Ezra JA Extension - Visual Composer addon

Ezra JA Extension - Visual Composer addon

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Visual Composer addon to add Timeline, Stretcher Image Gallery, Video background and Divider line


Ezra JA Extension is an simple visual composer addon for design your website, you can create widget with: Timeline, Stretcher Image Gallery, widget video background with title and widget with 7(seven) divider line style with multiple design option: text, icons, border shadow.



Say your story into a cool timeline widget.


  • Custom icons
  • Custom color
  • Title
  • Description
Stretcher Gallery Widget option:
  • Gallery image, (4 image landscape is recomanded*);
  • Read more button, add link to full gallery image page;
  • Border image ON/OFF;
  • Color picker, for read more button background color;
  • Read more icon;
  • Link/url for read more button;
  • Class Css: add your custom class.
  • Video background

    Video background widget option:
  • - video poster: select video poster
  • - MP4 URL: URL address mp4 (IOS/safari)
  • - WEBM URL: URL address webm (Chrome10+, Ffx4+, Opera10.6+)
  • - OGG URL: URL address ogg (Firefox3.6+ / Opera 10.5+)
  • - Cover Text: text from cover, add text to your video
  • - Video position: align your video background position
  • - Cover Tag: add H tag for Cover Text
  • - Class Css: add custom class for your Video background.
  • Divider Middle Line Widget:

    Divider Middle Line Widget option
  • - Text: Write your text here, is used in Style 5 and Style 6
  • - Icon: Select your icon, is used in Style 2, Style 3 and Style 6
  • - Style:
  • - Style 1: only divider line
  • - Style 2: divider line with icon
  • - Style 3: divider line with icon and rounded background
  • - Style 4: divider line with drop shadow
  • - Style 5: divider line with text
  • - Style 6: divider line with drop shadow, icon or text with rounded background and rounded border