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Hi. It seems that it doesn’t work since yesterday. Have you a solution/update please ?

Oki will be fixed coming 2 days!

Done, should be available soon!

The updated script should be available soon. Demo updated !

hello, not working… all data returned is Empty NULL… nothing yet…

The script has not been approved yet. Buyers should get an email once the updates are available to download. The demo should be working fine

This has stopped working. Waiting for the updates to be rolled out. The application is Broken Down. any idea how long it will take to be approved?

The updates are already available to download

thanks yes i got it few minutes after my comment. Thanks much

Not working here.. no data..

Should be working fine. Just need to make sure you have the latest update ;)

I Already Tried the demo. However, the application on demo does not work. I try to post to timeline, your application displays a success message posting status. I check on the timeline but no status updates.

In the demo the publishing will not work since my app doesn’t have the publish permissions approved. But when having your own app you should be able to ;)

while changing the profile picture size height and width. it is showing of low resoluton