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Hi, I don’t see any friend in my dashboard. So I cannot invite friend. This is information: . I updated my fb account Please help me how to fix it. Thanks

Make sure “Facebook for Android” or “Facebook for IPhone” is authorized, and Update your Facebook Account
If you are using the latest verison, make sure “Load Facebook Friends” is checked before updating Facebook account
Still get the same PM me with the script URL and login details

sent the script URL and login details

i meant to order Auto join groups Module for Kingposter can you help ?

nevermind how to install it ??

All you need is to upload the Module zip file from the modules manager page

Please indicate the limit for a friend’s invitation to join a facebook account in a day!

Try to limit make it less then 720 Invite per day (Invite each 2 minutes).
The limit is always depends on your Facebook account


iamot Purchased

Just want to clarify , what the script do is invite friends to join groups(they can reject invitation), not to force them to join groups , right?

Not exactly, when you invite a friend to join a group he will become a member of the of the group, it’s the same thing if you added a friend to a group manually.

hey update the version no option for the member who already on the group.When thus feature will be available?

What will make friends not to load up. Friends are not showing. In some cases only a few friends will show out of all friends. How do I make all friends to load up

Make sure the option “Load Facebook Friends” is on and update your Facebook account
And make sure “Facebook for android” or “Facebook for iphone” is authorized

14 day passed no Comment response or No mail response, but why?? Still my support remaining 4 Months

invite group module not work …

Make sure to set your cron interval to run every 1minute on your server.
Setting the interval to every 1minute is not recommended, it’s recommended to set the interval to every 2minutes or more.
how i set friends limits(If i use 10id)
I didn’t what you mean exactly?

i want to add a group 3000 member .how i set this limit.

Sorry still didn’t understand what you mean exactly, What limit you mean exactly?
if you have 3000 friends on your Facebook account you can select all all your list and add them to your group.

It didn’t show all my friends, any way to solve it?

Update your Facebook account and check it again.

After installing this the kingposter cant load can you help out?

Managed to activate the module but not when I active the “Load Facebook Friends” it does not truely save. It deactivates itself.

I did as per your picture is not working. Can you help us out please pandisoft!

Send me the script URL and an admin account i”ll check that


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i was trying to put my another Account but all was block when i click generate token. ? do you know why?

Should I host the program ??

Yes you need to install it on your host.

Does it support proxies for multiple accounts and also for it can all the groups we are joined in ? can we set random time intervals ? want to buy please clarify

HI, the information about adding a cronjob is confusing. I have a problem to make this. is not working with: wget -O /dev/null >/dev/null 2>&1 Thc for helping out

That is a cron command, if you want to use third party service to run the schedule you just need to use the URL without other options (wget -o ..etc).


fadolla Purchased

Sorry sir . i have not yet received your support yet. did my Account expired ?

I would like to make the schedule for add friend to group is faster on resume after 1 hour to minute and i need to add more than 90 person of member also. can i increase this ?

Sorry for the late reply, we were on vacation recently.
Already replied your email.

Is this script still working after Facebook updates after analytica. I checked and it supposed to only allow to add 50 members.

Yes it is working fine and you should be able to add more that amount of members per day, if you have any issue on that open a ticket on the link below and include your script URL and login details i’ll check that out

Hi, I purchased the script and it’s not working. Already submitted request for support. Thanks

already replied your email. regards

2 question

1. I just add 100+ friends to a group manually and I get blocked by Facebook until Nov 1. Maybe because I add too fast. Are you sure I will not get block if I use this auto add because you said no limit.

2. This auto add can use for my own create group or also can auto add to group that I joined too?

Thank you.

Hi, Yesterday I bought the module, but it doesn’t work, the following error message comes: “Error details : Error validating access token: The session has been invalidated because the user changed their password or Facebook has changed the session for security reasons.” I have been using the basic program for 1 year, so I don’t think it’s wrong). What’s the problem with the module?

Thank you very much for your help, I look like this works!!!! :)

that’s great :)