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Any news about update? how many days we must wait please?

We still working on it. because we have new system and more future like paypal payments and user registration and more. please be patient. thank you

The problem of responding with the same comment several times has resulted in a ban on my page and being considered as a spam, please resolve this problem

We are working in that option but right now we are opining new company because that we are busy on it. but you will get alert for the update once it be available.

i send you an mail please reply to me

We had Answered on mail

hey i tried the demo but it’s not working.. it worked only with my account that i had authorized with .. any one else comment on a post does not send him a message or any reply or like

Our server wherw facing some problems last period. But every thing is working fine now.

I did the installation, but when I try to add the application the system does not save the information, I am using Php 5.6 with mariadb.

I am getting the following error when I authorize my facebook app

Invalid Scopes: business_management, publish_pages, leads_retrieval, pages_manage_cta, read_page_mailboxes. This message is only shown to developers. Users of your app will ignore these permissions if present. Please read the documentation for valid permissions at:

How do I resolve this please guide.

Hi Author

I have already bought the script and it works well, the problem is that my page is now booming and I’m having a lot of comments that the Bot has to attend to, and it sometimes take 4 Hours before the Bot can reply to other posts. So, I was wondering if it’s possible that I buy another Script, host it on different C Panel, and then add it to a different user for my Facebook Page. Meaning I’ll have two users, and each of them will be using the Bot.

Notice: Undefined variable: datenow in /home/mhlol/public_html/facebook-auto-reply/login.php on line 29

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/mhlol/public_html/facebook-auto-reply/login.php:29) in /home/mhlol/public_html/facebook-auto-reply/login.php on line 34

I cant get any o fyour demos to work

I need this script bad! How much to set up and configure GB all for me? Is everything work and updated on basis? This looks incredible if it works

Hi, everytime i add my app nothing happens. It doesnt show in the apps on the script

this is only one od the problems. i could fix this by adding my stuff to the database manually. another problem is that this script works only on my fb account, it deletes my comments only. If someone else comments it doesn’t do anything.

I have the same problem i can’t and any application in this script ,i need help please

I wanted to take a doubt before buying 1 I can comment and enjoy comments from other fanpagens ?? 2 Can I find post from other fanpages by keywords or tag ?? 3 I can use it without creating any facebook app 4 the script has cron can I program I want to buy

Will this work even if we set auto-reply on facebook pages that are not ours?

The script still works?

can we provide post comments on other Facebook accounts outside of the list of accounts in the application panel?

i want to pay, but when i test demo, i dont see any comment and private repy. something wrong ???

Demo Not working.I have some question. can i make custom chat bot.(like chatfuel)?it support Burmese language exactly ZawGyi font. it can reply to comment with keyword(example : how to buy?-How much?-How long time for delivery?). it can sent quick bulk message to my lead?

I don’t get it, does it auto reply on post comments or when they send a message?

Can it auto comment on multiple facebook pages?

Is this script still supported, is it still alive, does it work well, or has it been abandoned, sir, can I buy it? Will it work and be supported?

Will this do auto post reply for individual FB account (not page)?