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Can we do something like your facebook friends birthday with this plugin.

Still waiting for your help. Thanks!

Please contact me by email, thanks !

Working with api 2.0? Whats about facebook app approval for posting? Possible to get it with this app?

Yes API v2 (the v1 is not working anymore). The approval is dependent on Facebook and their review team.

Okay, did anyone already got an approval with this app? Regards & thank you for the fast reply

This plugin or others. An approval is done once and is valid for all apps using the same Facebook app

can you add links on thumbs of the latest users connected pointing either to public profiles created in wp or to their facebook profiles?

That’s not possible since Facebook is not providing that info anymore

but if you know the user facebook id when connecting to the website… aren’t you able to make the facebook url to the profile?

Actually that’s because Facebook is not providing anymore the real Facebook user ids, that’s why it’s not possible anymore to redirect to the users profile page !

Still waiting…

I followed your documentation, and facebook Avatar option seem to be not working, although I enabled it from the setting page ?

And also when I used the following code inside of my theme, the whole page went blank:

   if (class_exists("Fb_wpress_display")) {
      $f1 = new Fb_wpress_display()?
      echo $f1;

Your help will be appreciated.


For the avatar that’s not working all the time, for some it would not work as specified in the documentation. For customizations to the theme files please contact me through my profile page with your request for an estimate, thanks

Autopost on users wall the first time they connect no works on my web, any help?

Is your Facebook app approved by Facebook for the publish_actions permission? That’s required in order to be able to publish on users wall. New Facebook policy ;)

Hi, I purchased this plugin just today. I have uploaded and activated no problem. But, when I go to the settings page, all the sections are blank. There is nothing visible to enter of change. Please advise. Thank you, Billy

I just answered to your email

Is it possible to lock all my blog contents and make it visible to only authorized users connected with the app?

All the blog not sorry, this is working with posts or pages that have received this plugin shortcode

The plugin is compatible with classipress theme?

Yes sure, should be working with all well coded themes !


I have an image on a page that I’d like, when user clicks it, posts a custom message to their personal Facebook page, using the same image as the status image.

Is this possible with your plugin?

That would need some customization

Do you know of a plugin that can do this, as this is quite a basic thing to do?

Sorry I cannot recommend any

hello, does this app have the ability to automatically login in facebook upon page load? i plan on using this to make an app in facebook.

Not currently since the connect logic can be added to a specific page or post and triggered once the user clicks on the connect button. What you need would need some customization.

can u helo me about this problem , Fatal error: Call to undefined function mb_detect_encoding() in /home/healthyandsmile/public_html/wp-content/plugins/facebook_wpress/logic.php on line 201


I will help you with your issue. Can you please contact me through my profile page with a link and admin access to check it out? thanks

still no respond via email

Sorry for the delay. We are working on an update for this plugin and it should be available coming days. That should fix the issue you are having on your site !

it still work after fb api update and i can post on users walls ?

Yes sure, the plugin is working just fine and is updated whenever necessary. Posting on users wall now request to have your app approved by Facebook for the publish_actions permission

I keep getting the error when I try to click the connect button ” Facebook User email is missing”

Answered the other comment ;)

I keep getting the error when I try to click the connect button ” Facebook User email is missing”

Are you using the latest version v2.7? If yes please contact me through my profile page with a link and admin access to your site and will check it out for you

I have deactivated the plugin since it broke my site. How do I get it working properly?

Please send me a link and admin access through my profile page and will check it out for you

I am trying to obtain facebook users profile image for use with another application, is this possible ?

That can be generated from the users ids. A user image is in this form: ;)

I keep getting the error when I try to click the connect button ” Facebook User email is missing”

Redux save error: There was a problem with your action. Please try again or reload the page.

Facebook error: Facebook user email missing.

Wordpress error: The plug-in during the ’ activation has generator 12 characters unexpected exit . If you see a message ” headers already sent ” problem with the feed or other types of problems , try to disable or remove a plugin .

Just answered to your email

Hey guys. is there a way to use this plugin with my getresponse email system? can i add the emailadress from a vistor to my optin form?

Sorry getresponse is not a supported system

Hey really nice plugin. But i get an error when i try to login with facebook button here: i get this messages: and this error:

Can you help me with this. greetings, Alexander

All support is done by email, thanks