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can resum with wordpress :-?

No buddy, it’s working without wordprees

Hi there, Could i custom message for each post ? Thank you

Sure you can by post id. Also you can reply and send custom message by keyword too

do you plan to have broadcast function?

Maybe in next version

Hi Jan_Themes… i noticed that every post is exactly the same. Could you integrate a spintax support to make replys more unique?

This option is already available, you can do that by post id or even by keyword.

Great… ;-) thanks for this fast reply. As you can see purchased immediately your great Script

Thank you

Hi Jan! Thanks for your solution. This automation works in groups posts?

No, it’s just for pages.

Is FB app approval required for this app to work? Can it work like a SaaS where users connect their pages with their own accounts?

Facebook app not required. it’s not working SaaS

Is this required Facebook approval?

I purchased the script, I’m having a trouble the installation. do you have a video tutorial? (blank page on install page)

I had replied on your mail.

Hello emojis are not working can you please help thanks

We are working on it.

is it okay now?

Hi, I could not make it work, when I created the app, it asks me for many permissions to send it for review

You don’t need instagram account. Check documentation.

Thank you but it does not work for me on my pages, I’ve created a campaign to respond to comments and one I like in comments but it has not worked

what do you advise me?

please check autoresponder messages and template. and be sure in some times it’s not working with page admin.

does it work on profile page?

No, it’s for pages only.

i have a presale question. i am currently using inboxer for doing this but it requires setting up own app which now facebook is requesting permission review. so i will love to try yours but i have few questions to ask about adding the following features which is available on the inboxer tool.

1: do you have plans of adding an option for one to sync those users who have messaged the page before so we can have them as our list of users on the platform which we can send them private message. this way, we get to send them message anytime we wish.

2: do you have plans to add subscribers list features so we can get details of users who are already our subscribers. also you can add features where we can group those subscribers in 100 per group or more so that we can send private message to the first group of 100 or more groups like it is in the inboxer script i am using

with this, we don’t have to send the message to all the subscribers at once in the list to avoid getting blocked. imagine having like 100k subscribers, i don’t know if using your script will allow us send private message to those 0ver 100k list without getting blocked since you said your script is using third party apps such as instagram.

on like using our own app we created that prevent us from sending message up to 300 subscribers. this is where grouping of subscribers list comes into play to avoid getting blocked by facebook.

3: how many inbox message can we send to our subscribers list per day. i don’t me auto replies or auto comment. i mean sending inbox messages to those that are already our subscribers. can we send inbox message to more than 100k subscribers list without getting blocked

4: do you have plans to add more third party apps such as htc sense and facebook for android/iphone, especially facebook for iphone/android because it is more stable than the other. this way we have more third party apps to use.

5: also do you have plans to enable us add our own third party apps to the platform. this way, we can add third party app to the script should in case there is an issue or any other third party apps stops working. this way you don’t have to worry too much for updating the script if an app is no longer working as we can add our own third party app that is working fine. i don’t mean adding our own app we created.

there should be another option to add third party app aside the one you have already added which is currently the instagram integration. so what if it stops working, with the feature to add third party app, we can look for available third party app to add to the script. this is another nice features to consider.

6: also, it will also be nice to get details of the users such as gender, male or female so that we can group them accordingly.

1- script already making that. 2- yes we are working in that option. and you will find it soon. you can edit script setting so you can select sleep time between each avoid block. 3- we had tried over 60k and it where working fine with us. 4- script working with facebook app and with instagram integration so you can choose what ever better for you. 5- user information is private but we are studying that right now to get the most important information .

I noticed that you released a version with a broadcast message (Facebook Auto Reply & Bulk Private Message Sender). would it be possible to reimburse the one I acquired and did not work for my business to try to use your other tool? so I do not lose my money and you win on your new system.

it’s old refund and already closed

I bought it and did not use it because it had no broadcast and it did not work, my proposal is that I want to test your new script.

That’s what I asked for and you said it was okay, now you’re back? this way it is difficult to trust your services

Problem that i can’t accept the refund buddy, no more mail me

Need the same for groups sir

We will publish that soon :)

ok sir… I hope not only the groups where we are admins but all groups where we are as a simple member

We will look at it all

i have followed thie documentation but didn’t work for me , i just tried with facebook app , i seen this error the perfect way is make a video tuto on youtube . thanxs else someone who sucsess to install it and can help me for cheaper price contact me on

you didn’t bought the app yet.

i will be expecting to see the new features i have mentioned. but on the side of third party app. when it comes to facebook, one third party app integration is not always recommended as things cannot always be working as expected just like the other facebook auto posting apps that the author has to change apps all the time when one app fails to work. you don’t want to be in this kind of mess by always updating script only to change facebook third party app once it stops working or there is another pattern in getting access token.

i have witness this lots of time and it wasn’t encouraging waiting for author to update their script with facebook app or pattern that works. this happened to instaram app, htc sense. guess you know that the new pattern used in getting token was not how it used to be done before. before we just authorize and the token will be displayed in the url.we copy and paste regardless of the browser we use. but now there is a new pattern to get instagram and htc sense token which you implemented on your platform. but what if instagram app has issues what will your customer do. instead of them to wait for you to update your script after sending you with lots of email. don’t you think it will be a good practice to always allow them to add their own third party app too so they can use it for the main time before you work on app that is not working.

this is what one of the auto poster platform did by given admin feature to add third party app . not just adding their own app they created, but they can add third party app by inserting the third party app authorization link and app id. then they authorize and use it. you can check this image to see how it looks.

i will advice you to do same and also implement add facebook for android or facebook for iphone app as part of third party app because those apps are very stable. if you have this kind of script that doesn’t require one to create app, then facebook for android and facebook for iphone app is a must to have as almost all the autoposting script are now implementing it in their script.

luckily, yours is not profile or group autoposting script else you will be changing third party apps like they do back then due to the permission access. but yours is a page auto posting which make it easy to escape such permission,

so i will recommend you consider adding the feature for admin to add third party app to the platform because one day, the instagram app may stop working. if that happens, admin can just add another third party app.i was able to add more third party apps like hootsuite, spotify, page windows manager to the auto poster script. this way i don’t have means to contact author every time when there is changes in apps. this can also enable every one to use different third party apps instead of just using only instagram app which will be overloaded as too many script are using it for auto posting. so it is not a bad idea to always have alternative as plan B should in case something happens to instagram integration .

i will also recommend you add facebook for android and facebook for iphone app integration. very important apps that are stable. just see this as a feature request that will enhance your script.see link to see how it looks you should also add spintext feature so one can use different synonyms to auto reply. i am not talking of using keyword. i mean using spintext such as HI, {thank You|Thanks|we thank You| we want to thank You|we appreciate you} for commenting.

with this, users don’t have to receive the same message when they make comment on all post. it will randomly send them the various spintext message to make it look more natural and appealing . this is not done by keyword. it is done by spintext. hope you understand this

thank you for your comment :) we will study all that and will be more updates soon.

What platform do you use,

Is it laravel or codeigniter?

Php Native

THe emojis are working now?

is there any possibility of facebook blocking this?

We think no.

Hello From Comment i see the auto reply for comment need facebook approvale, and i need this one to buy the script ?

Reply email please.

please reply to me en mail i’m waiting :/

we had replied check your email. and more problem you could face please email us.

hello dear friend, I have got this message after installation: No webpage was found for the web address: HTTP ERROR 404

Can you help me please?