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Any option for downloading all pics album wise from a page proposed? or in to do list?

Hi meritusbuscsiness,

Since this is jQuery plugin there is no downloading option, that would be the php script’s area. But I’m considering to build such application in the future.

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Hi! Can I order my albums by date (ASC, DESC) somehow?

Yes, like I mentioned in an email I sent you yesterday, just use new option : albumsSort. This option accepts following values: “random”, “asc”, or “desc”. So to order albums in ascending order just use new option: albumsSort: “asc” Just like any other regular option. You can pass it along your other options when initializing faba. Description of this option is added in documentation under Albums part of Options section.

Best Regards, Aleksej

Thank you! Its working pretty well! Sometimes it’s randomly changing the albums, but normally new albums are on top always. I found only one problem, I dont know why, but its not working on mobile.

Yes indeed, it seems on mobile phones this order is not persistent due to different layout on small screen and third party plugin’s way of albums placement. Currently fully ordering is possible only on bigger screens.

Hi, nice script but i`ve a big problem, if i use bootstrat 3.3.6 css your plugin layout crash.

Hi nicojmb,

thank you for buying FABA.

Don’t worry, this is not a bootstrap conflict, this means that you need to reduce albums width (use albumWidth option – full list of options: ). As you can see it is described in documentation that depending on number of albums and container width albums may appear broken. If that happens just reduce albumWidth until they can properly fit. Try for example albumWidth: 230 :)

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Thanks, now works!

No problem ;) I’m glad I could help.

P.S Don’t forget to rate FABA :)

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When viewing a photo and back arrow is pressed, user end up in an website visited earlier

I am not sure what you mean by ” if I could stop the slideshow from backing out of my side” ? When back arrow of a browser is clicked, it behaves the way that browser is programmed – it returns visitors back to the website he visited previously inside that browser window. That’s how browser behaves, I can’t change browser’s behavior from within my plugin.

To close slideshow when picture is open, you can click anywhere on the body, around the picture and slideshow will be closed no need to strictly click on X button. Also X button is shown bellow the picture after the comments section, which does not interferes with browser’s back button which is on the top of the browser.

By the way, nice website :)

Best Regards, Aleksej

Thank you for your reply

No problem ;)

i need some customization to this. actually i want to automatically posts images from pages to some groups. . if you can do . what are customization charges ?

Hi theamazon,

Hm, posting is entirely different domain from current plugin’s, with different permissions I think. That would require a new app to be created in jQuery, or PHP, depending on requirements. But my guess is that new app would be monitoring the selected pages and every time new post is added it should post it to selected groups.

You can email me via my profile page with more details, so we can maybe think of something. Have you tried ? As I recall they were providing similar stuff with cross-posting.

Best Regards, Aleksej

Hi I am interested in purchasing this plugin, can you tell me when someone adds an image o a facebook album it automatically adds it to this gallery without having to synchronise it manually?

Hi, Yea it is automated, if you are not caching albums they will sync all the time, if you cache them, you should repeat caching process depending how often new pictures are added on fb page.

Best regards

hello before buying I want to see a demo but the demo of your product seems to not work.

Regards Rafa

Yes, but I try to put my website facebook and does not work

personal facebook not work?

No, you can’t use user albums, that requires special permissions and private access app. FABA can display only facebook albums from pages :)

is there anyway the images can be shown on the gallery without distorting the thumbnails?


Thank you for buying FABA,

This depends on the pictures you are using in your albums. FABA is ordering the images dynamically via javascript which in order creates the appealing layouts. When large images are used in albums images will be easily scaled to fit, like in demo. Depending on the size and proportions of your image you can use the photosLayout: ‘custom’ and then set some predefined size for the images depending, like photoWidth: 320, and photoHeight: 160 for landscape images, and vice versa for portraits. You can play with those sizes until you find the one in which all of your images will scale the best :)

I hope this helps :)

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Hi, this does not seem to work on mobile devices, on the gallery page the galleries stack behind each other and also when a gallery is selected it does not show any images, this is on an iphone 5 and when the browser is shrank down, can you please advise, link is:


This is not default behavior, there is probably something omitting the grid plugin to execute properly. There is no js error of any kind, but something holds back the albums, they are unable to order properly like on my demo. Can you try excluding your other scripts one by one, and see if you can locate which one is creating the issue? IF you can’t manage, you can email me the credentials for some temporary FTP account so I can inspect this?

Let me know how this goes

Best Regards

Dear author, any chance there will be a prestashop version? Regards

Hi xerracol,

Thanks for taking interest in my plugin,

I am not quite into prestashop, I am more WordPress oriented. I was not thinking about doing a prestashop, but somewhere in future, I might do that as well :)

Best Regards

Is there a way to hide the json code where you enter the app id and token etc so people cant get it or see it?

also… how do i add the app and gt the token etc i need from my facebook page so the html page can grab my albums and see them on my personal site?

found it and logged into my personal; page, created a developer account.. actually its been created but when i go to click Create App ID it says this email is not authorized to manage apps but thats the email thats registered that i can see. Any ideas?


Thank you for buying FABA,

I will answer to both comments here: - The app id and token are rendered on the page dynamically when faba is initialized. So they kinda need to be accessed by the app, so I can’t hide them. But apps and tokens are created within minutes whenever needed, and there is hard to find a scenario in which it would be abused. But if you do not want to display them, you can use the caching process and load the albums from cache, so after caching is finished, you can remove both app id and token, and on live site load all data from cache :)

- That’s odd. Are you trying to create app from the personal account, as yourself? Is your email verified? if your email is not verified. or did not verified developer account when it was created this is probably the issue why facebook do not let you create the app. It seems your developer account is not set properly.

Here, try reading these articles, they will help you:

and this one about setting up:

And official facebook docs:

Let me know if this helps :)

hi i want to buy your product … it is very good

I’ve seen the demo but first sheet of the gallery appears blank.

My facebook id is :GOLFPOINTCLUB

you can see and comment if you can solve


Hi there,

Thank you for taking interest in FABA,

Don’t worry that seems to happen once you apply new page to the demo, re-inicialization is usually not getting properly first album you open. But in live settings this can’t happen, here I set the file to load your page directly – , and as you can see all photos are loaded .

Let me know if you have any more question.

All the best

Does it work in HTML?


Thank you for taking interest in FABA,

Yes, this is jQuery plugin, you can include it into any HTML page on your website.

Best Regards

Hi FABA Support, i notice that my token created was expired. Then i click debug and this extend to 2 more months. It is mean i need to re-generate token and replace the token code every time it was expired? looking forward to hear from you. Thanks.

Dear Support, Apologies that i used a wrong token (User Token) and caused the issue. The apps is live now and should be ok. Thanks.

Hi there,

Thank you for using faba,

No problem, I am glad you managed :)

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hi i have a prepurchase question : i noted that some images in the live preview are not displayed … for example in the demo September 2010 i cannot see the first picture (waterfall) but i can see the second one (dog on the beach).. is a loading problem ? .. second question .. is it possible to get only the picture and not the image comment list ? tnx

the problem is not when i see all the thumbnails … is when i click on waterfall pic to see it enlarged … please view .. and please try yourself as well

sorry i tried with one of my facebook page and images are displayed correctly (i assume that maybe the waterfall image is not existing anymore) .. anyway few more question : 1) some thumbnail pictures are shrinking the base image deforming it please see .. which is the setting to leave the pic as it is without deforming it ? 2) the order of displaying the albums is not the same of facebook … we have all albums organized by date but doesn’t seem this order be the same on your plugin.. there is a way to have album orderded in the same way is in facebook ?


Yes, the thumbs are catched, but the full size image is fetched from fb, so that image is deleted if it failed to load.

1) The grid will depend from the layout you choose. The images are resized dynamically with js based on the size you set. Or it can be ordered in masonry like style, like on demo, where images have different sizes. But yes, some deformation can happen. There is option to define pictures width and height to try to control this, but if you have different sized images like portrait and landscape, some images could get shrinked in thumbnail size. I have plans of integrating a new logic there to avoid that behavior in one of the future updates.

2) From the latest update ordering option was included. It orders albums in asc, or desc order. It uses the available data it gets from fb, which is limiting, so it might not be always 100% accurate, but it can match the order by date in most cases.

Best Regards

Although I have been successful in getting your gallery to work most of the time, strangely, it doesn’t work on all mobile devices. The odd thing is that it works great on about 8 out of the 11 iOS devices I have tried. They are all running a version of iOS 10.

For example, I have tried testing the gallery on two iPhone 6s Plus devices. On one it works, on the other it does not. When it doesn’t work, I get the light box with no images. It only displays the album name. It’s the same thing on iPhone 6s. Some devices display the images while others do not.

Any suggestions before I scrap the plugin and look for something else?



Thank you for using my plugin,

That is odd. As if it work on one iPhone 6s it will work on all others. As there can be very little variation in system, browser version, etc. Web oriented scripts are not depending on device itself, so what can be the issue there is that you might have checked it from the iPhones which were connected to the internet through mobile carrier network instead of wireless. So they couldn’t fetch all images properly, like on the wireless connection which is stronger. That can be problem often with some websites, so it can be only logical problem here as well.

There were not similar issues so far with other users, and this works on all mobile phones I tested on.

Best Regards

I have tested it now on 6 iphone 6s’s with people from different states, wifi on, wifi off, and there isn’t any consistent results except if it doesn’t load on a device it won’t load on it in the future. Half of them it didn’t work on, also tested on a 3 iPads and it didn’t work on 1 of the 3. Not really sure of what could be going on as it doesn’t make much sense. Don’t know if maybe apple updated the way safari works on the iphones in the last update that prevents images from loading. I had to switch to a different gallery, but it might be worth looking into if it comes up again.

Yes indeed, it doesn’t make sense. I doubt any browser would prevent images from loading, since images make every page. Some other issue might be involved. Most modern browser are improving, going forward, it should be no case that safari is now drown back by becoming more buggy then it is already. And since the nature of the web scripts, it is very strange that it works on some devices of same model. It might be that some security settings are preventing api calls to the facebook or facebook script. You can eventually check the live demo, as maybe it is a case of some theme/plugin issue which is affecting the load of overall page on which gallery is called on your website.


Looking at BUYING – really pleased with your response to COMMENTS, so giving me the idea that yyour a GREAT Author.

But, the DEMO doesn’t work???

can you help as I am at the point of buying.

Hi AGAIN :-)

Pleased to say I have invested $15 in your module, be prepared for all the questions…

First one is – if you want a fluid window, with absolute positioning via Vh/ Vw… I’ve quickly noticed that the main content DIV, isnt wrapping its content – I set the css width from 1480px to 480px, and the titled images do not auto wrap? So you get a hidden section of one of the titled images to the right.

No doubt as I dig deeper will be able to sort out CSS, using Display:Cover etc to fix the size of an image (first thoughts)

Right, going to be a fun day coding….


End of the fun coding – the EXAMPLE fails to load on a simple setup – thats a Great start…

Now digging deeper, used your own FB token and ID to try and get it to work, but all of sudden I am finding you have to Json files for image data????

So does this pull images down directly from FB?


I have just responded to you in an email ;)

Best Regards


mirq Purchased

Hello there, I am in your club now. I have a question because I am too lazy to test. In singleAlbum scenario, is there any way to publish the title of the album in the top bar where the breadcrumbs sit ? I know it works for multiple albums, but what about singe album ?


When single album is called, the pictures are directly fetched from an album id, meaning there is no access to the name at that point of api call which is extracted when albums are loaded from the call. If you want to add name to the album you can modify it here – on the pointed function you can see a name variable, but you would need to know name of the album that is associated to the album and store it together with id in database and then modify the js function to include it.

Best Regards


mirq Purchased

10150678928476772/photos?fields=album,images gets the name of the album and the images


Sorry for late reply,

I am glad you managed :)

Best Regards

Hello! I really like your album but I was looking at the individual photos within the albums on the Live Preview and a lot of them are distorted in the thumbnail view. Is this normal? Thanks!


Thank you for taking interest in faba,

Currently this depends upon the settings and the photos, user can set default photo size, and if photos are all in many different sizes some may not fit in the best way. I am working on improving this display logic to render photos better, and it should be available in next update :)

Best Regards

That’s a really great gallery and one of … a handful? ... galleries that actually isn’t an album but really a gallery :), speak, having the opportunity to showcase many albums.

2 questions, though. 1. Can this gallery only display albums (photos) from facebook or is it possible to create your own albums using your own media files? 2. Would #1 also go for the “None”wordpress (JavaScript) FABA? And one extra, 3. Will each album have their own URL?

Thank you so much


Thank you for taking interest in my plugin,

1 & 2.. FABA is integrated with FB, meaning it can only fetch albums from facebook pages (not profiles). It is not possible to use custom galleries.

3. Each album will open it’s own collection of photos as seen on the demo. Custom links are not available.

Best Regards