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hi, can you send me detail of your ftp, I need to check, there much some configuration issues

How i can send it secure? Can you provide me your email?

all the features are working without bugs? I am waiting to purchase.

there are one two bugs and i am going to update it soon

For this App, the ebay one etc…, do you write on the script to affiliate the links so YOU make commision? If not, ca I add my campaign IDs to make my affiliate links to items?

Yes its possible, you can email me your details at

Please help I got this error message:

The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.


the installation of you guide is very differences from facebook developer app.

how please help me to fix.

it needs to update little bit because of facebook layout and API updated


when i click on tap the browser cannot allow to open it seem to be virus. so, how to solve the problem.

can you send me your installation link

Is this product still active and updated….now is 2016? Do you have any link to see an “updated” live demo?

by mistake, I have clicked double on purchase so I got a double license. how can I get a refund from one of the purchases? and also I want to know how to use the app.

i have accepted to refund you

is any way you can help me to install this app I couldn’t do it

yeah sure

Hello! All right? Is Script still for sale? And does it still work? Because the facebook page does not show the store.

Thank you in advance, and I am waiting for the response.

yes, it is for sale, if you need any support related to it, you can let me know once you buy it

Hello! All right? My name is Sandro Lima, and I live in Brazil. Does this script accept Amazon Brazil? Because I am affiliated with Amazon Brazil and the United States.

And with this script can I install on multiple fanpages? And this script comes with a tutorial on how to install?

Thank you in advance, and I am waiting for the response.

it works for amazon different currencies, probably it should work, yes you can install it on the multiple pages

Hi. Can I integrate this script on my webpage instead to fb? I understand it needs to run first on my webpage, right?

actually its possible but for this customization is required, otherwise it will not work.

It’s ok. how much will be for this customization?

do you only need to make it work on the webpage? or anything else kindly email me at i will reply you with cost

Hello! All right? I’m having trouble installing Facebook Amazon Store Application. I do not speak English, I’m using google translator to understand the manual. In step 5 of the manual, I did not understand what to put where it says: CANVAS_PAGE. What does CANVAS_PAGE mean?

Do you have any video tutorials? Or is there some video tutorial explaining how to install Your application?

If so could you send me the video link? Or could you make a sequence of images showing the step by step installation with an example domain? Well, it would make it easier for me to install the application.

Thank you in advance, and I am waiting for the response.

you can email me your ftp details, I will set it up for you

Hello! All right? I have sent the data from my hosting for you to install the Facebook Amazon Store Application. I sent to your e-mail:



releasing update next week

your demos are dead!

I update them, thanks for informing me

Still working?