Facebook Clone in Ionic 3 and Firebase

Facebook Clone in Ionic 3 and Firebase


This application has covered everything that you need in ionic 3 and firebase. This is full fledge of Facebook clone(same like facebook application functionality). Facebook is very familiar social app. This code is written in IONIC 3 Framework and Firebase 3. This Application is tested on IOS & Android device. In this 1st version implement basic functionality like register, login, add a new post, like the post, dislike, comment, update profile, view profile, share location, share image and Firebase chatting.

This application developed in latest two technologies ionic 3 and Firebase. The app uses SASS, which basically is CSS with superpowers. Each component has its dedicated sass files and partials well structured with independent variables so you can have maximum modularity, flexibility, and customizability.

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3.1.0 Version

1. UI bug fixes. 2. Other bugs fix.

3rd Version (28th-May-2018)

1. Log in with a phone number

2. Contact sync

3. UI change

4. audio sharing

5. A user can delete a message

6. Post reporting

7. Admin can delete a reported post

8. Social Sharing

9. Unfriend

10. User block

11. Many more

2nd Version (10 Jan 2018) Functionality

1. Social Login.

2. Email Login / Verification / Forgot password.

3. Timeline

4. Like / comments

5. Friend Request

6. One to One chatting

7. Group Chatting

8. Image sharing / Location sharing.

9. Video Calling

10. Profile Update

Please if you have any extra functionality on our next version please mail us on