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I can’t seem to be able to reach the support page, I have added several pages, but the last one seems to have locked all new entries, even if I try to delete the last one, it doesn’t let me do it.

Hi, please email with your url and admin login details so that we can debug this issue for you.

1. Can facebook crawler support multi facebook page?? 2. Can facebook crawler support multi images in 1 post?? Ex:

Hi, I am not sure if I understand exactly what you are asking but I will try to answer :). If you are asking if you can set the plugin to post the same message to multiple facebook pages then the answer is yes :). If that is not what you meant please send a more detailed question to

Hi, we do not see any updates from you. Was your question answered? Are you asking if the crawler can crawl multiple facebook page? Yes this plugin can crawl many different facebook pages for content.

Hello, will this plugin grab content from any facebook page or just my own facebook pages? Will I have to be logged in on facebook to use this plugin? Can I assign this plugin to grab content from any facebook page? Will this plugin also post articles e.g. Facebook Page ABC123 posts regularly pictures, memes and news articles. Will you plugin then just grab pictures and memes from Facabook Page ABC123 or will it also grab the article? And if it does grab the articles will it grab the text into of that post or will it also grab the links ?

I am looking for ways to curate my Twitter automatically. There are a few pages on facebook that regularly post good content. They usually write a short intro for every post and then share articles.

My idea is to get these posts including the introduction text and the article link and pot it to my Wordpress install, then tweet it to Twitter. But I do not need a link back to my site on Twitter, I need the plugin to post the original link.

Hi and thanks for your question. This plugin will crawl ANY facebook page with open content that you enter the url from. So if you want to grab CNN or BBC’s public content just add the cnn or bbc facebook account url and this plugin will grab it and pull it into your wordpress website as content. we also have a plugin to do the same thing form Twitter. Then we have a plugin that will auto post your wordpress content to your own facebook/twitter pages :-)

Hi thanks for the response. I have already tried this with a few other solutions but I always encounter the same problems. Most of these rss fetchers do not deliver the original link but the link back to the Facebook page, which does not help me in my case. Because my idea is to literally steal the posts from another very active user and add those to my own queue automatically. I do not want to promote or give a link to their content at all. So whenever I used those other rss fetchers they usually do not post the original link. Let’s say your facebook page regularly posts news articles from bbc world and you always write a short intro with hashtags. Then I would want the plugin to fetch following contents:

1) Your intro 2) The link to bbc world news article

I do not want to fetch any of the following:

1) Your Facebook Page Name 2) The Date of the post 3) A link back to your page


I experience similar issues when fetching rss feeds from other Twitter users. The outcome doing so usually displays as retweets. But I not intend to show that I actually harvest on other users, I want my followers to believe that it is actually me who posts all this stuff.

My ideal plugin would do the following:

1) Fetch RSS Feeds from any public Facebook Page and Twitter Account 2) Delete Name of who originally posted the RSS Item on Facebook or Twitter 3) Delete the date of each RSS item 4) Fetch Original Link (Do not fetch link back to Facebook or Twitter) 5) Collect Intro Text from Facebook Post or Twitter Tweet 6) Convert keywords in intro text into hashtags 7) Repost all those items to my own Twitter Account


The idea behind this is that many users use Facebook and connect it to their Twitter Accounts. Many of them therefore write their own unique Intro for each post including hashtags when posting News articles from various News sources (BBC, CNN, Guardian etc.). So I want to get their intro, the hashtags they set and I want to get a link to the News article they shared. I do not want to link back to their Facebook Page or Twitter Account.

Then I want to send these fetched contents to my own Twitter Account and Tweet them automatically to my followers.

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it appears that if the name of a business has an single quote like joan’s perfect pizza, the plugin will fail

facebook app error : URL Blocked: This redirect failed because the redirect URI is not whitelisted in the app’s Client OAuth Settings. Make sure Client and Web OAuth Login are on and add all your app domains as Valid OAuth Redirect URIs.

Ooophs, we got an error: Authentication failed! Facebook returned an invalid user id.

Warning Can’t Load URL: The domain of this URL isn’t included in the app’s domains. To be able to load this URL, add all domains and subdomains of your app to the App Domains field in your app settings.

Ooophs, we got an error: Authentication failed! Facebook returned an invalid user id.

Hi, when I click on “Import a feed” I get this error: “Ooophs, we got an error: Authentication failed! Facebook returned an invalid user id.”.

App id and secret id are ok and I’ve also add domain name to the app.

Can you help please? Thank you

Any news?

i got the same error, please help us

Hi, please email with your websites login and provide ftp access to your website so we can debug this for you.

The site is experiencing technical difficulties.

Please advise.

Hi author, pre-purchase auestion. Can the script still work after Facebook changes recently. Since the last update was 2016-2017.