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Hi. It seems that it doesn’t work since yesterday. Have you a solution/update please ?

Oki will be fixed coming 2 days!

Done, should be available soon!

The updated script should be available soon. Demo updated !

hello, not working… all data returned is Empty NULL… nothing yet…

The script has not been approved yet. Buyers should get an email once the updates are available to download. The demo should be working fine

This has stopped working. Waiting for the updates to be rolled out. The application is Broken Down. any idea how long it will take to be approved?

The updates are already available to download

thanks yes i got it few minutes after my comment. Thanks much

Not working here.. no data..

Should be working fine. Just need to make sure you have the latest update ;)

I Already Tried the demo. However, the application on demo does not work. I try to post to timeline, your application displays a success message posting status. I check on the timeline but no status updates.

In the demo the publishing will not work since my app doesn’t have the publish permissions approved. But when having your own app you should be able to ;)

while changing the profile picture size height and width. it is showing of low resoluton

The code is not longer showing the pages and the friends after the connection

You mean in your version with your own Facebook app? Or the demo?



Dear Envato costumers,

days ago I purchased this plugin: “twitter connect and widgets for wordpress” from “yougapi

technology”. This plugin is supposed to publish on twitter timelines without using twitter

account directly but, as everybody know, the most important part of a tweet is the image. If

you tweet with images your tweet have more possibilities to be seen and retweeted. All of you

know it, I know it and Yougapi know it. This is the reason why Yougapi blocks the code of this

plugin in order it not to be able to publish images or videos. Well, maybe some of you could

think that it is because Yougapi want more money and it’s true. The problem is that he doesnt’t

sell the unlocked version of this plugin in Envato market but he expect customers to contact

him in order them to ask him for publishing images with the plugin. And then , when someone

asks him for the plugin working with photos he say to that person that he “still don’t have it”

and that “he have to work on it”. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY DISHONEST AND FALSE. The reason? He tries

to cheat his new victim to pay him for fake hours of work. YES, FAKE HOURS OF WORK, BECAUSE THE


Yesterday I had a conversation with yougapi by email and until the last minute I thought

everything of this was a joke, unfortunately it wasn’t. Now I’m going to paste here the full

conversation in order you to come to your own conclusions:

On 30/08/17 01:08, Leonardo wrote: Dear Mr. Yougapi

I’m a WordPress user and I’ve purchased your plugin: “Twitter Connect and Widgets for


My license certificate data:

Licensor’s Author Username: yougapi Licensee: Leonardo Lanza Item Title: Twitter Connect and Widgets for WordPress Item URL: Item ID: 224481 Item Purchase Code: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(no showing for security reasons) Purchase Date: 2017-08-21 16:13:15 UTC

I really like your plugin but I want to publish on twitter with photos and videos using your

plugin. And there is also another thing: I want to select my connected accounts in order to

publish only where I want to. For example, let’s say I have ten connected accounts but I only

wish to publish on three of them, then I need to be able to simply select those three accounts.

I’ve no problem in paying you for this change if the price is basically the same that I’ve

already paid for the first plugin.

Again, what I want:

1-to be able to select my connected accounts in order to decide where to publish.

2-to be able to publish photos and videos.

Thanks and kind regards

to leonardotransl. Hi,

Thanks for your purchase !

Unfortunatly the price for any customization cannot be the same at all than the plugin license

price. the customization would cost several hundreds since it request several hours of work.

On 30/08/17 02:29, Leonardo wrote:

Are you kidding me?

to leonardotransl. Yes actually I was joking. Actually I am willing to get like a 3$ or 4$ per hours for your

customization, so I am willing to charge you like 25$ for a day of work

On 30/08/17 02:44, Leonardo wrote:

Ok, no problem, 25$ is fine, I can pay you that. When can I have it? Today or tomorrow? Let me

know :-)


to leonardotransl. You are kidding, but doesn’t seem to. Where do you live in India where you can work a day for

25$ or less? Sorry I am not living in India

On 30/08/17 20:11, Leonardo wrote:

em…maybe there is something I didn’t understand or maybe I missed something. But Iet’s calm,

I’m going to try hard to understand you. Ok? ammmm, I would say that:

1.You sell a plugin for 21$ in envato market.

2.You say paying 21$ for a code work is for indian people.

3.This plugin works with twitter but on purpose without photos.

4.Obviously you know everything about the plugin so that you are awaiting people to ask you for

publishing photos with your plugin on twitter.

5.When someone asks you for the plugin working with photos you say to this person that you

“still don’t have it” and that “you have to work on it”.

6.Everybody can understand that the plugin working with photos IS ALREADY MADE but NOT in

envato market.

So, again…I can pay you essentially the same for the first plugin but NOT for any hour of

work because you already have the version of the plugin that works with photos , and it’s NOT a

“customization” but a better “PRO” version that should be in Envato for those who want to pay

something more but having a complete plugin.

So, let’s say that I accept you’re kidding me; then do you want to gain 25$ for the version

plugin that works with photos-the version that you already have-or not?


Can you story friends info into your database? Can you tag users from friends list? or send private message to friends?

Sorry these are not available. This script is mainly proving the connect with Facebook feature, and a few others as seen in the demo. It’s not storing anything in the database for ex.

can we do a request to get modaration rights and embedding a page via sql DB and PHP query into our partners pages (100.000+)?


This script is focused on the Facebook connect features, and not really on database saving or Facebook pages


pipcan2 Purchased

well share bud i need a fix

Fixed !

not working: This URL can not be loaded: The domain of this URL is not registered in those of the application

i try a another plugin and is working ….

do not buy this plugin, it does not work and no answer from tech support

Working fine ;)

Hi! I am interested to buy but your demo is not working. Can you fix it? Thank you.

Fixed already. If any other issues, let us know please

hello is this up to date and working? I need a facebook connect integration for my project Facebook recently made changes that broke things in other scripts.

Yes it should work fine, just like in the demo. If there is any issues let me know!