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Can this be used for login?

Can this be used from a front end post submission theme? e.g., themes with classifieds as a new post type with front end posting.

This plugin is a backend plugin where the admin can publish the posts or pages on his social networks. Not working as a front end plugin

hello, I am using your plugin and i am satisfied…...i want to make suggestion: To add in the next update the option below: The administrator to be able to plan any post he wants to be published automatically usng the parameterers:time, date, year). Will be very usefull for all of us. Thank you in advance. Regards Takis

Thanks for the suggestion and feedback !

you are welcome…....i look forward for the upcoming update :)

Question: So if an admin configures posting to a FaceBook Page, WordPress Authors don’t have access to post to the page? Only Admins can?

Yes correct, only the admin ;)

I have a client who wants to publish content once, on his Website and see these post automatically propagated to his FB page.

Am I understanding this is what your plugin makes happen? Does this include text and images or just text?

And because the last version was 6 June 2014, is your plugin actively being updated or should I be looking for another plugin?

The plugin is updated whenever necessary when Facebook change it’s core API functions ;) This plugin enables posting the links (not images) of the published posts / pages on social networks

Hi, suddendly posts on Facebook show up without image. What can be the problem?

Can you send me your full request with more details though my profile page and a link and admin access to check it out?

Hi! I think about the purchasing your plugin and want know the minimum system requirements. Our project parked at the hosting provider with PHP 5.3 and it’s can’t be changed any way. Does your “Facebook and Twitter Publisher for WordPress” compatible with PHP 5.3? Best regards!

Yes sure it should work just fine on PHP 5.3

Thank you for an answer!

Hi, I’m interested in purchasing this, however I was wondering if it is possible for this to post contents of wordpress article directly to twitter. Also does this still support multiple twitter accounts?

Yes it’s supporting multiple Twitter accounts (but only one Facebook account). To post an article content you mean full content? Anyways that would need some customization

Hi, I’m thinking of purchasing but wanted to clarify something. This plugin will not post an image with my Facebook post? Meaning if I have a featured image for the post, it will not be shown on Facebook?

It will, the plugin will try to detect if there is a feature image set, and if yes it will post it with the message

Hello, I have been looking for an auto-posting plugin for my blog. The Issue with other that i have seen 1) The post to Twitter and Facebook don’t carry the featured image on that post 2) The Facebook post only appears on Account and not on the Page

Please assure me that they solutions using your plugin

Also i use the latest version of WordPress, so i will like to know if it is compatible.

Hi, thanks for your interest into our plugin
1. The featured images is posted with the Facebook post
2. This plugin enabled to check where you want to post (accounts or pages)
It’s also compatible with the latest WP version

Pre-sale question: do you have any plans to add this functionality for frontend users?

Open to open a feature if that’s a feature requested by a lot of users, otherwise it could also be done as a customization

Pre-sale question is this compatible with scheduled posts? I’m looking for an option to jetpack for replacing that posts and use my own website or slogan instead, that is what I’m looking for.

This plugins posted messages cannot be scheduled. They need to be done manually by choosing the social account to which to post

thank you for your answer, I think you didn’t understood or I didn’t expressed myself properly, I have setup the plugin to connect to a page in facebook, and in wordpress I program it to publish tomorrow at 9am, will it work? there’s another one around and doesn’t do that, it gives me an error and never publishes, I have to update so it actually goes to facebook, and the jetpack publishes it but saying in the bottom instead of my blog page.

I think I understood your question :) This plugin doesn’t publish anything automatically. The admin need to do the publishing himself. Maybe would be good in the future to have an auto-publish feature

Hi, is it possible to schedule updates and posts and have them rotate from a bank of messages/statuses etc?

Currently no sorry, it’s not supporting scheduled or automatic postings

Is it something your working on?

There is no plans for it currently

This looks great! Looks like it hasn’t been updated in a while, is this project still supported?

Also, on Facebook I want it to show featured image, post title, and excerpt, with a ‘read more’ type link.

Is this how your plugin works? I’ve been searching a while and I think this is the best so far.



Thanks for your interest. Yes this plugin is still supported and is updated whenever necessary! We should have another update coming weeks and see what could be improved.

It’s not posting with a read more, but using the post title. The featured image is automatically attached if defined for Facebook posts !

Would this upload attached/featured post image to twitter with your tweet?

To Twitter no it’s only publishing text messages

Hi I have a pre purchase questions if possible. Can the whole of the content from inside the post be posted to Facebook or Twitter, instead of a “check out our new post”.

Currently no sorry. It’s posting the post title and not the content

Can this plugin also auto post my already published posts (posts published before installing this plugin) ?

Yes sure, but it’s not an autopost since you need to do the posting manually

there is any auto-post method to ones posted in the past ?
This script has also autoposting for every published post (once plugin is installed) or I have to do manually each one to publish on facebook.

Can you add auto – posted for new ones showing up and old ones if needed.
it must take correct thumbnail of featured image. I see many poster plugins have problems with that to take correct image of post. You will be the first one that will achieve that….

This plugin doesn’t have any autoposting. The publishing need to be done by the admin, who selects on which pages or account he publishes. Currently we don’t plan changing that, but feel free to reach us privately if you need any customization to your specific needs

I am receiving “Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error” when I try to install.

I am running Wordpress 4.6

It will activate on my test site, but not my live site.

I have deactivated all my plugins and still nothing.


Please reach me through my profile page with a link and admin access and will check it out

Installed, added the correct info for Twitter and Facebook, try to connect and it loops to the home page without connecting the accounts.

After you press connect, it drops you the home page with following after the domain name /#=

Twitter and Facebook both do this and never actually connect.

Never mind. I could not wait and found another plug-in. Hopefully I’ll be able to use this one in the future on another site.

azimpact, mind to share which plugin you are talking about?

I have a problem:

en(/var/cpanel/php/sessions/ea3/sess_0de79fxxxxxxxxxxx O_RDWR) failed: No such file or directory (2) in /social_publisher_wpress/logic.php on line 7

Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cache limiter – headers already sent (output started plugins/social_publisher_wpress/logic.php:7) in plugins/social_publisher_wpress/logic.php on line 7

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /plugins/social_publisher_wpress/logic.php:7) in plugins/qtranslate-x/qtranslate_core.php on line 388

It always worked but today you have this problem. What about the plugin?

*Whats is happen?


If you support period is still valid please contact me through my profile page with a link and temporary FTP access and will check it out for you. Anyways seems like a server issue because of the first error