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How to update the plugin?

Updating through FTP

Simply overwrite the plugin files with the new version files via FTP, then deactivate and activate back the plugin.

Updating via the WordPress Installer

Set the ‘Keep Settings’ to ON in the Settings in the plugin’s admin page. Deactivate and delete the plugin, then install the new version as a new plugin (Add New). With turning on the ‘Keep Settings’ option, the plugin will keep the configuration datas, so you don’t have to set it up again.

How can I create a Facebook App?

Visit the following url: and create the app. Just fill the first field and leave the others empty. After you type the Captcha and save, you will see your Facebook App ID. Don’t forget to disable Sandbox mode (edit the app settings) Type your domain to App Domains (without http, eg.: and choose Website with Facebook Login and type the full URL of your website (eg.:

I got the following message, after I sent the comment: “This comment has not yet been published to Facebook.”

If you made everything fine, usually it is caused by a blocked or suspicious Facebook Account. Don’t try to cheat with FB Accounts, use your original, validated account to create the Facebook App.

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