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Finally an easy contact form that I could use. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thanks!

Not all contact forms are created equal! This one is worth taking a look at! Some neat features and ease of use that other contact forms just don’t have.

Hi there

is this for WP (I noticed the wp-content/ bit in your demo URL) or is that for any html/php site?

Thank you

Hi jerryrcole thank you for the reply.

One more question – is this mobile ready? I opened you demo url in a Smasung Galaxy S3 and its does not appear to be a mobile ready site.

Thank you

Hi NurSharina – Yes, although the ez1 Contact Form is not built using responsive design, it will function on a mobile device. If for some reason you’re seeing an error, please send me a private message with a screen shot of the error and I’ll research further.

Hi NurSharina, I forgot to mention… If you do find an error, could you also include the name and version of the browser you are using as well?

This seriously couldn’t be any quicker/easier. Thanks for creating this!!


I need another feature to make it possible for people to attach a photo..

Sincerely, Norma

Hi Norma, this is not a feature that’s being offered at this time.

I like this. Can you make the phone field a ‘required field’ also?


Hi zodoc, the phone number cannot be made into a required field. This is a feature we may add in the future, but it’s not a feature available at this time.


Is it possible to add a file upload feature to the contact form, has it been done already or can it be done easily

Kind regards


Hi ianhaney, uploading files is something we may add in the future, but it’s not a feature available at this time.

Ok cool thank you appreciate it, will keep checking, think I have got it set up to receive emails when updates are made

can i add extra fields?

Hi sobe1213, adding extra fields is something we may add in the future, but it’s not a feature available at this time.

Can I add/embed in a html website/file?

Hi mosivanmaydos. Yes, you can do this as long as your web server supports PHP (nearly all of them do). It works like this… The form’s processing engine needs PHP to function. The stand alone form can then be embedded into any web page including pages with an .html extension. Let me know if you have any other questions.


Quick question, can the textarea width be made wider depending on the screen size and use media queries to do it so for example if a screen size is 1024px wide and the width of the textarea for that is 380px and then on a screen size of 1280px wide, can the text area be 500px, can that be done at all

Kind regards


Hi Ian, that’s an interesting suggestion. The form is not setup to do that currently and since there are so many elements that have dependencies on the sizes of other elements, it would take a pretty significant amount of work to add that functionality in. The next best solution I can think of would be to change the hard coded value on line 301 from 70 cols wide to the width of your choice. Note that you would also have to change the number 58 proportionately in order for the text area field to size properly in Firefox. Sorry I couldn’t help out more. Let me know if you have any other questions on making that type of hard coded change and I will reply as quickly as possible.

Hi thank you for the reply, appreciate it, yeah will try that way later on today, thank you for replying

When the form is sent, can I configure a landing page?

Thank you mparraud for contacting me prior to purchase. Since the form is inserted into the page as an iframe, there is not a way to redirect the user to a custom landing page after submission. This is because the redirect will only occur in the frame area and nowhere else on the page. Please reply if you have any additional questions. I typically respond within 24 hours.

Hello why is this form sending three emails when submitted Thank you

Hi nice and easy to use. How do i stop it from sending the email three times When i submit the form i get three emails at the same time.

Hi scooter2003, thanks for sending the comment. You’re right—the form should only send one email notification when submitted. Let’s look at the source code and run a few tests together to see if we can isolate the cause of the error. Could you reply to this comment with the information below?

  1. What is the url for the page where the contact form resides?
  2. Could you attach a copy of the configuration section of the ez1 Contact Form?
  3. Could you submit the form a few times to let me know if you receive three notifications every time?

Thanks again for the comment and I look forward to assisting you.

Hello sir. How can I add a combo box which can be submitted with its values, thank you

Hi mltnalxndr, thank you for the question. The ez1 contact form only contains the fields shown in the screenshots and live preview, so unfortunately, combo boxes are not included in this version. Please reply if you have any additional questions. I typically respond within 24 hours.

Hey I just purchased your form and I can’t seem to get the form itself loading into my html contact page I get no form at all any help would be great!

Hi MirageProd07, thank you for your purchase! I’d like to provide you 5-star service to resolve your issue. Would you be able to send me more information on how you’re doing the integration? For example, can you send me a hyperlink to your contact page? Or send me a code snippet for your contact page?

In a nutshell, you’ll need to complete these three steps:

1. Download ez1-contact.php to your computer, open it, update with your info (ph#, email, etc.), then save.

2. Upload the updated ez1-contact.php file to your web server. I recommend uploading the file to your root directory (e.g. not in a separate folder).

3. Add the contact form to your web page using the code snippet below. Note that you’ll need to replace with your actual website address.

<iframe src="" width="600" height="625" 
scrolling="no" frameborder="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0"></iframe>

Let me know if this helps. If you’re still getting stuck, I can inspect your code or even schedule a time to do a session. I am located in the United States, Pacific time zone.

Hey MirageProd07, just wanted to check in with you. How are things going with setting up the contact form for your website?

Hi there,

Can I use this as a module in Prestashop?


Hi gardensofthesun, thank you for checking in advance. The ez1 Contact Form does not function as a module in Prestashop at this time. Thanks again for contacting us :)

I just purchased this, installed it and the sender confirmation email works but not the actual form data email. Am I missing something?

Thank you Malachi for sending over. I just sent you a test email directly from my gmail address. Could you help me confirm that message came in? This will help us validate that the admin email is working properly.

The code snippet you sent me looks good. Could you help me inspect the two lines of code below and confirm that they appear exactly as shown (no slashes or pound signs preceding them)? If these look good, I’ll contact you via email to get a full copy of the script to inspect it further. Please do not paste the source code into this chat since this conversation is public domain.

Line 83:
Line 99:

Yes got it, and I replied. I also checked those two lines and they show exactly as you posted.

Thank you. I just replied to your personal email address with additional info.


I try add the php file in my web site but when I send the message, I have this:

PHP Warning: mail() [function.mail]: SMTP server response: 501 5.5.4 Invalid Address in D:\Xvrt\\Html\ez1-contact.php on line 83 PHP Warning: mail() [function.mail]: SMTP server response: 501 5.5.4 Invalid Address in D:\Xvrt\\Html\ez1-contact.php on line 99

can you help me please?

Thanks and best regards


Hi Francisco, thank you for your purchase. Could you send me some additional information about the error so I can research further?

1. The url for the web page that contains the form.

2. A copy of the ez1-contact.php form with your settings shown. You can upload the file in zip or txt format here:

I’ll promptly research the error and report back on my findings.

This is the best contact form out there! had a problem at first, but that was mainly from my hosting provider. Great product… 5 star.

Hi.. nice work.. one question.. what are terms of the regular license. Is that for 1 yr.. or for 1 site.? Please explain the license terms. Thanks.

Hi Tony, great question. So there are actually two terms that comprise the answer to your question: (1) license; and (2) support. Both are defined by the Envato Market. My understanding is that the standard license allows you to use the product on a single site, while the support portion allows you to receive technical support for 6 or 12 months based on your purchase. I’m attaching links below with additional information. Let me know if you have any additional questions I can assist with.

Licensing Terms

Support Policy

Hi Jerry.. Thanks for your fast reply.. I looked for that info before.. but somehow didn’t see it. Thanks for the links and explanations also. You’re a very talented ‘coder’. The forms you made look great. Wishing you much success.


Thanks Tony, if you’re pleased with my product and service, would you mind leaving me a 5-star review?