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Hi, it is possible post e.g. article on FB page as page withou login to FB personal account? Thanks

Posting on Facebook without connecting with a Facebook account is not possible

Your script not allow me to connect multiple twitter account its give me error,

when i connect with another account (The account “zeeshanimtiaz” is already connected To connect another Twitter account, please close your Twitter session and try again. Back)

its not connet more than one account kindly help me

4 days passed but not any response buddy

Sorry for the delay, I should have it figure out coming 24h or even tonight !

The updated app should be available and includes the fix for that issue !

Hello!can you please include google plus also in this script?Regards

Maybe as a new app. This app is only designed with Facebook and Twitter ;)

May i add multiple facebook accounts? more the 500?

Sorry no, Facebook only allows to have one Facebook account, and therefore this app is only supporting one Facebook account. But it can support as many Facebook pages as you can have.

Can this plugin achive the following. I am doing a wordpress website redesign for my client.

Currently with the template they are on, she just has to tick a box and the image and story will transfer to her social media page ie. Facebook. She wants to know: 1. Is this the same thing that will happen with this plugin? 2. If so, can they create a special feature image that can be used on social media as opposed to the same image that the story uses on the site? Reason behind this is because the layout is different on social media they may want to use a different image that crops better, or a more vibrant image etc on their social media page.

Their greater intent here is they want to have a uniform brand identity permeate the FB page and the one way to do that is control the look of the blog posts.

Do let me know if this is all possible your plugin.

For your need would probably need some customization

does this script support a rss feed?

No sorry this is not an app to read RSS feeds :)

This app uses some kind of database ? database for user i mean

Yes, the DB is used to store the social account info

The charges to deploy other social networks? G +, LINKEDIN

This app only supported Twitter and Facebook


Very nice script :)

I get an error when i try and post to pages, I can post to user time line fine :)

Error: {error) The user hasn’t authorized the application to perform this action”,type“}}

What do i need to change in my app ?

Thank you

Hello, Is there away to make the app be able to allow different people sign up on my installed app and be able to manage their facebook/twitter accounts as i charge them some small fee for being able to manage their accounts using my system.

Can you also modify the app so that the users can as well be able to view feedback from posts on facebook and twitter in one area?

Thank you Ronnie

Sorry this is not supporting such a complex system. This app is primary to allow to post on the 2 networks, and not supporting multiple users

Good afternoon, I bought your script in the codecanyon I installed it on my server, I configured the twitter and facebook account but the same one when you click on connect and go to the facebook page asking for the permissions, then I accept all of them back to the site and Nothing appears.

For you to have a better idea of the problem the system is published in the link below user and password comtinua admin

Is the author still around? Is this still supported?


Thanks, purchased.

Hello The plugin has stopped working, it does not connect with the facebook app. How much will an upgrade?

hello. Unable to login to admin and password admin.

Just answered to your email !

Something is wong, i can publish on my profile perso, but canont on fanpage. When clicking on “add fanpage” i get “an unknown error has occured”... that is not helping so much and your documentation is getting an 404 error.. so i’m stuked ! ;cry wait for help !