Comment Slider for Facebook - jQuery Social Plugin

Comment Slider for Facebook - jQuery Social Plugin

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Facebook Comment Slider is all-in-one solution to display a Facebook Like Box, Comment Box and Fan Page Wall on your website via jQuery.

WordPress Plugin made by Envato Elite Author

Get the benefits of the conversations on Facebook!

This fancy slider offer an opportunity for the users to leave comments about your website (or any subpages) when they reach the bottom of the page or with a simple click on a Facebook icon. The comments will display for their friends and they will connect in.

Viral spread, more traffic, more money!

You can lock the screen and set up a timer or you can allow for the users to close the slider. More comments, more visibility on facebook, much more traffic.

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Time to replace the like button – FB Comments, Like and Share

Included Facebook Likebox, Comment Box, Wall Posts
The plugin also display a like and share buttons. When you get a comment, that is equal with one comment and one like, so this is the best option to get more visitors.

Supports more than 70 languages

You can select the comment box’s language with a super simple method, only you have to add the shortcode of the language from a list (the documentation contain the full list) and the comment box will be translated!

Social Fans Traffic

Full responsive, mobile-friendly!

The whole slider full responsive, the users can enjoy on tablets or with any mobile device.

Social Fans Traffic
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Intelligent slider

Auto-open the slider box when the user reach the bottom of the page. (they can leave comment easier after red the content) Can remember for the user and you can set to display once for the same user. If you choose lock screen, the slider will only close when the user leave a comment or the time is up.

Main Features

  • fully responsive
  • ability to lock the screen until the user leave a comment
  • fixed slider position
  • automatic slide-in when the visitor reach the bottom of the page
  • you can enable or disable the user can close the slider
  • ability to set up timer to fadeout the slider
  • you can specify your own notice
  • viral spread, much more traffic
  • fully localizable comment box, choose from more than 70 languages
  • selectable direction of the slider
  • you can set up to open the slider automatically just once per user
  • set the number of comments to display
  • link to the moderation tools for facebook with your appid
  • fancy jquery animation with fadeout and slide effect
  • automatic url recognition (users can comment on the specific page of the website and the homepage as well)
  • detailed documentation
  • transparent background when the screen locked
  • unlock screen with click on the background (if you allow to close the slider for the users)
  • users can leave comments with 4 service providers (Facebook, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail)
  • full customizable separated CSS file
  • you can hide or show the facebook icon
  • adjustable transparency
  • three different icon size
  • auto open the slider if you want, when the users reach the bottom of the page
  • mobile-friendly slider

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How to get Updates?

After you purchased go to the Downloads and set the checkbox to on. You can also rate the plugin there.

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Facebook Comment Slider - jQuery Social FB Plugin - 4 It is very simple, just share the following link on your Blog, Facebook, Twitter or anywhere : (replace yourusername to your Codecanyon username)
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Facebook Comment Slider 1.7
  • major performance update
  • added init, destroy, hide, show, resize, remove methods
  • added openlikebox, opencommentbox, openpostbox methods
  • added closelikebox, closecommentbox, closepostbox, close (last opened) methods
  • added functions to open or close any slider box with simply defining a specified class to any HTML element (like fcs_open_commentbox)
  • added heartbeat effect
  • sliders content now always fit to the parent container (better view)
  • added option to hide LikeBox if the user already liked
  • added preloader to all sliders
  • added feauture to handle skins
  • added new skin: minimal
  • replaced close button to close image
  • updated documentation
  • added developers section to documentation
Facebook Comment Slider 1.6.5
  • fixed custom icon issue
  • added disable on mobile option
  • fixed blank comment box when visitor coming from shared urls on Facebook
  • updated documentation
Facebook Comment Slider 1.6.4
  • fixed minor padding issue
Facebook Comment Slider 1.6.3
  • fixed minor Facebook Wall Posts visibility issue
Facebook Comment Slider 1.6.2
  • fixed likebox open-close slider bug in Firefox
  • fixed close after left a comment bug in Firefox
  • optimized Facebook initialization
Facebook Comment Slider 1.6.1
  • improved animation when open the slider
Facebook Comment Slider 1.6
  • added vertical position option to the icons
  • added Like Box
  • added Facebook Fan Page Wall
  • added two additional shortcodes to display Like Box and Facebook Fan Page Posts
  • added option to turn Comment Slider to Like Box or Fan Page Wall on the homepage
  • replaced Facebook icons
  • added 5 new tabs on admin to manage settings for Like Box, Comment Box and Fan Page Wall
  • minified and obfuscated javascript code (included original)
  • fixed minor visibility bug when the slider placed on the left side
  • documentation updated
Facebook Comment Slider 1.5.5
  • fixed chrome visibility issue
  • fixed blank slider in few cases, when using it with other Facebook plugins
Facebook Comment Slider 1.5.2
  • minor improvements on shake animation effect
Facebook Comment Slider 1.5.1
  • improved animation effects
Facebook Comment Slider 1.5
  • added option to disable the Facebook Comment Slider on the entire website and enable on a specified page with the [enable_facebook_comment_slider] shortcode (include to anywhere in the content)
  • added option to disable or set time to the shake effect
  • minor speed improvements on the front side of the slider
Facebook Comment Slider 1.4.1
  • improved animation effects
Facebook Comment Slider 1.4
  • added dark style
  • added a timed shake effect to the icon until the comment slider not open
  • added animation to display the Facebook icon
  • you can use your custom url to replace the Facebook logo for your own image
  • fixed: doesn’t open the slider at the bottom of the page again, after a user already opened before
  • minor improvements on mobile view
Facebook Comment Slider 1.3
  • added lightweight scrollbar to view older comments
  • replaced jQuery 1.9.1 to 1.8.3 to avoid conflicts with older templates or plugins
Facebook Comment Slider 1.2
  • minor bugfix and improvements on frontend
Facebook Comment Slider 1.1
  • fixed minor visibility bug
  • don’t display the timer, when the slider is closeable

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Refund Policy

Full refund can be given, if the plugin doesn’t work on your website as it described, the issue caused by the product and can’t be fixed in 48 hours. In most cases, if the plugin doesn’t work on your website, that caused by any of the following reasons:

  • outdated WordPress Theme, that has an error in the background
  • outdated other plugin(s), that has an error in the background
  • other plugin or theme, that includes invalid jQuery version instead of using the WordPress built-in jQuery
  • hosting limitations or configuration issues
  • incorrect plugin configuration

Before you send a refund request, please make sure you already contacted with the support here and provided your website’s URL. If the plugin doesn’t work as it described and the problem is with the plugin, that can’t be fixed in 48 hours, then you can get a full refund.

If you refusing the free support and the issue can’t be investigated, then you can’t get a refund.


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