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How does the integration work?

The integration process is easy. Simply configure your form, upload one file to your website, and use the one line <iframe> to add the form to your web page.

Is this mobile ready?

Yes, although the ez1 Contact Form is not built using responsive design, it will function on a mobile device.

Is this for WordPress?

ez1 Contact Form is not a WordPress plugin, but can be integrated into nearly any website including WordPress.

Can I change which fields are required?

No, the required fields are permanently set and cannot be changed. Required fields are name, email address, comments/questions, and the security code.

Are certain characters prohibited in the form’s configuration?

If you’d like to use a double quote in your form’s configuration (e.g. in an email notification’s subject line), then you’ll need to add a backslash character before the double quote for it to appear.

For example, if you’d like your form’s email confirmation to read:
Thank you for contacting Johnny, "The Best" In Town!

Then your configuration should appear like this:
Thank you for contacting Johnny, \"The Best\" In Town!

Can I run this form from my local development environment?

Some purchasers prefer to install ez1 Contact Form on their local machine to test the form before they upload it to their production site. On occasion, an error message may appear when submitting the form in this type of environment. If this occurs, there are multiple solutions available to fix:
  1. Ensure that your local environment is configured identically to your server. The most common error is a configuration setting that prevents emails from sending from within a local environment. Adjusting this setting typically fixes the error.
  2. Upload ez1 Contact Form to your live site and re-submit your test.

I am receiving the following error: PHP Warning: mail() [function.mail]: SMTP server response: 501 5.5.4 Invalid Address

This error appears if your website is running on a Windows server that is not configured to use PHP’s mail() function. To fix, edit your php.ini file to include the three lines of code below. You may need to contact your hosting company to get guidance on the specific values to use.
[mail function] SMTP = sendmail_from =

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