Facebook Discount Extension

Facebook Discount Extension

Facebook Discount Extension

After you install and configure Elsner’s Facebook Discount Extension, you will be able to utilize the facebook like marketing with “FB Discount” and give a little offer to your valuable buyers to become your facebook fan and to share your facebook page updates with their friends.

Also, give them an easy opportunity to be updated on your special offers, new products and so forth.


It is highly recommended to backup your server files and database before installing this module No responsibility can be taken for any adverse effects it may cause. It is also recommended you install on a test server initially to carry out your own testing.

• Extract the zip file to a local folder
• Copy the full folder Module/app/code/ to your /app/code/
• Copy the full folder Module/app/etc/ to your /app/etc/
• Copy folder Module/app/design/frontend/base/ or default or rwd as per your theme’s adjustments to yours /app/design/frontend/base/ or default or rwd. RWD is the theme’s folder which comes generally with magento 1.9 version onwards so if you have rwd as your current theme then please make a copy of rwd folder.
• Delete cache from admin panel or delete that from file system /var/cache

After placing the files, please follow the instructions given below :-

Go to admin panel System -> Configuration, find FB Discount under XJ tab.

1) Enable FB Discount – Yes/No

2) Facebook App Id – You need to create facebook application in facebook account of website and put the application Id in this field.

3) Facebook Page Url – Make facebook page in facebook account of website and put the url of page in this field.

4) Discount Amount – Provide the discount amout to be given to the custmers on liking of website’s facebook page.

How to completely disable this module?

In worst case scenario if you want to completely disable this module then open this file app/etc/modules/XJ_Fbdiscount.xml & find <active>true</active> & replace true with false like this <active>false</active>

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