

can i have responsive demo link ?

Hola quisiera saber si con los cambios de facebook la App sigue funcionando bien. Gracias

siempre tenemos las aplicaciones de Facebook al día

me podrías decir los pasos a seguir para poder instalar la App en facebook me da error y no se conecta. Gracias

kindly send me your correct ftp

Hola buenas, he seguido todo los pasos de el index.html para la intalasion y me esta dando problema con la App da error y no funciona, la imágenes de la administración developers no es igual facebook a cambiado por favor ruego expliquéis mejor como se instala la aplicación. Gracias

Hola, me puede enviar sus datos de ftp, puedo solucionarlo rápidamente y también añado yo admin en su aplicación de Facebook creada

Filezilla: Servidor: Usuario: appfacebook Pass: app123456

its not working

hola te envío los datos ftp por aquí gracias

Filezilla: Servidor: Usuario: appfacebook Pass: app123456

its not working

Hola buenas en el comentario anterior te he mandado los dato de ftp que me pediste espero su respuesta gracias

your ftp is not working

Hello, it just keep redirecting over and over

there is only one link needs to be updated,

Never mind everyone! My own impatience. Very good support!

Hola, ya lo he instalado pero una duda o pregunta que dirección hay que poner en el CANVAS_URL, que no puedo compartir en facebook. Gracias

its not a big issues, just a little settings problem

Please check email and help me to fix issues! Thank

i am working on it and give you feedback on it

Please check mail to help me any issuse!

i am working on it and give you feedback on it