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This loks great, just a few questions.

Is there some way to show videos when they are on the wall?

Is there a way that I could show different member’s walls? So if a member signed up, they could have their wall seen on a specific page?

Does this work ok with ?

1. You mean play videos without leaving the wall? Was thinking of a solution but would only works for YouTube videos. But that’s not planned yet. Right now it just open the link on the original video page.

2. The users who will sign-in would view their own wall.

3. Yes it’s fully compatible with the Facebook WPress Viral tool for WordPress.

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Facebook_class in /home/content/87/7677887/html/blog/wp-content/plugins/facebook_wpress_client/include/class/Facebook.class.php on line 5

No need to tell me more. I know what’s happening :) Please send me a message through my profile form and will send you a fix. Will also post an updated version here.

Nice features, Kudos. If I buy it today, will I be downloading the version without the issue mentioned by “TheWhisper”. Please advice.

That issue appear only on certain servers and can be fixed in less than 2 minutes. Will assist you if you have the same.

Thanks for prompt response. I sent private email regarding the issue we are experiencing.


Didn’t get any message from you.

Hi, great plugin, but there is a js error:

ReferenceError: Can’t find variable: Fb_wpress_client

Everything seems to work right, what does this mean?

Regards, Bernd

I can have a deeper look if you want. Contact me through my profile page with temporary FTP and admin access.

Could you find out anything?

Yeah version 1.2 is waiting approval. Should prevent JS files to be included when not necessary, and not having the notice of undefined variable you were having.

Something strange … I connect to facebook, go from home to my wall and everything is shown perfect, also the places logins. Then I go to my posts and the places are gone. When I return to my wall the places logins are gone???

What I ment are the posts facebook puts on my wall when I tell facebook by iphone that I am anywhere. Facebook Places, just like foursquare or gowalla. Yesterday this and only this posts have been on the wall and some minutes later they have been away, but only this places posts, the others like status or links were OK and visible all the time. Maybe a facebook error, today everything is working perfekt and all posts are visible.

Another Question, is it possible to add a share button to the posts on the home wall?

Ok. For the share button yeah you can do it from a file called “ybFacebook_view_class.php”.

That exceeds my knowledge of PHP and the FB API

Sorry my English
I do not understand how to add your “Facebook WPress Client” in my articles or Category??
I have installed and activated your plugin in my WordPress V 3 .1.3, I have similar marker and Secret ID number my application to Facebook! I’m not good at working with WordPress CMS
It possible send me a small file to PDF with an explanation and a couple of pictures …. maybe I can run your plugin!
Thanks Dany

my WorPress Test

Just sent you an email.

Thanks…perfect !!!!!

Forgive my sillyness but what is the short code for displayin fb client?

It’s in the documentation, but it’s


Thank you! As I said, sillyness :)

Hallo, is version 1.2 available?


I do not see Opengraph integration within source code on demo page? Where can I confirm this?

Why would it need that?

I use og: tags for many uses. Mainly for proper adherence to Facebook Opengraph use.

your item description says:


- Facebook connect and Graph API integration.

This is why I asked. I am wondering what you meant? If you mean Opengraph tags because I did not see in source code. Could you explain?

Open Graph and graph API are 2 different things on Facebook.

This item is using the Graph API . The graph API enables to call or interact with Facebook user’s content. In this case it enables users to connect with their Facebook account and view their Facebook timeline for ex.

That explains it !

Allright, I went to the demo and I’m a bit confused. Will this only show the visitor’s page if they log in or is there some way to have it connect by default to our Facebook page?

This is only for your visitors to be able to connect and view their Facebook wall.

If you need to integrate your own Facebook page to a WordPress page or post so that your visitors can see it without login, you may check this item.

Great apps, please let me know if is it possible to choose the feeds to displaye on the wall , or to make it works as a feeds grabber with this option to select the feeds that we want to diplay

thank you


It’s displaying 3 feeds by default (home, wall and the connected user’s posts) + the users list. You can check it here.

Hi, my comment , every time you click on a photo,video, it goes to the external page, and users will leave your page anyway ,.. the only thing is really good is posting updates on Facebook wall without leaving the website, (only writing updates, NO posting pictures or videos, ) ,,, also when someone connects using their Facebook account, in your website , you are not getting a new subscriber, he or she is not registering to your website ,, means you are not getting any info from the visitor ,

Yougapi , maybe when you update the script do something on the videos, photos, to be displayed without leaving the page, maybe using ajax will work ?

good luck !!

Good suggestions, will definitely keep it in note for the coming updates. The plugin will be updated in the coming weeks with a better integration and possible the ability to view the videos and images without leaving the site ;)

Any thoughts of updating this?
specifically the users log in and the ability to display a users wall
searching for something that can have a user log in from facebook and be able to have their facebook wall displayed on their profile for other users of the wordpress site to comment directly to their walls via the wordpress site
would this be able to do something similar if updated or do you have any ideas of a plug in with this type of functionality?
thank you

That would be some very specific functionality, that need to be done as a customization. Not sure a lot of users want to make their Facebook wall public and open for other people comment though.

Is there a way to “capture” the lists of:

1) all facebook friends on my friend list and “keep” the list permanently on my website so I can include them in my BuddyPress friend list ?

2) all members of all my groups, and all those who have “liked” my pages, so that I can someday automatically include all the Facebook group members and Likers in my BuddyPress and bbPress communities and forums,

this is in case I decide to leave and quit facebook someday (as I am so sick and tired of facebook rules)?

1. It’s possible to get users friends list, but not sure you can have any use of it within budypress since since Facebook is not providing anymore the real users ids. 2. It’s not possible to get a list of users who have liked a page…

They say that via OpenGraph, users can click some image and set it as cover photo.

Can I somehow use this plugin to create such function in my wordpress?

Sorry no, that would need a specific app calling some specific API pages to set an image as a Facebook cover photo

do you think you could do this for me for extra cost? The wordpress website is already created nad it works pretty well.

That would be a new app. Please contact me through my profile page for an estimate

Can we also get friends birthday similar to your other none wordpress application