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Hi , I dunno what should I fill in with “Script URL” at the installation part

Please use instagram integration. It will work even without app verification.

Hi when I copy the value ’$getur’ in the cron job file to the browser and run it directly, it works fine, facebook can auto reply the comment.

But it was no response by just running cron job files. “curl_exec” seems not work correctly. Would you please help to solve it?

Just copy the command inside corn jobs. Don’t add any more text

Hello Pré sale question i want to ask if this app can auto reply comment and send private message without getting permission ? If yes any demo ?

You can check the demo in product page.

i cant install the cron job it says > symbol is not allowed.

Yes, Symbol is not allowed.

Hi, Is it working with the new facebook app? Thanks

You don’t need instagram to use the app. We just use instagram app that created by facebook to get access token.

Got it. Do you have this procedure described in the documentation?

yes for sure :)

Hi is it possible to setup a campaign and have it reply to comments that are already on the page? (so the comments came before the campaign)

Yes it’s possible.

Do you have a reseller/white label option?

No w don’t

any update regarding special charaters or emojis

We still working on it

Hello Can i config 1 private message for each publication?

Yea you can for sure.

can you please explain to me how? I tried on the demo, but I did not understand

You can create different campaigns.

Pre Sale questions: 1- Is there a way to set “only aswer comments after the date” on the campaigns? Because I have to many old comments and I don’t want the script aswer it. 2- Is there a log to see the script activity? 3- is there a way to don’t Reply multiple times for the same user? Thanks!

1- no way to answer comments after date right now but we are working on it. 2- no log. 3- script already reply one time on each comment.

Hello Can the script send private message to only new comment? if yes how?

Script send to all right now. Wait our next update so you can set date to start replying on comments after it.

next update soon?

yes we are working.

how to instal inlcude ?

please read documentation

Can I send messages to all my fans, from my Facebook Fan Page?

yes you can but only for who made a comment or post a message.

The script stops working, I also test to the demo page it wont get any response. how to fix?

please email us if you still have a problem

pre-sale question, i have test to post comment, why there is 2 reply there , , and why my comment disappear (hide automatically),

our server where have problem. fixed now

Does it work with latest PHP versions !?

yes it’s working fine

Good evening, just a question is there a risk if we host the script on a domain name in production. Can Facebook block this domain name if it detects the script?

no risk for sure

The script is not working. I have already mailed you. But I get no answer for two weeks. Please update your support. Thank you.

We had answer on email

What does V.1.2 fix? It is not pointed out in the Change log.

And how to update the script to v.1.2?

we are working on updates

how to update? its not working anymore

it’s working 100%

When the next version comes out, I’m about to buy can I do it? Is everything working well?

Please email us your cpanel


We still working on it. because we have new system and more future like paypal payments and user registration and more. please be patient. thank you

How long does it take for a campaign to start responding to new posts on Facebook {Posted after the campaign has already been started}

Check mail