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our company is switching its website over to code a code ingniter framework. forwarded this over to the powers that be

I’m glad to hear it, it’s a solid framework, I can support any of my work via email or skype.

Nice! CI + Bootstrap = Fast Development.. Please, modify and submit as “ezMobileTemplate, a CodeIgniter library w/ jQuery Mobile” ;)

I may add that as a second example in the distribution package soon, thats a good idea, thanks.

Is this a template engine, like:

{foreach from=$addressbook item=”name”} {/foreach}

or is it to manage the blocks of code through your admin page?

A little bit of both, that sounds vague but let me try and explain in a few principle ideas:

1) First, and foremost, this library actually integrates well with Smarty (a common “decorator”, not the same thing).

2) This library centralizes your design template (essentially, you create one “template” file for each separate layout scheme of your site, most applications only have two of these.. (1) Login page, (2) The rest. You know, header, nav menu, footer, ..., etc that wrap the specific content of any single page.

3) It extends the traditional CI “view” system by automatically loading front-end logic files that are unique to a given view… for example.. Consider that for some controller: Foo, I have defined a Method: Bar. Now, lets say that within the Bar method (http://www.mysite.com/foo/bar), I want to output a view that is specific to “Bar”... let that view be named bar_view.php, this view is like any other CI view in the world.

The difference now, is that with the ezTheme library installed, that view gets wrapped by your desired design template (header, nav, footer, blah blah blah) and more importantly, the library will load (if they exist) frontend logic and design files specific to the view, in this case it would look for bar_view.css, and bar_view.js.

3) This may sound trivial, but in large applications where logic files can become convoluted and unwieldy, this modularization is very, very valuable.

If you are interested in asking any specific questions, or truly interested in the library, I’m happy to Skype with you.

wow, thanks for the detailed reply.

Im currently, trying to move a current project to the CI framework. And im probably going to buy it, as soon as im able to say that im ready, and understand the whole concept of CI, because this is the first time im using it.

Thank you very much for the detailed reply, and im probably going to buy it soon :)

— Var

Good luck! CI is really, really well documented hopefully that helps… I know I usually have the CI User Guide open daily.


var Purchased

Impressive library. This has saved me ages, from loading individual js or css files on each page.. This is my first time coding with CI, and this library has made it a lot easier for many stuff I wanted to do.

Very thorough documentation, and incredible support. I really recommend buying this script.


Is there a way to pass data to the final view? For example, my current code does: $this->load->view(‘example.php’,$output); There doesn’t appear to be a way to do this.

Hey Prtsoft, yes absolutely, $this->template->set(‘varname’, $vardata);

Thank you for writing this tool! This has saved me so much time and I will continue to use it!

I’m glad you like it! Thank you!

The “ezTemplate” allows system design easier than ever really.

Thank you!

I can’t see the demo. Is something wrong with your server ‘box1.host1free.com’, it’s very slow and gives errors all the time. I’ve trying for a couple of days now to see the demo, but no luck…..

I am very tempted to try this out. Is the author still about?

Hey Paul, I am still about!

Thank you Dlinsmeyer,

I won’t be able to try this out now properly until after xmas as it is for one of my own projects and I have a bit of a customer backlog to deal with first.

However I am looking forward to trying it out, seems to do exactly what I wanted for CI.

Just wanted to make sure you were still about before I bought it.

Thanks again and merry christmas.


Had time to have a play with it over Christmas and this library is brilliant. Five stars, easy to use, example supplied is perfect, so far no problems whatsoever. It works so well and is the perfect templating system, really has made CI easier to work with on sites with complicated layout variations. Just wanted to report that back and a big Thank you for such impressive work.

Best wishes,


Pls. help me, DLINSMEYER my code: $meta _name = array(‘KEYWORDS’ => ‘Hello test’,); $this->template->set(‘meta’, $meta_name, ‘bar’);

CI:Error = “A PHP Error was encountered Severity: Warning Message: Illegal offset type Filename: libraries/template.php Line Number: 243”

Guide to me Thank you

How do I purchase? What’s your email?

Hi tvcach, purchase of this library is exclusively through CodeCanyon.

hi, Is there HMVC support?

Hi Bakerman, it should with with an HMVC configuration of CI.

is there developing now on this tool ? new bootstrap or other features of this time ? i think to buy it but long time is not doing here ..

Hi Spee65, this project has been shelved as I have moved on to developing largely with Symfony2/Silex/Laravel these days.

Hi, after installing, I get an error:

Severity: Notice

Message: Undefined variable: template_default

Filename: libraries/Template.php

Line Number: 397

I am trying to find what is causing the error, but getting stumped, can you help, does this error look familiar? I am using the default installation paths setup in template.php

Hello. I`m sorry for my stupid question but I didn`t understand is this library works with HMVC CI? I mean will it work well with HMVC?

Thanks in advance :)

Heya, it does. HMVC CI just changes the directory organization


i have an oscommerce site, if i purchae this, will it work with osC, and do i get a installation documentation? Thanks

Possibly, but you’d have to be using CodeIgniter within osC.

Cool Item! Good Luck!