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Maybe it’s good to tell people what makes your script better then set_cookie(..) and $_COOKIE[..] ?

Added. Thank you :)

Hi, I am developing a static site.

I want a feature that first time when any one visit the home page ( then he or she will select his area (

Now if he or she again visit the home page then he or she will be redirected to the previous selected area (

And if he or she wants to change the selected area example ( then he or she will be redirected to United Kingdom Folder Website whenever he open the homw page.

Is it possible and How ?

You could create a cookie called language and everytime someone changes area the area gets inserted into the language cookie. Then make a script that checks if the cookie is set and redirect them to$thecookie

Has this script been FULLY tested with IE 9 ?

The reason I’m asking is because I have been having issues with one of my client’s sites with IE9 when setting cookies the conventional way… The problem is to long to describe here, but it has been reported to Microsoft.

I’m looking for something else to try and wondering if you have fully tested this with IE9 before I purchase.


I have a jobsite and I would like to record job’s ID, job name and its path when each visitor’s viewed job when they visit job detail page, just like recently view product on shopping website.

Is that possible?

Will this work for Mobile sites and mobile browsers?

Yes it will work just fine.