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It works on Thanks

Your module has basic code without parameters,right?

Need help please : Facebook helper message : AddToCart ERRORS The Facebook pixel code on this page didn’t load, so no information was sent to Facebook.Learn more

So no support ???????????????

Hi, Apologies for the late reply i have been away on holiday, the AddToCart pixel does not fire until the add to cart button is pressed. Loading the AddToCart pixel on page load would produce invalid results in Facebook.

I hope this answers your question.

Kind Regards, Damien

No ! Your module does not work! I disabled the module and add the code manually. Do not buy the module. If people want, I give the tutorial to add the code. best

I do not have time to explain, test your module;) I had tested your module with a facebook technician … - Pixel does not take into account the Content IDs and Content type of the product - Pixel does not take into account the Product Parameters - Pixel Parameter “value” is invalid for event “Purchase” etc…

I have just been testing on our demo site and the ViewContent pixel loads without fail and contains the content_type, content_ids, value, content_name, currency and content_category.

Please can you provide screenshots of where you are seeing these issues.

I checked the module works on your demo site. I reactivate the module on my site, I send you the link by mail so that you can see!

48 hours later, still no assistance ?

Hello, You will correct your modue, or make me a refund? Best

Please can you send me your email address so i can send the updated module to you.

A month later, it’s too late! Your module does not work! I put the code manually. For those interested this module works correctly. here :